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My Grandfathers Pants Jack Laskin is an ordinary man More than ordinary according to some Running the family hardware store and a life that would bore a snail nothing exciting ever seems to happen to himThen at his mother’s urging he tries on a pair of his late grandfather's old pants and everything changes most importantly his emerging love life It's not long before his mother and her meddling friends get involvedWhen an old friend of his grandfather’s tells Jack he has something she wants his new found life takes another turn Having no idea what he is supposed to have Jack looks to his girlfriend Connie and her brother Robert for helpIn the end the answers will all be found in his Grandfather’s Pants

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    This was a great story and romantic comedyIt is about Jack Laskin who everyone seems to call Henry which was his father's name Jack is happy just working in his hardware store and living his life and going out with his girlfriend He does not need a lot of excitement But that is what he is about to getOne day his mother gives him a pair of his grandfather's pants Jack just sees a pair of Khakis with a stitched up bullet hole in the one knee But he takes them from his mom Later on he tries them on certain they will not fit But he suirms and sueezes his way into them and they fit And they are super comfortable on top of it And the first funny thing that happens is when he goes to reach for a blue shirt the pants itch When he stops reaching he stops itching This continues until he grabs a white shirt and than no itching And this is the start of everythingHe is soon dealing with his mother and her croonies who feel they must be in Jack's love life because of a long hidden family secret They keep interfering with him and his girlfriend but think they are helping They always are around and find a way into Jack's house when he is not expecting it One is a big mouth who is an oversexed senior with a cigarrette hanging out of her mouth all the time and the other friend is the uiet one But between them and Jack's mother they are making Jack crazy And emabarrasing himThen there is also a very old family secret that I cannot tell or else it will be a spoiler It is wacky and great and sends Jack on a crazy ride And it has to do with his father and his grandfather etc and the pantsThere is also another family secret that comes out when Jack is asked for a favor by an old friend of his fathers But at this point Jack just is going with the flow because things are too crazy for him to believeIt was paced well and not to wordy It seemed like it could be possible It was very readable and enjoyable I think everyone would love it The humor was fantastic and the story line was very good I would read it again

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    I once called Tegon Maus the new grandfather of science fiction and he still is The last book I read from him was of a fairy tale than a sci fi book but I still loved it After reading “My Grandfather’s Pants” I’d say that he can write anything that he wants no matter what genre it is I don’t know if he would be the new grandfather of another genre but I know he would still make a great story Still I’m waiting for a new sci fi book from him Here Mr Maus brings us a modern story that has a little bit of magic in it but the supernatural aspects of the book are only secondary Jack Laskin seems like an ordinary guy based on how he talks to people and his work ethic He also has a decent relationship with a woman named Connie On the other hand he runs his father’s hardware store; “Laskin and Sons” and is pretty well known by the people of Redlands California It seems like the only baggage that Jack has is his overbearing mother Claire Jack doesn’t seem to be bothered too much by his mother because he accepts her getting her own way as a norm It also helps that she doesn’t live with him any either One day things begin to change when Claire gives Jack his Grandfather Henry’s thirty year old pair of pants Jack’s initial reaction of the pants is not good because of how their age clearly shows After Claire begs and begs Jack caves in and puts them onThis is where the “magic” begins I wrote the word magic with uotes because Mr Maus lets us the audience decide on whether the pants’ “magic” was just in Jack’s mind or if they really did have some supernatural techniue Without giving too much away the “magic” is connected to Jack feeling like someone else as well as his friends and family seeing him as someone else Is this someone else someone that Jack used to know?Like he did in “The Chronicles Of Tucker Littlefield” Tegon Maus stepped out of his comfort zone of sci fi and this time brought us a modern romantic comedy with just a little bit of magic Mr Maus always has used humor in his stories but in this one he takes full advantage of his sense of humor Probably the funniest parts are with Claire and her friends from the retirement home always trying to “help” Jack with Connie He gave them some great personalities which results in great comedy I said in the beginning that I am waiting for Mr Maus next sci fi book what I’m really waiting for from him is just any book because I know it will be a good one

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    While I found this creative fictional work both hiliarious and seriously action packed woven within the pages are the internal struggles acted out externally As mother passes grandfather's pants to son Jack her desire and his decision to wear them would attract individuals and situations like never before Both father and grandfather's rotation with women shared by his eccentric mother and friends to son Jack would add to the fire three enticing women she would boldly introduce to him testing his affections to the limit despite his love for girlfriend ConnieJack's mother Claire and her distaste for her sister Olivia Wells will unfold in a series of actions involving revenge blackmail and a uest for a keepsake that once obtained does not give the satisfaction desired As Olivia Wells can't forget the past and move forward Jack on the other hand vacillates from trying to break the traditional grip of multiple lovers while battling how he can still be alive physically but on paper lose his life and businessAs you perhaps identify with the dysfunctional aspects of relatives and acuaintances hold on tight to the steering wheel for mom's friends Stella and Harriet will take you on a wild hiliarious ride Connie's promising brother Robert's fate will change due to an unruly mishap on his part It will however bring out the devotion Connie extends toward him and how boyfriend Jack would literally fight on behalf of both of themAuthor Maus will deeply make you feel the inner struggles of Jack between Connie and Gabriel Discover if he will follow in the same footsteps as his grandfather and dad or break free and devote himself to one Though you can physically get rid of grandfather's pants it may take a bit courage to shake off propensities that easily desire to ensnare It reminded me fully that we are what we think and perhaps our thinking needs a little refiningNot only do I recommend this book as it is 5 star uality but too do I recommend Author Maus fantastic science fiction delights An Author with hopefully many works on the horizon I rate his creativity to be extremely high

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    My Grandfather's Pants full of uirky characters and uniue sub plots the main plot line is what compelled me and that is why I give the book three starsJoe Laskin a young man of about thirty is now running the family hardware store after the passing of his father His mother who moves out of the family home and into a retirement community where many of her closest friends live plays a significant role in Joe's life Too large a roleJoe and Connie the girl next door have had an on again off again relationship for thirteen years Keeping their friendship strong through correspondence they agree to resume their relationship when Connie moves back to townAt about the same time Joe's mother gives him a pair of his late grandfather's pants Old out of style and worn Joe reluctantly gives into his mothers reuest to wear them The pants appear to have some magic uality I couldn't decipher whether the magic was literal or emotional but once on Joe finds them comfortable and people begin to perceive him differently and he begins to see himself differentlySpoiler Alert Tales of his father and grandfather come to light and I must admit that it is here that the sub plots of the book fall apart for me Many of the relationships in the book are superficially developed leaving all the characters wanting Rated PG 13 there are scenes in the book that left me in doubt of thatWhat kept me reading was the hope that Joe would see his way through the uagmire of his life and that there would be a redemptive uality that the pants would in fact actually give Joe the emotionally maturity he needed to rise above an over bearing mother get out of the clutches of a posse of older women who are lewd a supposed familial predisposition that he didn't feel until the idea was planted and find a meaningful life with a woman who knew him and loved himMr Maus' has a true talent for writing and I praise his skills for that Not having read any of his other books I am left to wonder themI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review

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    As with all of Tegon Maus’s books I’ve read I was totally entertained by My Grandfather’s Pants It is full of uirky characters and a hilariously entertaining plot As I read My Grandfather’s Pants I kept thinking that this could totally be a uentin Tarantino movie It just reminds me of the “bizarre ness” that his movies haveThe way that Maus describes the characters in this book brings them to life in blaring color Your mouth will hang open in shock as you get to know some of themyou’ll see The synopsis of the book only gives you a tiny hint of what is to come Yes he wears his grandfather’s pants and yes they’re kind of magicalmaybeI can’t even begin to tell you the plot because it would just ruin the entire book for you Let’s just say this one is for real PG 13 due to some completely crazy ideasyou keep thinking Jack is going to wake up from some wild dream The plot is all over the place crazy but it totally makes this book Like I saidTarantino You have to approach this book with the thought that you will be cracking up while shaking your head in disbeliefMaus has a talent for taking his readers on a wild ride and My Grandfather’s Pants does just that Buckle up

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    Great fun to readJack Laskin is just an ordinary man; he has a girlfriend looks after his mother and runs the family hardware store When one day his mother gives him a pair of his grandfather’s pants he doesn’t really want them but she insists they’ll be perfect for himBeing a good son Jack dutifully wears them then he discovers things change suddenly those around him treat him differently it’s almost as if he’s become someone elseAs the magic continues he discovers family secrets beyond belief and when a ghosts from the past come wriggling out of the woodwork he find himself committed to solving a mystery which spans generationsThis story is fantastic It is totally different to anything I have read before As the storyline unfolds it is sexy humorous and very entertaining – absolutely brilliant

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    Well I’ve heard of stepping in someone’s shoes but their grandfather’s pants? Oh man this book had me in stitches That’s no surprise as most of Tegon’s books are heavy on the satireJust wait until you find out about those pants Poor Jack There’s no way he could have seen his mom and her cronies coming And his girlfriend Connie It just got funnier when she became involved in the scheme those over the hiller’s were plottingThere’s romance humor humor and a mystery between the covers of this book And the characters I can only imagine what life would be like if I had these hanging around For sure there would never be a dull momentIf you’ve not tried one of this author’s books this would be a great one to start with And once your finished your funny bone will be demanding I received a copy of this book free of charge from the author

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    This was a very bizarre story I bounced from being kinda weirded out at the actionscomments of Jack's mother and her friends to being intrigued at the mystery portion of the story I think this goes into the fantasy category because i wasn't uite sure how the pants his grandfather wore fit into the story Do these pants make the men insatiable when it comes to their physical needs? Why are the women ok with there being a harem? Why do the older ladies call Jack by his grandfather's name of Henry? Lots of unanswered uestionsThe story isn't bad and was a little humorous in places

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    This story started out strange and seemed to even out only to get strange at the end again The rotation with JackHenry's parents was incredibly odd as was his mum's idea to force the same onto him Anyone spell 'creepy'? That woman was waaaay too much invested in her son's sex lifeOther than that the book was well written and enjoyable consumed in just over 24 hours with a job and sleep in the middle It's hard not to like them but I think the ConnieJackGabby thing could have been done a little better so it didn't feel so forced 45

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    Have you ever owned a pair of pants that refused a shirt that you chose to go with them? That’s the kind of pants Jack Laskin’s mother gave to him His grandfather’s pants A pair of pants with a mended tear appears to be magicalor somethingJack’s life gets turned upside down by a meddling mother and her minions and Olivia Wells who wants him to give her “her proof” Jack has no idea what “her proof” is yet he must find it And what about this gift that he is supposed to have – like his father and his grandfather?I am afraid that I will give away the story plot and ruin the ending for you if I write any So I will say buy the book and read it You won’t be disappointed

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