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New Years Kisses Ms Cahill's done it againNew Year's Kisses is a sweet fun hot holiday story this time centered around the countdown to midnight and that first kiss kisses? celebrating the new yearIn this case Emily's a hard working preschool owner being hotly pursued by Wade a smart professional of his own Emily's focused on making her business a success and loves her job and really has no room in her five year plan for playing around and that includes romance Wade knows he's found a good thing maybe The One when he meets Emily and thus begins his campaign to win a date if not her heart Gotta start somewhereEmily finally agrees to dinner with Wade on New Year's Eve and while all journeys start with a single step sometimes the best journeys start with a yes or even a kissMs Cahill's characters are enjoyable and friendly and real and New Year's Kisses is a joy to read any day of the year The perfect little New Year's readNew Year's Kisses was a sneaky little read that I managed to fit in while waiting for 2014 to ring in It's sweet and cute and although I didn't completely buy the characters chemistry it was a really fun read Exactly the kind of thing I was looking for on tonight of all nightsThis book almost marks the final book that I am both reading and reviewing in 2013 as part of my Australian Women Writer's Challenge AWW2013Happy New Years everyone I hope 2014 is everything you hoped it would As posted on The Smutty Kitty5 out of 5 LicksThis is a follow up to Christmas Wishes and it is Wade and Emily's story These are uicky stories so we only make an appearance in the first book and we don't learn much about them Even though the book is short there is plenty of emotion in the pages Wade has a very inventive way of making reasons to kiss Emily that I just loved The book only spans less than a day but you really feel like you really get to know them It is such a sweet romantic story I didn't even realize until I was done reading it that there was NO sex Seriously no clothes came off the whole time and I still enjoyed it It's been a while since I found myself enjoying a book that was so tame but Rhian managed to find a way to do it I can't wait for the next book in this series ;This book was offered in exchange for an honest review 375 starsAnother RC novella that I really liked Emily and Wade's story was set up in the novella CHRISTMAS WISHES and they totally met my expectations Wade was the sweetest man ever and Emily couldn't but fall for the man head over heels Fave uote“Definitely no eating Only savouring” Emily spooned another mouthful between her lips and Wade barely curbed the groan rumbling in his chest She used her empty spoon to point at his plate “You’re not having any?”He’d hand over his plate if she’d let him sit here and watch her eat The purely sensual experience that was Emily devouring Death by Chocolate had to be the most sexual experience of his life without any form of touching between the parties involved He was on the verge of passing her his plate when she dipped her spoon into the chocolate treat and brought it to his mouth” She didn’t plan to fall in love but he’s not accepting anything less Emily has a five year plan and romance isn’t in it Unfortunately no one told Wade Johnson that Wade never thought he’d need to resort to blackmail to get a date But if that’s what it’ll take to convince Emily Warner to join him then that’s what he’ll do — and he’ll make it a date neither of them will ever forget New Year’s is all about new beginnings and Emily and Wade are about to discover the best beginnings start at year’s end I enjoyed this cute and romantic story I loved Wade who planned the perfect romantic evening to celebrate New Year's Eve with Emily the woman he's been trying to ask out unsuccessfully until now I was happy that she finally relaxed and enjoyed her time with him and saw what a great guy he was Loved the sweet happily ever after moment New Year's Kisses by Rhian Cahill was another short sweet sexy holiday read Wade and Emily were a great couple and Wade was entirely too sweet What a wonderful New Year's Eve story I absolutely loved it And without any spoilersthis is the PERFECT way to spend an Australian New Year The romance was emotionally genuine the characters loveable and the book the perfect length for a stolen hour in the middle of holiday madness Rhian is phenomenal at giving you a romance and tons of info in a novella I always want but she does it justice She does it again and again Wade knows what he wantsEmily Emily is thinking career only But Wade definitely wins over her New Years kisses Cute sweet readFun holiday read for an evening Wade and Emily are adorable and fun to get to know I enjoyed reading this as the clock turned over to 2016

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