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Black Rabbit Summer È un’estate torrida e Pete ha già passato diverse settimane senza fare altro che ciondolare per casa Fino a uando una telefonata gli cambia la vita per sempre È Nicole gli chiede di vedersi Presto si separeranno ognuno per la propria strada il college Parigi Sarebbe bello incontrarsi per l’ultima volta con il gruppo dei vecchi amici solo loro uattro Pete Nicole Eric e Pauly Pete le chiede di Raymond anche lui è un vecchio amico fa parte del gruppo È vero è un tipo strano sembra vivere in un mondo tutto suo al cui centro c’è un coniglio nero; ma Pete gli è molto legato e vuole che sia con loro uella notte però uando si trovano al luna park Raymond scompare E anche Stella Ross una ragazza del loro liceo diventata famosa Tutti pensano che i due eventi siano collegati che Raymond lo strano sia il colpevole Pete vuole dimostrare a ogni costo che si sbagliano ma uando segreti rancori e vecchie gelosie mettono gli amici uno contro l'altro anche le sue certezze cominciano a incrinarsi Coming of age and friendship warp together with a dark mystery subplot in this YA novel It's a good summer read as its title says I recently remembered I read this book but forgot what it was about and such So I decided to venture into the reviews which were all following some sort of status uo vote two stars rave about Raymond call the rest of the book total shit etc However I will have to go against this because as soon as I remembered the plot I was hit with a wave of nostalgia and instantly said I really liked this book I loved Pete as a character maybe even than I liked Raymond The book was realistic; as shown by the comments before mine a lot of people complained that SPOILER Raymond was never found Unfortunately when teens are reported as missing they don't just come back The author obviously describes that Raymond's a bit of a nut so that should be a pretty good reason as to why he's gone Brooks gave his characters an eerie sort of freedom Raymond is a mystery and the essence of him lingers on after you turn the final page For those who loved Raymond and hoped to see him return or something you were filled with anticipation and anxiety much like a worried parent You hoped to find some sort of news but it never really came Everything felt like a hint but the hints never went anywhere In my eyes Raymond is represented as the kid who's always there for you but is also neglected and therefore never appreciated until he is gone For anyone looking to read this book you really should Ignore the 2 star ratings Kevin Brooks is brilliant and the novel is both haunting and sexy wrapped in an enigma It really wouldn't hurt to give it a read Wow Just when I thought something good would come out from this book it went straight from being average to zero Here's the thing when you write about a certain character a large portion of it you expect the reader to care about the particular character Well for me at least I did I cared for Raymond The rest of the character? Brooks could have written about them getting into a car accident and died And I still wouldn't give a crap about them Because I like the way Brooks describe Raymond as a friend the only friend to Pete That was the main factor that kept me glued to the book The whole point of reading further was to find out WHAT REALLY HAPPEN TO RAYMOND? But no it went circling around between the cops and pete back to the fortune teller talking to a black rabbit hearing whispering raymond back to the fair Pete's annoying desire of wanting to do nothing but stare at his bedroom ceiling i think i've never been annoyed by a character as worst as pete The next thing I know the whole mystery was dedicated to his old friends foolishness Which I didn't even find it interesting whatever the hell the Kidnap Ransom planning that they were involved in Secret Blackmail Kidnap Booze Lust Stupid Accident All that combined Death And yet still nothing about Raymond That is when the whole book starts losing its charm Oh the 'best' part was they dismissed Raymond the only character i cared for How could they just dismissed him like that from the book when clearly most of the time missing Raymond is always top on Pete's agenda? Maybe Raymond was abducted Maybe he just ran away Maybe he's still out there somewhere Maybe he's still alive I don't know Of course you don't know Pete that's the whole point of a mystery book You're suppose to unfold the mystery that's been lingering around this missing person Black Rabbit Summer got me started but it definitely got me disappointed too Picked up on a whim from a charity shop in the smallest historic county in England I think I assumed this would be Chris Brookmyre Colin Bateman in nature than it was When it came to add the book to my TBR list a couple of days later I realised I'd read a Kevin Brooks previously 'Kiss The Rain' and I'd not really enjoyed it I was conseuently pessimisticIt wasn't as bad as anticipated The novel follows a sixteen year old lad and the fall out from a drinkdrug addled night at the fair with friends after which a local celebrity is found dead and the narrator's odd mate goes missing The plot kept me interested and keen to read on and there were many moments where I found the young man's POV convincing as well as some of the complexities of teenage relationships But perhaps it would have been enjoyable had the story been written by a different author I found some of the reminders of how mixed up it feels to be sixteen made for uncomfortable reading I wasn't wholly on board with some of the twists and unconvincing behaviour of the characters at times It also stylistically felt a bit too YA for my tastes

  • Paperback
  • 427 pages
  • Black Rabbit Summer
  • Kevin Brooks
  • Italian
  • 03 October 2016
  • 9788856617719

About the Author: Kevin Brooks

Kevin Brooks was born in 1959 and grew up in Exeter Devon England He studied Psychology and Philosophy at Birmingham Aston University in 1980 and Cultural Studies in London in 1983 Kevin Brooks has been in a variety of jobs including musician gasoline station attendant crematorium handyman civil service clerk hot dog vendor at the London Zoo post office clerk and railway ticket office

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