Temper Sanguine Sanguine #2 PDF ☆ Temper Sanguine

  • ebook
  • 213 pages
  • Temper Sanguine Sanguine #2
  • Lou Harper
  • English
  • 12 January 2015
  • 9781619220638

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Temper Sanguine Sanguine #2The previous book Spirit Sanguine was only supposed to be a short about a uirky vampire but Harvey and Gabe hijacked the story They had so much mystery surrounding them that 73000 words later there were still loose ends floating aboutIn the seuel our plucky heroes pick up unresolved threads and then some Harvey and Gabe just can't stay out of trouble not that they are trying hard This time around they spend most of their time traveling first to New York then to Budapest and get into hot water everywhere they go Sometimes literally There's role playing too and vampires of all sortsPS Temper Sanguine works as a standalone One bite won't kill you Unless it does Gabe Vadas's slayer ancestors would be spinning in their graves if they knew that not only is his boss a vampire so is his lover But that lover Harvey Feng is cooking something up in his lab that he seems reluctant to discloseThe secrets they keep from each other and the nightmares they share are driving a wedge between themHarvey fell off the vegetarian wagon with one taste of his lover s blood Except recently it s been having some unusual and disturbing side effects And he fears their connection has awakened something dark and dangerousSent to New York City to help the new top vamp clean up the mess the old one left behind Gabe finds than a few stray feral vampires A doctor with a dubious history is hell bent on creating a new race of unkillable bloodsuckersThe investigation takes Gabe and Harvey across an ocean and deep into the past Where they discover demons that have the power to reach across the centuries to destroy them bothWarning Contains a tasty Hungarian goulash of dirty boys doing dirty things bilingual dirty talk evil scientists shifty eyed lab assistants fun with lab rats and smexy times in romantic Old Europe Jo etvagyat Temper Sanguine is the seuel to the Rainbow Award winning paranormal romance Spirit Sanguine about a vampire slayer new to Chicago who finds that his assumptions about vampires are turned on their head when he attempts to stalk a hot young vamp named Harvey who’s a vegetarian a bad driver and has a penchant for sexy role playing Instead of slaying him they start seeing each other all while solving some mysteries togetherI really enjoyed book 1 and overall really like Harper’s low key writing natural dialogue and characters who live beyond stereotypes which is a nice draw when picking up another vampire romance This seuel continues from book 1 where Harvey and Gabe are still very together although are now surfing some tensions mostly due to Harvey’s fears that his “forced turning” by some vampires high on “bad blood” will eventually change him into a monster the very same ones that Gabe used to kill in EuropeLike book 1 book 2 is broken up into different stories this time two different but linked mysteries the first that sends our duo to New York and then later to Hungary to track an old vampire menaceFor those who liked book 1 and Gabe and Harvey’s developing relationship it’s easy to recommend the seuel It’s nice to return to Harper’s world of “realistic vampires” who have to cope with day to day things all while still having to solve some crimes and track some bad guys or bad vamps I also love Harvey and Gabe’s relationship and its mix of comfortable and sexy playfulness even while they try to deal with their differences including their habit of keeping things from each otherFor me the first mystery in New York was the stronger and the exciting of the two The second where our boys jet to Hungary was scenic and interesting but I definitely felt the pacing dip during that half especially with sections that had felt heavy with exposition But overall it was still a joy to return to Gabe and Harvey’s world and I’m on board for any further adventures with them If you enjoy paranormal romances it’s a very good read although I definitely recommend book 1 first You’ll get way out of the characters since there isn’t much explained about what happened earlier And after that don’t forget to check out the free short story that’s set between book 1 and 2 Late Night SnackReviewed first for Boys in our Books This is just a really fun series Yes that will they or won't they sexual tension is absent here but I still really enjoyed the book Harvey has got to be one of my favorite vampires in ages and Gabe is his perfect match The tension in this one is why Harvey won't drink from Gabe and how that makes Gabe feel along with the tracking down of a vampire trying to make a super vamp master race Good action funny moments and of Gabe and Harvey's trademark role playing sexytimes made this a jolly good read 3 starsGabe is a slayer and Harvey is a vampire Normally the two would be mortal enemies but Gabe and Harvey love each other and live together so there will be no killing of each other allowed Gabe works for the head vampire in Chicago and is asked to take a trip out to New York to help with a problem there It seems as though a vampire has been making feral vampires and the ramifications may take them on a trip to EuropeMe after a week has passed what was this about again I know there was a slayer and a vampire and then they went to Hungary because I wrote down some Hungarian food that they ate and then looked up the recipes online later And in Hungary they needed to try and foil the raising of a very old very feared vampire but other than that reads précisOh okay So the slayer is named Gabe and the vampire is named Harvey And then they went to New York to help clean up the mess after the last head vampire there was dispatched I totally forgot that part no New York food that I had to look up recipes for was mentioned Gabe is an expert in feral vampires which is what is found in New York Then they track the man who was responsible for the feral vampires to Hungary very old vampires Hungarian buns and croissants and voila That's the story Lou Harper is a favourite writer of mine ans I love Harvey and Gabe I just liked the first book But this is stll very good and a must read if you like vampires I liked it Harvey and Gabe have some issues that they happily resolved but I'm still curious about where they're going to from that point We get a continuation of the Vegas mystery from the first book and half of it happens in Hungary which is right next door to me so that was also fun Some parts of the mystery were solved and some weren't so I really hope we'll get at least one book in this series I made it a bit over half way but am very apathetic so I’m calling it uits It’s of a mystery than romance which isn’t bad but I just didn't care about the vampire mystery they are dealing with Bummer uite the world hopping adventure Not uite as enjoyable as the first although I can't uite put my finger on what was missing I do still get a kick out of the Buddhist vegetarian vampire though Lou Harper gives us a second amazing installment in her Sanuine series Temper Sanguine For those unfamiliar with the first novel Spirit Sanguine the story revolves around the unusual pairing of Gabe Vadas vampire slayer and his lover Harvey Feng vampire This delicious duo whose tastes run from frisky and impossibly sexy role playing to hunting down rogue or feral vamps returns with yet incredible chemistry that just lights up the page For those unfamiliar with the first in this series I would recommend reading these books in order to get the most out of your reading experience Rather than rehash the blurb above I would like to take a slightly different tone with this review and list for you the “three things I love about author Lou Harper”1 Impeccable comedic timing highlighting a witty yet dry sense of humor There is no doubt that the tongue in cheek humor beginning with Harvey’s last name of Feng to the delightfully funny role play these two men get into just leaves you laughing and craving Gabe’s dry and almost deadpanned rejoinders to Harvey’s flighty and dramatic tendencies just leave a huge smile on our face as you read interaction after interaction between these tow Throw in side characters like their friend Dill who is the pet of two older vamps and Tibi their human guide in Hungary and you have additional moments of pure fun This is subtle humor at its best It creeps up on you and before you know it despite the serious nature of the overall plot you are smiling like a fool and yearning for each and every moment author Lou Harper unleashes2 Characters character characters When an author is able to write compelling characters that draw you in and make you uietly root for them to succeed then you know you have stumbled upon a writer that bears watching So often dialogue in this genre comes off stilted or simple unbelievable but that is not the case here While you are definitely aware you are dealing with supernatural creatures the beauty of a Lou Harper character is that you so uickly forget this is not a real human being walking around allowing you to see their thoughts and emotions In this novel we are really privy to the fears that hold both Harvey and Gabe from giving their all unconditional love to each other Gabe’s heart is so fiercely exposed to us through the inner dialogue the author creates for him At times it was so very poignant and real I just wanted to stop the action and reassure Gabe he could admit his love aloud On the same token Harvey’s real fear is revealed He worries that he will become just like those he and Gabe hunt down feral without restraint mindlessly bloodthirsty The author allows her mythical characters to experiences relational roadblocks that ring so true to us because we can see just a bit of ourselves in these two amazing men Conseuently we hold our breath as these two grapple with their demons and fears and hope against al hope that they will make it out intact and still in love together3 Fast paced action and a really good story Here is what really separates author Lou Harper from the pack when it comes to paranormal novels The thrilling heart stopping plot that never relents but carries you on a wild ride of a journey right up to the end Mystery combined with action gives us a story line that has just enough twists and turns to keep us on the edge of our seats What’s amazing to me about this author is her ability to run several plot points simultaneously and never confuse us or leave us lost somewhere in the middle Rather she painstakingly ties up each loose end and even manages to give just inkling that there could be another novel in this series in the future Skillful and interesting dramatic and funny tender and poignant the story unfolds on the page and draws you in thrilling you to the very end