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The Prince of Punk Rock Radical Rock Stars #1 I love her but I also love himShe's everything to meHe sets my world on fireIt's our dirty little secret and it’s about to blow our record deal sky highI’m Tommy Blade the Prince of Punk Rock and this is our storyTommy Blade is a man with a secret It’s a secret he only shares with one person Jessi Blade – and the men he surrenders to in the bedroom Her only condition to their tumultuous sex life is that these men are one night stands But when Angel Garcia enters his life it’s like a match to gasolineMega talented punk rock singer Angel Garcia with his smoldering ebony eyes tight leather pants and unstoppable stage presence is a man who is use to getting what he wants He has his eyes set on Tommy Blade as his new lead guitarist and as his life partnerJessi Blade sympathetic to her husband's bisexual needs loves him enough to share him but she never counted on Angel Garcia to test the threshold of her marriage He makes her life hell and heaven He’s her damnation and her salvation She wants to hate him She wants to despise him But his charm and raw sex appeal are impossible to resist Without warning she finds herself falling in love with her husband's gay loverAt the height of it all their punk rock band catapults to stardom Their lives are marred by secrecy deception and sacrifice Feelings of betrayal backlash from the sensationalistic media and threats of blackmail send them down a hard road filled with tough decisions They aren't your ordinary rock stars They're radical rock stars And they have a big story to tell

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  • 322 pages
  • The Prince of Punk Rock Radical Rock Stars #1
  • Jenna Galicki
  • 08 October 2016

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    I don't know how to rate this book What I liked the characters were very well written I loved Tommy but then I have a guitar player fetish and I love men with long blonde hair I really liked Angel but some of the things he said I couldn't see a 27 year old tattooed punk rocker saying I finally bedded my sweet prince Who says that? I liked Jessi and her spunk I liked a lot of the side characters The story wasn't bad even though parts were kind of unrealistic Kendall was a good villain I loved the on stage antics I could really feel the sexually chemistry between Angel and Tommy and it was hotGosh where to start with what I didn't like I didn't understand this triad Tommy is bisexual and obviously loves Jessi but needs a man to feel complete Hmmmreally? I'm not bisexual and I don't pretend to understand it but if you're in a relationship with one sex do you need the other? Do you miss it? Jessi is OK with sharing her husband with a man but is understandably threatened by Angel I get that I don't uite get when and why she was suddenly OK with it view spoilerAnd I don't understand how she could fall in love with Angel Angel wants Tommy Period End of story He wants nothing to do with Jessi Which leads me to Angel Angel is 100% gay He's totally uninterested in and actually disgusted by Jessi's girly bits He won't even kiss Tommy after Tommy's been down on his wife hide spoiler

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    This Punk Prince will Rock YouWhat if you Tommy Blade were a up and coming gorgeous rock star? What if you had an eually gorgeous wife Jessi Blade who loved and supported you in anything and everything you do? What if you weren’t the type to pick up groupies because you and your wife love each other unconditionally? What IF there was just 1 little thing – 1 little monkey wrench in this rock and roll marriage? That thing being that Tommy has a thing for hot sweaty men Thus far Jessi has been able to act like it’s not a big deal Like it’s not going to break apart their marriage? Would you stay? Would you be able to share the man you love?Tommy Blade is on the brink of stardom When Angel Garcia of Immortal Angel needs a lead guitarist it seems a natural fit to bring Tommy Blade on board Instantly there is an instant attraction between Tommy and Angel Tommy is an all American type from a close family who has kept his “lifestyle” secret from them He adores his wife but the connection he feels with Angel is undeniable Angel is out and proud A no holds barred type who leaves it all on the stage after every performance He will not compromise with his music or with his heartLet me start off by saying that I do not go in for the MM stories Usually I do not read them at all However the teasers on this one were irresistible I have to admit that I was sucked in Even though I thought it would be a pile of crap – there was genuine romance here There is deep affection The sex is hot but believable Jessi loves her husband so much that she is willing to allow Tommy to be who he is regardless that it is not the norm in most marriages At first Tommy fights his attraction to Angel but it is soon apparent that this is not just passing fancy The feelings here are deep and real The attraction smolders Jessi and Angel form a truce because of their mutual love for Tommy The road to love does not run smoothly There are certainly bumps along the way I loved Jessi’s spunk her willingness to go out on a limb Tommy is conflicted by his love for Jessi and Angel Angel is sweet and has this habit of saying sexy things in Spanish He is yummy Surprisingly enough Jessi starts having feelings for Angel herself Angel is not having any of it He cares for Jessi but she is not his flavor An old foe comes out of the past to wreck havoc with the group’s future How will their friends react to this unconventional relationship? Can these three lovers find a way to co exist? Will fame destroy everything they hold near and dear? No way I’m telling you What I will tell you is that I really enjoyed this read and will definitely 1 Click Radical Rock Stars #2

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    Tommy Blade always knew his future lay in music though he hasn't yet been able to do than play at local bars and supplement his income teaching private music lessons His wife Jessi knows it's just a matter of time before he's discovered and does everything she can to keep the couple afloat in the meantime including understanding his occasional candy run as long as she can watch that is Who knew man on man action could be so hot Angel Garcia is close to landing a record deal Unfortunately he's had a set back when his lead guitarist uit the band leaving him to find someone who can play up to his standards and balance out Angel's over the top strong stage presence Checking out the local talent Angel spots Tommy knowing he would be a perfect fit both on stage and in his bed Shockingly while Tommy is a perfect fit he's married and shows all the classic signs of being in a loving monogamous heterosexual relationship With so much on the line neither man is willing to risk their attraction for the other though their chemistry is off the chart While Tommy is bisexual and Jessi tolerates his occasional candy run his love is absolute and he won't do anything that puts his marriage at risk Even if Angel is the hottest piece of candy he's ever seen This is the kind of story that grabs the reader from the start and doesn't let go The angst and HAWT adult content scenes combine to keep things interesting with a side of meaningful plot story line Just what I needed to keep me up late last night

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    OH MY GOD 2 of my favorite things come to the front and center when i read this book I was so Amped up by all of the promos and teasers about The Prince of Punk Rock and I was NOT disappointed Jenna brings to life a Very REAL love story about never endind respect and unconditional love between Tommy Angel and Jessi I fell in love with all 3 of them I must admit that my emotions were all over the place at times and i got the sudden urge to punch a few characters but was instantly calmed donw by the hot steamy Love scenes Which were perfect and not too much Jenna held my attention throughout the entire book The ups and downs these 3 go through are stressful already added that the publicity and judgement of family and society it was a pleasant surprise that these 3 plowed through Kudos Jenna you Rocked my socks ofd with this beauty annd look foward to hearing about Immortal Angel

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    HoLyFuck me that was a hot read Hot and exciting and fantastically delicious With its naughtiness and its sassiness and its drama and its purity and its everything This book wasn't just good it was up at 3am writing a review because if I don't I won't be able to sleep goodTommy and Jessie are a happily married couple who enjoy threesomes mostly to satiate Tommy's I'm bi but I don't know it desires When Tommy's fingers aren't busy wrapping themselves around men's parts or inside his wife's they are bringing people to their knees with their skill on the electric guitar Which is what drew Angel the sizzling hot voice with an appearance and a package to go with it to invite him into his band It isn't too long before Angel finds himself invited into the couple's bedCan a gay man a bi man and a straight woman make it work? What happens when stardom comes and brings contracts with morality clauses with it? When the spotlight hits you what would you choose live your life fully in the open freely allowing it to be scrutinized and commented on by every single nobody? Or keep parts of it to yourself keeping your success safe but hiding who you truly are from the world forever?Admittedly I was sceptical during the first 100 or so pages of the book Things felt like they were evolving too uickly and without much depth leaving me craving for details insight into the hearts and minds of the protagonists That hunger was soon satisfied when the fully understandable what on earth are we doing drama was resolved and every single interaction from the marketing strategies to the down and dirty omg panties are dripping sex made my grin wider The pure and unfiltered honesty of not only the dialogue but the reactions of each person involved was astonishing I was absolutely taken aback by the mere realism of it all It felt like a slap in the face that you are most thankful for Yes the writing felt rough at times but in this case it worked the unpolished style just matched the mental emotional and have no doubt very much also physical confusion that is ever present in the beginning of every closed polyamorous ménageAnd the sex oh Gods the sex The MMF and MFM threesomes that just kept coming like me and the emotions that flared after each one The BDSM element that caught me by surprise it all was simply put hotI have a thing for watching gay sex like Jessie and I felt like a voyeur turning the pages GloriousI am incredibly disgruntled to notice however that there is no book 2 out or at least I can't seem to find it Which will make Saha a sad girl

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    I was given this by Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock for an honest review and I am rather chuffed the book was just added to my wish list just the day beforeJessi and Tommy have an unusual marriage in that Tommy is bisexual although he wont come out and say it and Jessi will do anything to keep her husband happy including bringing other men to their bed BUT these are one time onlys until that is they meet AngelTommy is a rock guitarist and Angel's band needs a guitarist Angel WANTS Tommy in ways that one There follows a love story a band's success story and a story of unreuited love gone bad this differs somewhat from the usual MMF books I've read because Jessi goes into this fully aware of what is going on She just has no idea how much it will effect her her relationship with Tommy and how much it will make her want Angel too but he ain't swinging that way what I particularly liked about this book was the build up it was well over a third of the way through before Tommy and Angel finally got their act together after some prompting from Jessi and from that point it was go go GO I loved the build up the way the characters all three of them struggled to deal with the attraction between Tommy and Angel I loved that we heard from all three of them too so glad about that I loved how the other band members picked it up early on and were non judgemental the scenes between all three of them were well written and their emotions come off the page made me cry in some places the dynamics of their relationship evolved through the book with the usual up's and down's any relationship faces let alone one played out in the public eye and there is always one who wont let you be happy Kendall was the one character I did NOT like and with good reason I knew she would be up to no good I just didn't realise how far she would go as the blur says They aren't your ordinary rock stars They're radical rock stars And they have a big story to tell and a BIG story it is too one the longer stories I've read for a while too 315 pages While this story does not end as there is a second book the coming together of the three does so there is not one of those throw your kindlebook at the wall kind of ending the second book moves on and tells of what happens next I WILL be reading that one too45 fangs really really liked it

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    Just AwfulThe instant the author chooses to make one of the main characters in the ménage relationship strictly homosexual the plot is doomed for disaster This is the case with The Prince of RockIn addition the characters are not likable Tommy wants to be married to Jessi but still wants to have sex with men Then he takes it one step further and wants to have a relationship with another man while staying married to Jessi That's not love that's pure selfishness His wife Jessi drops out of college to support Tommy and accepts his extramarital affairs that she watches but can't participate in That's not love that's desperation Finally there's Angel who has no interest in Jessi and barely thinks twice before inserting himself into her marriage Clearly he too is extremely selfish and doesn't value a commitment that was already made between two peopleAll in all the despicable characters combined with the stilted sub par writing make this one book to avoid at all costs Unfortunately the seuel is already in my library though I don't think I'll be able to bring myself to read it

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    I want to start off by saying that ultimately I enjoyed the hell out of this book That said it wasn't until I was about a third of the way through the book before I really started to enjoy it There was nothing wrong with the first part of the book or the author's writing I just wasn't getting into it and it wasn't until I hit the 34% that I figured out why The first part of the book moves fast and I felt like I was getting uick glimpses into the main characters' lives the dynamics in Tommy Jessi's relationship the background behind Tommy joining the band the lust that builds between Tommy and Angel What was missing for me was an emotional connection to the characters; it felt like I was fast forwarding through parts of their lives and just peeking in on them for little bits of time without really getting to know them However after the first ménage between Angel Tommy Jessi that changed and I devoured the rest of the book It wasn't the ménage that made the book click for me though I did enjoy it and the later sex scenes it was that after the encounter the relationship between the three began to develop and as their emotions grew for one another so did my investment in them as characters I was happy for them as the band's success grew angry when their success was threatened heartbroken AND elated as they dealt with familial reactions to their relationship 3 families 3 different reactions and I enjoyed the roller coaster ride of emotions they dealt with as they learned how to be a unit of three and found their places within the framework of their relationship While the sex scenes were hot they're not what made the book for me; it was the development of the relationship between the three that I enjoyed the mostAlthough The Prince of Punk Rock is the first book of the series it does not end with a cliffhanger that makes you want to throw your Kindle across the room The issues I had with the first third of the book have to do with my personal reading style than the author's writing because once I connected to the characters I couldn't stop reading I look forward to reading the next book in the series

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    35 starsThere were lots of parts of this story I enjoyed and some I really disliked Jessi and Tommy have been together for a long time and Jessi has always supported Tommy's musical aspirations Tommy shares with her that he desires men he is in love with her but he can't ignore his desire for sex with men Jessi understands his needs and even encourages him to have one night stands But then he meets Angel the lead singer of Immortal Angel and he is smitten Angel is gay not bisexual and he wants Tommy When Tommy joins his band and the two mesh and turn an aspiring band into a dynamic force things really get complicatedTommy and Angel fall in love Jessi tries to understand her part in all of this Angel is developing feelings for her but he is not attracted to her Here's what I didn't like it's one thing to want sex with other guys but to fall in love with onewhere does that leave Jessi? She is way too understanding of the situation mind you she has sex with Tommy Tommy has sex with both of them There are a couple of things that make Jessi feel betrayed by Tommy and Angel They all agreed for sex to be between the three of them Jessi wants to know everything that is going on but Tommy and Angel betray that trust How does Jessi deal with that? A hell of a lot better than I would I can tell you that There is tons of steam and sex in this story I liked the development of Damian and Jimmy the other band members Their rise to the top is interesting but I had problems dealing with Angel and Tommy's relationship I have a hard time seeing how Tommy can fall for someone so uickly still love his wife and Jessi to be okay with it all

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    The cover and the little excerpt caught my attention and once I started reading the book grabbed my interest I must say that this book was hard to put down once I started itI wasn't sure what kind of a journey this book would take but I must say it was a wild read This book centers around a married couple and the man who comes into their lives and changes everything as they start to climb the music charts with the bandThis book contains romance love lies and hate that is all revolving around the 3 main characters in the book Tommy Angel and Jessi All colorful but different in their own way and they work well togetherThe character in this book work well together to form a great story line The story has bumps in the road but not with the writing and characters but with how each person deals with the problems that come upThis is a great start to the series and I must say that this book is for mature readers 18 because of the sexual content written in this book

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