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  • Paperback
  • 283 pages
  • For the Love of Rory
  • Barbara Leigh
  • English
  • 20 February 2016
  • 9780263812619

10 thoughts on “For the Love of Rory

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    Disclaimer This review has re action gifs My over all reaction to this novelThis book is so stupid I feel like my I dropped a few points I thought it was gonna be so bad it's good but this one was so bad it's bad I don't expect it to be that historically accurate but the writer interchanges Viking and ancient Celtic culture though similar is different Celts did not worship OdinWodin nor did they use Runes The Druids did use the Ogham Alphabet for divinatory reasons There was also no Druids in this story I know this was published in 1994 before the internet was popular but come on I hate being so nit picky on this issue but it kept jarring me out of the story Please also correct me if I am wrong about the Celtic and Viking facts Viking CelticThe heroine Serine She was so basic She was selfish dumb and completely privileged and unaware of that fact I did not care about her or her problems one bit I means she was honestly surprised that the poor serfs didn't want to go back to England There was also this stupid pointless dramz with Rory that made me roll my eyesI didn't get the appeal of Rory I'm trying to sum up his character and I'm drawing a blankActually Castiel is too fierce and amazing to be compared to RoryfangirlThen again I couldn't understand the appeal of Serine either I have a confession when I read romance novels I judge the heroine on rather I would date andor sleep with her Serine doesn't make either cut sry2say too gay to function bitch Intelligence sexyEveryone in this book was just stupid and waay too forgiving I was like umNo Also Serine's son was barely in the novel and was only pretty much mentioned He was part of a pivotal plot point and he was barely in the novel EeegadsEtheyl was the best part of the novel She was a badass at least in the novel She doesn't make my top fave characters in the world listSo does anyone want to exchange this novel for an eually bad book? Any other masochists? If not this is going to the used book storeOh just for fun Feel free to post reactiongifs and memes in comments if you want to comment D

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    This is one of my favorites of classic romances Just can't get myself to read it again since my brother in law is named Rory and it seems weird

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    Giving out herbal brews to help women in the village of Corvus Croft become pregnant could cause Lady Serine to be treated as a witch But it was worth a try as far as Serine was concern Did it work read for yourself to find out

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    I adore Serine The book begins with Rory leading a raid on Serine's village in order to take children The women of his village are thought barren and they need children In the ensuing raid Serine and her fellow women villagers put up a valiant fightRory is injured Serine decides to nurse him to health in hopes of being able to use his gratitude to get her son Hendrick back An older woman teaches her how to make a bitter tasting medicine that can heal Serine does so and uses it in the water when bathing Rory as well as in his food Amazingly he get better He and Serine are attracted to each other immediately Serines husband is much older than she Also he's away on crusade All the men who are healthy and of fighting age are gone Thus the village being vulnerable to attack As she nurses Rory to health she wonders what it would be like to make love to a young virile man rather than endure the embrace of her much older husbandRory agress to take her to his homeland Corvus Croft where Serine can beg his brother the Laird for a favor in return for bring Rory back healed and whole Rory's brother sees the attraction between Serine and his brother and challenges Serine to use her skill to bring children back to the village Help their women become pregnantSerine accepts the challenge and she and Rory become deeply passionate toward one another Serine mysteriously receives word that her husband died in the Crusades and she then gives in to her passion with Rory She become pregnant it's then she realizes the difference between Rory and the other men of his village is the healing brew she used when he was woundedShe gets the women to try and induce their men to take the brew enjoyable read I liked the intensity between Rory and Serine

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For the Love of Rory Lady Serine vowed to nurse her prisoner back to health because only he could help her find the children snatched from the arms of the mothers of Sheffield But the avenging angel hadn't counted on nursing her own traitorous heart For Rory McLir whose desperate deed should have fired her hate had instead ignited her eternal loveDriven by a curse upon his people Rory McLir sailed forth from Ireland's mists and found himself drowning in the beauty of Serine a veritable sea nymph who held the secret of new life for his land He was her prisoner from that first stolen kiss but would the tide turn when they set sail