6 thoughts on “Frostbite Vampire Academy #21

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    Only three stars because Tasha ate up the other two starsThe thought of Dimitri cozying up with her in an attempt to forget Rose made me feel like Dimitri was alright till the first ten chapters but then he lost his charm by being jealous and it is shown that he despised Adrian tooAnd most important thing driving the same point home I hate hate hate it when he is hanging out with Tasha

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    Just as I sped through the vampire academy series I'm reading these in a matter of hours It's refreshing to see the story from Dimitri's point of viewUsually I never feel resentment towards Dimitri except for the big detection when he becomes a dhampir again I'll never get over that but in this book I kind of did He was all like Two can play at this game newsflash you were the one who started it not herAlso I didn't feel like we got to see the whole story it was a little bit like a puzzle where some pieces were still missingOverall still a good book especially as its a fanfic on to book 3

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    I absolutely love seeing these books my favorites from another point of view I love the way the author looks at Dimitri and I love the way we get to see how it was for him and the others in the resort when Rose Christian Mason Eddie and Mia went missing I love this

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    Reading these reminds me how much I loved the Vampire Academy Bloodlines series

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    I'm so addicted to dimitris point of view books I spent the last couple hours reading this book and on to the next

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    4 stars Would have given it 5 but Tasha got on my nerves sighA great book overall loved Dimitri's POV Now on to the next one

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