Shelter Me Second Chance Ranch #1 Epub ¸ Shelter Me

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • Shelter Me Second Chance Ranch #1
  • Catherine Mann
  • English
  • 12 April 2016
  • 9780425269886

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Shelter Me Second Chance Ranch #1Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsBlog rating B Shelter Me is a story that focuses on many different relationships our hero and heroine Sierra and Mike the various members of Sierra’s family Mike with Grandpa McDaniel Sierra’s mom Lacey and the vet Ray her animal rescue and the neighbors and even the family dog Trooper rescued overseas and brought to the McDaniel family as a last wish from Sierra’s father Allen before he was killed in action The point of view switches throughout the book between a few people and yes we even get to hear what Trooper’s thinking and I really enjoyed the pace this set for the story It was easy to fall into and ended up being a hard book to put downThe main focus of the story is Mike and Sierra’s relationship They dated in the past then he left on duty and they broke up But now that he’s back on leave and staying at the family’s animal rescue to help them out and to help them grieve the loss of Allen Being in close proximity to Sierra again he can’t ignore the feelings he still has for her I liked how almost effortless their romance felt in a good way These two have chemistry and I enjoyed how their relationship progressed amongst all the madnessLacey is grieving for a husband who was killed a few months ago and a man that she hadn’t seen for a year She’s put her heart and soul and every penny she has into making this shelter a haven for animals that have nowhere else to go and finds them good people to give them a home Her neighbors want to shut her down so in addition to everything else she gets thrown at her she’s dealing with the threat of having to get rid of all the rescues She’s also caught the eye of the local vet Ray a man who’s 10 years younger than she is but wants to be there for her during all this emotional mess she’s in the middle of Lacey’s story continues to be ongoing although we do get a hint of the direction her life takes in the epilogue which jumps ahead 10 years and I can’t wait to get the details that fill in the gaps of her journeyRounding out the McDaniel family is the son Nathan a teen who’s mentally and emotionally on the edge of falling into something so deep and painful and Allen’s father Joshua a former military man himself who’s suffering from Alzheimers To say this family has already gone through so much is an understatement and now with the risk of losing their animal rescue Mike can’t turn his back on them or SierraWhile Mike and Sierra’s relationship is the main storyline I really enjoyed all the various relationship threads that were woven throughout the story Whether it was Mike helping Joshua through one of his episodes of believing he was back in the war and his confusion coming out of that Lacey and Ray spending time together Sierra and Lacey having a real conversation about what they’re each going through and how they’re coping for Lacey that included a little too much to drink at night when the pain was the worst or maybe the relationship I enjoyed most was seeing how Trooper took care of his new family in a way that only a best furry friend can And no we don’t any weird dog talking moments But Catherine Mann gives a little look into Trooper’s personality his own survival story and his “mission” to help heal this familyI was taken from the start and enjoyed getting to know Mike and the entire McDaniel family I can’t wait to meet the dog that impacts lives in the next book From USA Today bestselling author Catherine Mann comes this beautiful heartwarming novel about a returning military officer the daughter of his fallen commander and a very special dog with a mission For fans of Jill Shalvis and Susan MalleryNestled in the sunny fields of Tennessee lies the McDaniel family’s Second Chance Ranch Animal Rescue Two new arrivals are on their way but only one is the four legged kind Staff Sergeant Mike Kowalski wants only one thing after he gets home from Ira to sleep in a king sized bed with clean sheets But first he has to hand off his fallen commander’s dog Trooper to his family without handing off his heart to Sierra Sierra McDaniel needs a break Her family life is crazy and when she’s not mucking out kennels she’s slogging through grad school Sierra certainly doesn’t want another dog especially one that reminds her of her father And she definitely doesn’t want to see Mike with that charming smile of his But Trooper has a mission of his own Before too long Mike is moving to the ranch to lend a hand—and hoping for his own second chance with Sierra In Shelter Me Second Chance Ranch #1 by Catherine Mann Trooper is on his way home to his human family and he has a mission Help this family heal after the tragic loss of his human The Commander Allen in Afghanistan Rescued in Afghanistan and on his way to a different life it is staff sergeant Mike's responsibility to deliver him to Allen's family including his daughter Sierrathe woman Mike can't forgetHaving once been together Sierra is not ready for the feelings still Mike brings out in her She's not so sure she's ready for another reminder that her Dad is forever gone either reminders both Mike and Trooper bring Sierra has so much going on in her life right now from her father's death and grad school to helping out on her mother's animal rescue ranch that she doesn't know if she can fit anything else in Sometimes she feels like she just can't keep everything up When Mike sees Allen's family is struggling so much he ends up staying on the ranch for his leave to help out where he can Sierra and Mike can't deny themselves for long but Sierra has no desire to be another military family again She'll take what she can now but will it be enough? Can she let go again?The whole family is struggling to move on without a man who was gone often than he was at home There is so much going on in Shelter Me and it all interlinks and leads back to their huge loss Shelter Me is so much than Mike and Sierra's story It is a story about a family who is coping but not moving on This is just as much the story of Lacey Allen's wife their son Nathan and Allen's ailing father The General who they struggle to keep well and safe It is also Trooper's story and through Trooper's eyes Allen's storyCatherine manages to effortlessly tell Shelter Me from numerous POV's that transition very easily from person to person I loved how she did this making me feel close to everyone There is great character development and a strong sense of realism in Shelter Me Catherine writes with great insight At times heart wrenching at times humorous Shelter Me is believable with characters that will stick with you With her talented writing Catherine drew me in fast and deep into the lives of Allen's family Dealing with real life issues and a family left behind from the loss of war Catherine takes it pretty deep at times with unexpected plot twists all of which are very true to lifeTrooper is the real catch and the way we see the world from his POV pulled me and my heart strings in even tighter if that was possibleShelter Me is very well written with smooth progression from scene to scene that is easy to follow Catherine took me on a very emotional journey from both ends of the spectrum in the best possible way in Shelter MeI'd highly recommend Shelter Me to all romance readers Staff Sergeant Mike Kolwalski only wants one thing when he gets home from Ira to sleep in a king sized bed with clean sheets But before he does that he has to hand off his fallen commander's dog to his family without handing off his heart to Seirra Sierra McDaniel needs a break a good long break Her family life is crazy and when she's not mucking out the kennels she's slogging her way through grad school She certainly doesn't want yet another dog especially because that reminds her of her father But most importantly she does not want to see Mr I'll charm you with just a smile Mike again Now I know you're thinking these two characters will see each other again there will be a little but of uneasiness and the families and friends will help to get them to get together but this is not exactly the case you see our hero of the moment in this book is the dog Trooper I am just as brave as the best soldiers of all time has a mission all of his own and before long Mike is moving in to the ranch to lend a helping hand and hoping for his second chance with Sierra But will Mike win Sierra's heart again or will Trooper's most important mission yet fail miserably?I have read many books from this author before and each time am amazed and Her books are always full of life and filled with deep emotion that slowly tears your heart to shreds with sadness and then beautifully mends it back with such happiness there is just nothing beautiful Shelter me was no different I loved the characters in this book I felt so deeply connected to them both it was as if they were right in front of me acting out their parts and so much than just characters in a book What I truly enjoyed about this read were the various relationships not just the one between Sierra and Mike The family and friends that stand together no matter what the we fight everything that is unjust and if we go down we go down together element made it all feel very realistic and I felt like I wanted to be apart of this family like even if I was not a family member I would still be helped by them no matter what fantastic job Catherine I adored Trooper so cute and so addictive to read about and a really cool touch some of the story lines were told in Trooper's own words Once you start this read you will not be able to put it down it was beautiful from start to finishI highly recommend this read for all fans of second chance romance reads A message about there always being a way to make it work shines through on every page 55 star review She wants to be left alone but he wants to shelter her from the hurt When I reread book 2 in the series I thought I had already reread this one but realized afterward that I didn't So obviously I had to ;pShelter Me is a romance novel a story of second chance between Mike and Sierra who used to date but the military man broke things off with her thinking it was best for her that she was too good for him and he couldn't be there for her because of his career But it's also the story of a grieving family who's trying to recover from the lost of the father who died in combat four months ago A family who have to deal with the arrival of a new member too; Trooper a dog who was born in Irak and came back with Mike in the US as reuested by his mentor before dying A dog who should have been called Houdini for his tendency to run away So we don't just follow Sierra who's trying to help her mother with her animal rescue business at home and dealing with the return of Mike in her life but we also follow Lacey Sierra's mom a widow who's trying to deal with her grief while taking care of animals not sleeping and face the fact she's developing feelings for the veterinarian who also help at the shelter There's also Nathan Sierra's teenage brother who's only friend is his pet snake and have trouble dealing with the lost of his dad There's Sergeant Sierra's grandfather who have Alzheimer and sometimes lose contact with reality And there's Trooper the dog who gave himself the mission of healing the McDaniel family This series is poignant and in this book the main subject is the daily life and reality of the people who live with those who serve The author does an amazing job at depicting the high and the low the struggles and showing that they have sacrifice to do too We follow them in their emotional journey and there's a slow burn romance between Sierra and Mike that only feel natural since she's still grieving and he doesn't want to hurt her when he enlist again But this time I was interested in Lacey and Ray's budding romance and it make me even sad that we never got the chance to read their HEA Every things they do for the animals was so great to read about too I won a copy of this book and I can't say enough about how good it was I loved all the peopleand loved the dog Trooper Sierra and her family have had a rough time with the loss of Sierra's father and her mother runs an animal rescue that keeps them all busy Her grandpa who has dementia is also living with them Now Mike Kowalski is bringing them the dog Trooper The dog was befriended by Sierra's dad in Ira before he was killed and Mike thinks he should be with the family Some of the story is told in Trooper's words Was a fast book to read as I didn't want to put it down A lot of love and family and I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a well written book and loves animals I was lucky to get an early copy for an honest review 4 12 STARSI am a big fan of Catherine Mann her romantic suspense is a fave of mine From the moment I saw the cover I have been yearning to read Contemporary romance has been my go to read as of late Shelter Me did not disappoint I was hooked from the beginning I found it interesting at times when Trooper the dog told it from his view It was a story of lossand of re birth The insight into the military family and the amazing grit and determination that they posses at times brought tears to my eyes This story had it all humor romance and a healthy dose of real true to life struggles I loved how Catherine Mann took us on this journeyit was well written and a wonderful heart warming read We got so much than just Mike and Sierra's love story We saw her interaction as a daughter granddaughter and sister We got to know her mom her brother and I cannot wait for the next book in this series This is a MUST read 44 starsThis book DESTROYED me and I'm not sure why It has a HEA great characters and is told through multiple points of view I think I liked all of the characters so much that I hated for it to end At several pivotal points in the story Trooper the canine rescue from Afghanistan hijacks the narration and while I thought it was cheesy at first his little interruptions are what did me in He sees everything so simply yet so wisely and his observations of his human caretakers added a lot of depth to the story If only we could all see life so clearly and embrace every loving presence in our lives I think you have to be an animal lover to truly appreciate this book because everyone sacrifices so much for the homeless charges in Lacey's careI'm looking forward to the next book in the series Not really what I was looking for split romance with mother and daughter relationships getting eual time Heavy on the emotional upheaval and everyday life of trying to move on after the death of a loved one depression with thoughts of suicideAlzheimer's diseasePTSD and oddly wildly vindictive neighbors The uality writing you always get with Mann but slower moving and not a story I was personally feeling Wow If you love romance and you have any interest in animal rescue then you NEED to read this book It was so moving on so many levels This is not a book you sit down and read all in one sitting It's heavy and you will cry Probably than once But it's so beautifully done I loved everything about it This is my first book by Catherine Mann and it definitely will not be my last

About the Author: Catherine Mann

USA Today bestseller Catherine Mann and RITA Award winner Catherine writes contemporary romance for Berkley Harleuin Sourcebooks and Tule With over sixty books released in than twenty countries she has also celebrated six RITA finals an RT Reviewer’s Award finalist three Maggie Award of Excellence finals and a Bookseller’s Best win A former theater school director and university inst