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Love Gone Wild Reality Show #2 45I’ve been looking forward to this one ever since I finished The Wedding Game It didn’t disappoint I was uickly engaged in the story and rooting for Jay and Anna I liked both Anna and Jay and it was fun watching them fall in love They do so under some pretty dire circumstances and will probably make their relationship stronger in the long run I thought the setting was fun although I wouldn’t go rushing off to Alaska any time soon I was surprised by how much time they were actually alone during the filming of the show; I guess I was expecting of a Survivor type setting only in freezing Alaska As in most of these type stories there are some obstacles for the couple to overcome It was a tad frustrating; I wanted to shake Anna a few times I understood her though; I got how she couldn’t or wouldn’t want to disappoint her family It’s a lot easier said than done and her behavior and choices seemed realistic I was happy with how everything worked out The only thing I had a problem wrapping my head around was the reality TV show part I guess I couldn’t picture how the show would work in my head view spoiler I’ve watched Survivor for years and love it Going in I thought cameras and cameramen would be following them on their adventure instead they had cameras mounted to their backpacks and the occasional helicopter visit They had a few checkpoints where there were challenges and stuff but for the most part they were on their own As a viewer I couldn’t really picture getting into their stories from the view from their backpacks You wouldn’t really be able to see the people or their reactions hear all the conversations or really experience what they were going through So yeah I had a hard time picturing the finished TV project I also thought we’d see Anna and Jay watch the show back and especially Anna see them fall in love We never really got to see their reaction to the show I wasn’t surprised that the show wasn’t as upfront as Anna and Jay thought but I wasn’t sure how they were going to edit the show since Anna was supposed to end up with her fiancé at the end how were they going to edit out her falling for Jay BTW that kind of love story would make great ratings I still love watching Boston Rod and Amber fall in love on Survivor so just another thing I had a hard time picturing and wanted to see hashed out a bit hide spoiler A romance set during a reality tv survival show in Alaska It was pretty surreal reading this and hearing the characters complain about how cold it was in APRIL and look out the window at my thermometer and see that yes it is that cold here I loved the banter between Anna and Jay and the way they tossed movie uotes back and forth It was a fun romance about survival and self discovery The first book in this series is one of my favorite books ever This one was interesting and fun too But it wasn't uite as special as the first book Of course I may have also been a bit grossed out at all the stuff they had to go through and eat to survive Heaven forbid I ever find myself in the wilderness like that; it would not be pretty Can't help but feel like The Wedding Game is the author's favorite too since it's been mentioned not just in its seuel but in passing by many of her other novels too Still this was a nice romantic adventure to pass the time withReview first published on my blog After reading Matayo's The Wedding Game I was so excited to read her next novel The premise of the story intrigued me and it sounded like it would be an interesting fun and romantic read Thus I stalked her blog page and kept checking online for the release of this book I happened to check yesterday and yay it was out Matayo writes interesting and well developed characters that you have no trouble liking I really enjoyed the banter and relationship development between the characters The romance was both spicy some passionate kissesdreams and sweet Granted there were a few times further into the novel that I wanted to shake the heroine but hey every novel has to have its' angst right I would classify this as a clean read romance novel So for those of you out there looking for a novel fitting that description this one will not disappoint A very engaging and romantic readFYI my ebook version was missing the chapter headings There were page breaksspacing so it did not cause a really big problem with the read Anna Lloyd’s life has been completely mapped out As the daughter of a wealthy political family she’s cultured beautiful dating her town’s most eligible bachelor and is the perfect asset to her parent’s life in Chicago politics So why is Anna unhappy And why—when her boyfriend claims she’s nothing but a pampered socialite—does she do something as stupid as audition for an Alaskan survival show just to prove him wrong Jay Maddox wants one last chance at fun After a lifetime of being responsible for siblings mortgages and a dysfunctional mother he’s ready for a change So when an opportunity to spend thirty days in Alaska with nothing but nature and nine other strangers comes along he signs up He’s young loves a challenge and winning comes with money—money that Jay could really use to get ahead in life But when everyone arrives in Alaska to begin taping the show the producers make a decision that throws everything into chaos and ruins Anna’s plan to prove herself Now Jay and Anna are alone in the wilderness and forced into a partnership neither one expected Just as they begin to care for each other and push for a win they realize the game isn’t what it seems Will the show’s outcome bring Jay and Anna together at last or ultimately be game over for the life they’ve always wanted This book was adorableand romanticand hysterical I loved it The tension sarcasm kisses wit romanceit was great This is the first book I've read by Ms Matayo but I'm starting The Wedding Game now A great read See my reviews for both books and enter to win one of two copies on Tressa's Wishful EndingsI loved reading Love Gone Wild I just crave a good Adult Romance once in a while and this definitely worked for me There were lots of snarky dialogue that cracked me up lots of sweet meaningful moments some serious romantic tension some heart wrenching moments characters I could get behind and cheer on and a plot that kept things moving and engaged meI was rather skeptical at first about the two main characters Anna and Jay winning this whole ordeal and being the winners of their Alaskan survival reality show As the story progressed though and hints were dropped here and there I began to see how things were going to work out There was only one spot where they are trapped in a cave and the story skipped a little so that I really don't know how they got out that I uestioned but the rest of it worked for me I've watched enough Survivor and Bear Grills to understand the reality show and camera work and such There were some pretty terrifying moments for these characters where I really wasn't sure if they were going to make itYou know how some books just go from event to event and there isn't even all that much dialogue just a lot of page turning Well there is page turning in this book because some things are happening but mostly I turned pages because the dialogue was so fun It's really what made this book so great the dialogue between Anna and Jay as well as their characters I really loved Anna I really wanted her to stand up for herself and take the chance she was being given I loved how uick and smart she was and her fierce determination I loved how she uoted movies all the time and played this game with Jay to see if he knew what she was uoting Then Jay had his own game called spill it that was ongoing through their whole survival journey He was such a good guy He would make comments tease and flirt but he was also a gentleman and saved Anna numerous times He also really took a leap in putting his heart out thereI still feel somewhat upset about Anna's parents and boyfriend and a choice that Anna makes towards the end It just really galls me what some people will do for for their own selfish endeavors I have to say that this huge contrast between characters really added to the story though It just gave uite a contrast between characters but at the same time made me want to yell at them or shake them There were some rather painful moments that Ana had to deal withI would recommend Love Gone Wild to anyone who enjoys reading a good romance I definitely can't wait to see what Amy writes nextContent Clean There is uite a bit of innuendo but I would still consider this clean for the genreSource Purchased Okay before I start my review I want to say that I really loved Amy's first novel The Wedding Game and became a huge fan after finishing it When I saw Amy was releasing another book I jumped on reading it as soon as I could Unfortunately though Love Gone Wild did not reach the expectations I had hoped when startingIs the book itself bad with horrible characters and storyline No I actually loved the characters and even their spunky conversations More then once did I let out a good laugh I was just surprised in finding that the book is of a edgy clean romance however there were times that it was too steamy for my liking I had really expected a Christian message being gently woven throughout the story as Amy's first novel but there wasn't really one except a mention of pursuing the dreams God puts in our hearts It seemed the story was focused on the heated attraction between Anna and Jay and their growing hot relationshipHowever Amy really delivered a uniue storyline which is something I greatly appreciate about her work I wanted a little of the reality show and challenges but overall it was very interesting There was definitely a twist at the end that caught me by surprised and so glad Anna made the right choiceOverall Love Gone Wild is a good novel with characters who will leave you smiling at their witty remarks as well as leaving you thankful to be in the comfort of your own home I certainly wouldn't want to be on a reality show that takes place in the middle of Alaska Despite that this was not my favorite novel by Amy I'm looking forward to her next releaseI give this novel a 35 out of 5 starsI received this book from the author for free in exchange for an honest review All thoughts expressed are my own and I was not reuired to write a positive review What does survival snow and smokin' hot romance have in common THIS book I've said it before and I'll say it again Amy Matayo is a genius when it comes to tension filled banter The girl knows how to hook a reader until the very last page This storyline is both heartfelt and endearing but don't think you won't be gut punched as soon as you let your guard down You will The twists in this plot are as brutal as the Alaskan tundraI absolutely adored Anna and Jay The character development is spot on as is the humor I laughed out loud so many times I could say so much about this book but I refuse to spoil a single second of this adventure for any reader Get this one todayLove Gone Wild is a perfect read 5 fantastically earned stars

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