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    Ok but the suspense was pretty light weight and the bad guy was way too obvious The insta love is never my favorite Fast uncomplicated read

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    I think we have found a new romantic suspense author who is coming out of the Harleuin romance area like Nora Roberts Sandra Brown and Debra Webb just to name a few who made the jump from Harleuin to full novels with the talent that set them apart from the rest I see success for Janice Kay Johnson just like the other authors have found who started in Harleuin and then moved on to deeper novels because they had the IT factor to tell a story and hold a reader and Johnson did that in this book and I can't wait to see where this series will goAs for this book it was excellent I loved the setting the characters and the plot I was able to figure out who the killer was but that did not take anything away from this story like it has for me in so many others because I was so invested in the plot I wanted to see how it would all play out I mean when there is a murder that gets your attention only a few pages into the book one expects everything to go downhill from there Not in this book It grabs you in the first few pages and takes you for a ride you don't want to end I can not wait until August when the next book comes out

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    Aunt Doreen had no idea when she started an auction to raise money to save local land from money hungry resort interests that someone would make a successful bid for her life But they did and a successful bid it was leaving her niece Sophie to find a body in the storage unit when she shows up to help She was expecting to find her aunt ready to work on inventorying items donated for the auction; she was not expecting to find her aunt dead Nevertheless she decides to forge ahead hoping to accomplish what her aunt was stopped from doing But do Sophie’s aunt’s efforts at ecological heroism have anything to do with her death? Not only is Doreen’s dead body in the storage unit with the auction items but those items have been gone through roughly some broken and damaged by a plainly angry murderer Was it land or loot that triggered the chain of events into which Sophie finds herself headlong? Sophie has already gotten than she bargained for by finding the only person left on the planet she loves no longer alive But there ends up being even outside her anticipated bargaining parameters when she meets the local police chief Daniel He’s out to crack the case of dead Doreen but also ends up interested in cracking open the shell around Sophie’s heart The romantic aspects of this romance mystery thriller are about what you’d expect As a dude I’m not strictly the target audience; I’m in it for the thriller aspect But the romantic bits are solidly written with a minimum of obnoxious behaviors and thought patterns sometimes found in the besotted by love but also conflicted by love characters of romantic fiction Johnson handles things smartly and tastefully The mystery is intriguing and sets up any number of potential killers keeping one hooked on finding out who did it and why The only down side is that the revelation of the killer is slightly anticlimactic I’d written off the character who turned out to be responsible as too obvious and was awaiting a left field reveal Nevertheless there are multiple “too obvious” potential villains so even my saying this doesn’t spoil anything Things like Johnson’s fast pacing friendly prose and believable characterrs Fans of mysteries romantic or otherwise will have fun

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    I've been a Janice Kay Johnson fan for a while now and Shroud of Fog doesn't disappoint It's a strong character driven romantic suspense novel set in small town OregonThe heroine Sophie would prefer never to return Cape Trouble having experienced a major childhood trauma when she discovered her mother's body the victim of an apparent suicide But the family member she is closest to still lives there so she can't totally avoid it When she returns to town though and discovers her aunt's body it seems like some sort of horrible nightmare Sophie is a strong heroine vulnerable with a traumatic past but also a determined fighter Despite her rocky history in Cape Trouble she is resolved to stay and carry out her aunt's cause even if she has no intention of ever stepping foot anywhere near the Misty Beach Resort againDaniel is a burned out big city cop who has taken the job in peaceful Cape Trouble to decompress Easier said than done when he soon finds himself in the midst of a murder investigation Is it a simple robbery gone wrong or something far sinister? Worse he starts to fall in love with Sophie and soon fears she may be in danger Daniel is a protective and swoon worthy hero I loved their developing relationship and how he is able to help Sophie confront her difficult pastJohnson is a fantastic writer The worlds she creates are always so well drawn and the characters so real and complex Happily this is the first in her Cape Trouble series and several intriguing secondary characters are in desperate need of their own books including an enigmatic artist a skittish baker and a troubled county sheriff Cape Trouble seems to be true to its name and attract these troubled souls Can't wait for book 2 in August

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    This may be my first book by Janice Kay Johnson but it will not be my last It is so exciting to find a new author who writes good stories and writes them well She also writes characters that are than cardboard cutouts people whom you want to get to know better and a few that you would wish to avoid at all costs in real life Such are the components I look for in a good Romantic Suspense novelSHROUD OF FOG had me at the first full paragraph and did not disappoint me at any place in the story The balance between mystery and suspense and a growing romantic relationship was well done There are nice summaries on the book description site and in the reviews that precede this one so I will skip this here What I will not pass over is my enthusiastic recommendation to readers who like this genre do not miss SHROUD OF FOG It's really that good and better there are future episodes in the works about life in Cape TroubleI thank the author for providing me a copy of this book for my Kindle in exchange for an honest review I would do this again for her any time

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    A great romantic suspense book that grabs you from the first page and doesn’t let go until the last page The small coastal town of Cape Trouble Oregon has painful memories for Sophie Thomsen Twenty years ago her mother committed suicide at the Mist Beach Resort that they visited every summer Now Sophie has returned to help her Aunt Doreen save the resort and land from developers Doreen is found murdered and now Sophie has taken over Doreen crusade to hold an auction for to raise money for the resort What was the murderer looking for? What auction item is so valuable to kill someone over?Police Chief Daniel Colburn is determined to find out what secrets the resort hides and find the murderer before they can strike again Sophie’s life is in danger Can Daniel solve the crime before Sophie is harmed? Suspects keep popping up along this terrifying ride Keep guessing until the end this fantastic novel Can’t wait until the next book comes out

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    Compelling and well writtennice balance of suspense and romance

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    The person behind it was kind of obvious but there were many suspects Overall it was pretty good especially after all the duds I have read the past week It was a little long though I wished we had found out if her dad cheated on her mom and if she knew Doreen More of her dads side of the story would have been better I probably would have rated it higher because it was refreshing to not have an asshole for a hero However there were many things that got on my nerves because they are over used in the Romance genre Buxom plump and curvy is used to describe just about every woman now I don't really care about the size of an old lady's breast In fact I found it uite strange that it was mentioned I am tired of it being said that the heroine isn't very beautiful and the hero isn't really handsome It may be true but I want him to think she is the prettiest woman in the world to him and vise versa It takes away from the Romance to me It could be said she wasn't classically pretty but he has never seen anyone that was prettier to him inside and out

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    What an amazingly good book First time I have read this author an I am impressed Lots of mystery and a well thought out plot I look forward to the others in the series

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    Janice Kay Johnson has already written numerous romance books but Shroud of Fog is her first attempt at the mystery genre She does a good job at creating an interesting and gripping story around two deaths set twenty years apart which have in common than meet the eyes The two aspects of the story – the romance and the mystery – are well balanced and well mixed to form a flowing tale without lenghty parts The characters are interestingly built; Sophie and Daniel feel real to me and some of the secondary characters have been nicely set up for their own stories I can't wait for Naomi's on Augustus The mystery is well done even if it is not ground breaking I had or less figured it out before the end but it didn't prevent me from enjoying the whole readingAll in all it was a very enjoyable read and I am now willing to read the next book in the series and some of the other romances written by Johnson Good job

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Shroud of Fog Cape Trouble #1 The secrets of the past haunt the presentCape Trouble a tiny Oregon coast town was named for the dangerous off shore reefs But some of its citizens seek refuge from their own troubleswhich have a way of following themSophie Thomsen's life had a Before and an After before the terrifying morning when she found her mother dead in the foggy sand dunes apparently having killed herself Now twenty years later she returns to Cape Trouble only to find her aunt brutally murdered Sophie takes over her aunt's crusade to save the falling down Misty Beach Resort and its old growth forest and wild sand dunes and beach from development even though she never wants to set foot again on Misty Beach But Sophie's memories threaten a killerwho doesn't dare let her remember too muchHaving come to Cape Trouble to heal his own wounds Police Chief Daniel Colburn investigates the present day murder but begins to suspect Sophie's mother was another murder victim not a suicide Everything he learns increases his fear for this woman he is coming to loveSophie's fate may be to die in a shroud of fog just like her mother before her unless she trusts Daniel to help her uncover her past in time