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The Junior Bridesmaid Very cute very funny book about finally having the chance to be with the one person you've always loved This was uirky romantic and very enjoyable to read Delilah Welling has been in love with Mathew Rowen forever At 16 she has the misfortune of being part of his wedding party He's marrying her nemesis the irritating and vicious Darcy Strong Unfortunately Darcy's mom is best friends with Delilah's mom so being junior bridesmaid is pretty much mandatory for poor Delilah But Darcy is harboring a secret It's a big one that Delilah knows but decides to keep to herself and avoid ruining the wedding even at the cost of seeing the love of her life make the biggest mistake of his life But fate has a way of intervening and the wedding that was supposed to happen never does And it's all because of Delilah This book starts out with Delilah at 16 and the hilarious antics that ensue We get to see the disaster that occurs at the wedding and how bitchy Darcy treats her We see Hugh Mathew and get glimpses of what's to come in the future It was really funny here lots of laugh out loud moments I felt so bad for Delilah and everything she had to go through Then the book jumps to 12 years later Delilah has been living in NYC for years uickly leaving her hometown and all the gossip that ensued after the non wedding once she graduated high school The aftermath of that fateful day put all of Delilah's family on the defensive everyone was affected But Delilah is happy has a great job and wonderful apartment But one day a message appears from Hughoh shitNow the disaster that happened 12 years ago has caught up with Delilah What does Hugh want? The rest is a great story of love bitter enemies bitchy co workers miscommunication and hilarity I loved Delilah she was a sweet woman that desperately shed her embarrassment over an unforgettable incident She was kind smart and loyal Her unwavering feelings for Hugh were so believable and relatable Hugh was a man that finally went for something that mattered It may seem odd that he tracks Delilah after all those years but it does make sense once he admits how it came to happen And like I said the beginning of the book highlighted some tension between him and Delilah that tied everything togetherThis book also had a secondary story with Delilah's BFF that was cute Stacey Delilah's partner at their firm in NYC was a BITCH Wow seriously she was so mean and relentless I was counting down the pages till she got what she deserved Great book with a sweet epilogue very cute and endearing characters I really liked it REVIEWED FOR BIT'N BOOK PROMOTERSGoodreads | Website I must have missed the synopsis because when I read this I'd expected it to be a teen novel And when it wasn't I was pleasantly surprised I guess the twelve years caption on the cover should have alluded me but yeahSo in short Delilah AKA Dee AKA Junior to Hugh only when a teen has to be a bridesmaid for her nemesis Darcy because their mums are friends She has been assigned the role of junior bridesmaid—I know didn't see that one coming right?—and to top off her misfortunes the groom is the man of her dreams Her nemesis Darcy is than aware of this and does everything in her power to show off her winning hand and degrade Dee whenever given the chance Poor Dee as a teen is not exactly endowed in the chest department; there's a funny scene in the dressing room about it—Madonna me—you'll get it when you read it So when the dress makerdesigner suggests for her to wear lamb chops which I know of as 'chicken fillets' to boost her non existent assets you can see something very bad is about to happenDoes tripping and faceplanting on the church aisle at the wedding causing the chicken fillets to burst out of the top of your dress and catapult down the aisle and then in a fit of embarrassment and rage shout out that Darcy is a cheating whore because she slept with Hugh's brother and has a bun in the oven constitute as 'something very bad happening'?Then you can see my point And yes Darcy cheating on Hugh does happen Dee finds out and can only hold it in so long because she cares about HughAnd my next point with the above paragraphs as evidence is that this novel is not shy of cringe worthy moments I mean I had to literally pause wince recover and then force myself to carry on reading through the train wreck of face reddening situations Situations no girl should ever have to endure But Dee handles it with her unwavering determination humour and grace Okay she is pretty ungraceful and clumsy and her inability to speak out leaves her in difficult situations that she could have got herself out of had she had a little faith in herselfBut that's why I love her Because she's not perfect and yet you can't help but love her for her faults They make her who she is and they are the reason we're able to read such crazy situationsThe wedding event which left her regretful and consumed by guilt for voicing a secret that she had sworn to keep and revealing it so openly in front of all of Hugh's friends and family—it leaves a lasting mark even twelve years later when she's a successful businesswoman in New York far away from her hometownBut then she gets a note at her place that addresses her as 'Junior' and though it isn't signed she knows it's Hugh He always called her Junior and the events from that time in her life send her in a panic She's always been in love with him but believes he hated her for embarrassing him at the wedding and destroying his life Though it turns out that her interpretation of that day is different to his And he has feelings for her tooAside from that back story there's rivalry in Dee's office betrayal catfights and people out to destroy her life They almost do until Dee believes in herself and fights backIt's a cute romance and was a lot of fun to read I laughed and cringed in eual measures The characters were decent and all pock marked with flaws and insecurities Hugh was not my favourite hero because he was uick to judge and make assumptions uickly and he was pretty hot headed but that just adds to his character I don't mind hot headedness but if I put myself in Dee's shoes it doesn't seem right that my childhood nemesis would say something or show a note as is the case in the book that would accuse me of something out of character and then show it to Hugh—who I've just spent a lot of bedroom time with and shared loving words with—and he immediately believes what it says He doesn't stop to ask Dee or to see her side He just gives her the stink eye which sickens her to her stomach and leaves her stunned then he storms outShe doesn't know what the note says and she feels so deflated because whatever it did say he shouldn't have assumed the worst about her I admired her for this I applauded her even when he finally realises the accusations are false and he comes back to apologise and she says 'You should have believed me' She doesn't just jump back into his arms and take him back That was by far the best part of the novel for me She just suddenly grew in my eyes from someone who is uiet and bends around other people to someone who makes a decision no matter how hurtful it is for her and stands up for herself For her self respectIt was well written funny emotional and the characters were great I did find some things a little bit far fetched such as Darcy being on the balcony with the note in her hand or how Dee conveniently forgets to tell Hugh his brother called her place I understand it was to add suspense and to fit into the plot the author had in mind but it did verge on the bizarre Apart from that I really enjoyed it and I recommend it to lovers of sweet romance humour and those that can stomach awkward cringey situations 45 A cute novel with a really bad ending As much as I understand why Delilah moved to New York someone her best friend her parents or her brother should've reiterated to her that nothing was her fault As for Hugh he should've bought her diamond earrings hell a new car for saving him from a life of misery And that's another thing if Hugh had feelings for Delilah why wait twelve years to go see her? The fact that he's basing his decisions on idle gossip as to whether or not he should go see her is just ridiculous If he had strong feelings for her he should've went to her directly when she first got to New York or when she reached legal age and tell her how he felt As for Stacey holy shit What a nasty skanky bitch Everything she did to Delilah was unbelievable I kept hoping that she'd get what's coming to her Instead she's told to resign That's it? WTF? Nope not acceptable You created this awesome villainous snake only to end it with a resignation? Talk about being gypped of a worthy conclusion And what about Will? Trying to make it look like Delilah has a stalker only works if you can explain how he knew so much about Delilah especially since she's the one who voices these concerns and giving it closure So I guess like Stacey nothing will come of Will And the way it ends for Hugh and DelilahWTF? This book was a pleasant surprise I had no idea what to expect from this story but I loved it Delilah is so freaking hilarious and independent you can't help but love her Hugh is amazing but can be a giant asshole Stacie needs to be shot and Darcy needs to be slapped a few dozen times The twist and turns the ups and downs of this story keeps plastered to the book Great book and highly recommend At 16 years of age a family obligation finds Delilah Welling as a Junior Bridesmaid at the wedding of Hugh Rowan a friend she has had a crush on her whole life and Darcy Strong the girl she hates She makes a humiliating blunder at the wedding and her life is subjected to embarrassment and ridicule in her home town She cannot wait to escape small town Virginia and start a new life Twelve years later Delilah has made a name for herself with a great PR firm in NYC Her life is good her job is great and she loves New York A note from her doorman sends her life spinning out of control fast Such a cute story the characters were well written the story was fun and easy to read Delilah made me want to throw the Kindle a few times and yell Snap out of it Hugh was dreamy and Logan kept me in stitches 4 stars Over This is a funny sometimes laugh out loud book which I really enjoyed The first portion of the book focuses on 16 year old Delilah This part of the story was for me the funniest All I will say is I will never look at chicken fillets the same way againThe story uickly jumps forward 12 years Delilah is working hard and living uietly for the most part She soon finds that the past can never be as buried as she hoped it was and her life starts on a downward spiral she can't seem to find a way out ofDelilah discovers that even those she thought she could trust were in fact working against her But she finds solace in someone she thought she had left behind a long time before She also finds out that there is someone working behind the scenes on her behalf All is revealed nearer the end of the storyI won't go into the storyline any as that would just spoil it But suffice to say this story was a breath of fresh air for me It is a simple humorous sweet storyA few of my favourite uotes That son of a bitch mother fucking boyfriend banging whore I screamed So help me God Matthew Rowen If you don't come back over here and stick that thing where it belongs I am going to kill you You have been toying with me for over an hourAll in all a well written story which I would recommend to anyone who likes a light hearted read Sixteen year old Delilah Welling never understood why Darcy Strong despised her so much Especially since their mothers had been friends for a lifetime So when Delilah is asked to be The Junior Bridesmaid in Darcy's wedding Delilah is understandably surprised and reluctant to say yes Upon her mother's insistence Delilah finally agrees determined to look at the bright side And there couldn’t be a brighter side than Hugh Rowen aka the groom Delilah has always been in love with Hugh and could never understand what a nice guy like Hugh was doing with a wench like Darcy Before the wedding Delilah discovers that the bride to be is keeping a torrid secret Fearful that she will hurt Hugh she remains silent going about her Junior Bridesmaid duties as plannedUntilAll hell breaks loose during the wedding ceremony Embarrassed and devastated Delilah flees the wedding But not before hurting the love of her life Twelve years later Delilah is 28 and living a happy existence in New York Until one day when she receives a message addressed to JUNIOR Has Hugh hunted her down twelve years later to exact revenge or is he in New York for a different reason entirely Either way twelve years is a long time to wait to find out This is a stand alone romantic comedy meant for mature readers due to mature content and language Amy Baker has a way of capturing the audiences attention by making you fall in love with her characters I swear in the beginning of the book we see Deliliah Dee aka Junior in all her awkward adolescence I mean I know I was somewhat like her but she was all in adolescence in glorified cringeworthy I had to actually put the book down for a minute or two because I couldn't stand what was going on awkward beauty It was greatFast forward twelve years and she's a career woman Still stuck on her man Hugh who comes looking for her after she escapes her small town in Virginia With some mean catty fighting from a co worker she ends up with some trouble on her plate as well as man trouble All in all it was really a cute story and heart touching If you want a uick read lots of laughs with a touch of some heartache this is your book 45 stars I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review 45 Hilariously Heartfelt Laugh Out Loud Stars Wow I don't even know where to start Junior Bridesmaid is the total package It's the perfect mix of witty and heartfelt with a healthy dose of sarcasm Delilah Welling is 16 years old and head over heels in love with the man of her dreams The only problem is he is also the man of Darcy Strong's dreamsand they're getting marriedand Delilah is their junior bridesmaidand Darcy hates her When Delilah discovers a secret that could potentially destroy Hugh she decides to take her mother's advice and keep uiet because all the dirty laundry comes out in the wash The day of the wedding comes and hilarity ensues As a matter of fact hilarity ensues from the very first page But it's also full of love and romance when 12 years later Delilah and Hugh reconnect and get another chance at the relationship that she so desperately wanted in her youth The storyline in Junior Bridesmaid is fantastic there is so much going on that you don't really get right away but the real gem in this book is the characters They are so well written and awesome There is the ever entertaining Delilah sexy and deep Hugh Julia the best best friend that a girl could ask for creepy Will Stacey and my personal favorite Loganamong others You will love all of them for very different reasons Well almost all of them but I'll let you figure that out on your own With the majority of the books I've read recently all blending together and sounding the same and ending up completely forgettable by the time I finished them Junior Bridesmaid was a breath of fresh air It was completely fun and uniue Do yourself a favor and take a chance on a book that is sure to deliver full belly laughs happily contented sighs and the kind of satisfaction that can only come from reading as a backstabbing biotch gets outsmarted by one of the best leading ladies I've read in a long time Once again Baker captivated me with her characters made me laugh out loud cry a little and gasp I've read all of her work but fell in love with The Dream Weaver and haven't looked back since In The Junior Bridesmaid we meet Delilah the sixteen year old awkward flat chested heroine of this story And while most of the story takes place 12 years later the first few chapters were epically funny painting a perfect picture of an embarrassing incident she endures during a wedding where she attends as the junior bridesmaid A wedding she's forced to partake in; a marriage between her sworn enemy and the man she's always pined for HughNever able to recover from the blunder she packs up after she graduates and heads to NYC building a life for herself Until one day she receives a letter from her doorman addressed to the one and only junior Her heart stops and panic ensuesWhat happens next can only be described as heartwarming aggravating and uncommunicative as Hugh and Delilah continue to cross paths professionally and personallyAnother standalone superbly written The Junior Bridesmaid is the perfect addition to Baker's collection of romantic comedies

  • Kindle Edition
  • 238 pages
  • The Junior Bridesmaid
  • Amy Baker
  • English
  • 26 June 2016

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