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The Unintentional Time Traveler Free for the Kindle today 21116 US Get yours HERE This is a book in which time travel is done right As much as I love Jack I love Jac even a story of a boy with epilepsy dissolves into a story of someone displaced in time and space trying to get back to his own world But once the world around him starts to fall apart the ties Jack has to reality begin to fall apart honestly by the time I finished this book I couldn't tell which head was the one he really started in even though it's explicitly stated it's Jack but then he could just be remembering things or imagining themI love books that make you think when you c lose the back cover The Unintentional Time  Traveler brings up all kinds of uestions from 'Who are we really?' to uestions of one's self and identity the matter of a soul's gender and place the effects of time A boy transplanted into a girl's body building a life in both times places and bodies can only work in a well written book and this is one of those booksI could bring up all kinds of arguments for transgenderism and non conformist sexualities represented and alluded to intentionally or not but that would make this an English essay and I hate having good books torn apartSummaey I just plain loved this book555 This book offers an action packed and exciting adventure with time travel and a complex exploration of gender identity Looking forward to book 2For the in depth review visit my blogRead Diverse Books The Unintentional Time Traveler by Everett Maroon is a soon to be released young adult novel introducing Jack a self deprecating and entertainingly sarcastic fifteen year old boy with a knack for automotive repair and self acceptance beyond his age He suffers from epileptic seizures that have him despairing that he’ll ever be allowed to drive or live without padding on all the hard surfaces in his home By the time we catch up with him Jack has suffered through numerous attempts to medicate his condition When his mother enrolls him in a clinical study for children with epilepsy he’s not thrilled or optimistic that anything life changing will come of it Boy is he wrong Using an engaging and entertaining narrative voice Maroon draws us in uickly and takes us on a journey into the past What seem to be hallucinations caused by the epilepsy study are actually trips back in time Our hero drops into the middle of a story pitting a power hungry con man and his gullible followers against a small but dedicated resistance Our hero’s efforts to assist in that resistance are inconveniently interrupted by unpredictable time shifts Though it’s not a joy ride it isn’t without it’s pleasant if initially confusing moments of romantic and sexual awakeningA couple of chapters in I had a hard time putting this book down As with any good speculative fiction this story sent me down a lot of mental side paths I already think about gender and identity uite a bit and this story added a few new twists For example how much of our identity is dependent on our current physical bodies? Do our identities change along with our bodies or do we transcend the physical? How flexible is identity and gender? Though the topic of time travel has been explored countless times in scifi and fantasy I enjoyed Maroon’s new take on it and I’m eager to read from him on the topic Gender and sexuality are essential features of the storyline but Maroon handles them with a light touch letting the characters explain and demonstrate their importance rather than lecturing the reader This approach is matter of fact and refreshing From my perspective as a fiction writer I have been thinking a lot about how to treat gender identity and sexuality in ways that don’t sensationalize or beat the reader over the head with moralizing and lecturing I’ve found it a bit challenging as enad as I am of talking about gender until the cows come home Maroon’s approach is to let gender and sexuality take their place with other characteristics such as height hair color and favorite color and with about as much drama as one might encounter when looking in the mirror and discovering a new freckle Shifts of gender are a curious addition to Jack’s reality but not one that throws him off the rails for longThe Unintentional Time Traveler is great fun an adventure story carried along by humor and grace love and courage Jack is not your typical teenaged boy even without the epilepsy and time traveling He’s generous and honorable and accepts his fate with a grace beyond his years There’s a lot we can learn from this kidWhether you are a fan of scifi of young adult fiction or you’re interested in fiction delving into topics of gender sexuality identity and gender non conformity this is a great addition to your collection The Unintentional Time Traveler is book one in the Time Guardians series and will be available from Booktrope Editions on February 24 2014 in paperback and electronic formats The Unintentional Time Traveler by Everett Maroon is the story of teenage Jack Bishop whose epilepsy ends up with him put into an experimental program to try to cure him Unexpectedly to say the least this causes him to travel back in time and find himself in the body of 1920s teenage girl Jaueline But as Jack repeatedly jumps between time periods losing stretches of time along the way things get complicated in both the past with a prohibition era self proclaimed prophet ruling the town by violence and in the present or is it? as his actions cause rippling repercussionsOverall I found this a delightful read with a great narrator and a strong theme of identity Moving between time periods both in the past and by the way losing time caused him to have to resettle in his life without knowing what's gone on in it and bodies brings up a strong theme about how identity itself is experiential The situations you live through in both different time periods and different bodies both affect your identity Jack's narrative voice grows and evolves throughout as a result of this variety of experiencesThere's a lot of disconnect and skipping in the book Both as Jack and as Jac the protagonist finds that he 'returns' to whichever time to find that life has literally gone on without him The changes in the world and technology aside he comes back to Jack for example to find that he's gone through puberty or got a girlfriend or got a job All of which he didn't remember because the Jack who did it wasn't him—or was but was living life as a Jack who was separate in time The story starts out fairly straightforward and linear and gets disconnected and jagged the longer Jack spends in a different time and body or the Jack goes back to reset things I liked this uite a bit because the disconnect is deliberate and plays well into the sense of being about an experience learning things by living them not by understanding how they've developedThe only way I was drawn out of the story is that at several key decision points both in the romance and in the plot we don't see Jack's POV on why he's making a decision to act We just see the dialogue around it or a skip to it happening We're in Jack's POV throughout the story and hear a constant entertaining self deprecating dialogue so these moments really stood out to me We're experiencing so many discoveries along with Jack that not seeing the mental decisions to take those steps makes it feel very blank in comparison to what we're reading the rest of the time I feel it may be deliberate to play around with the concept of disconnectskippingexperience but since we're solidly in a timesettingbody and are seeing thoughts leading up to that and right after the relevant story driving decisions are made the lack of seeing Jack make those steps felt odd to meOverall a fun adventure with great characters and a solid theme I'm looking forward to seeing what the next Time Guardians book will have to offer Time travel through neural synapse firings Interesting Engaging writing enjoyed the read Starts off following Jack whose epilepsy serves as a conduit for his initial trips through time Just when the time traveling aspect gets interesting the story begins to explore gender identity via the various bodies the self travels into The story picked up in speed after a few trips back and of the time traveling aspect was revealed I'm interested to see what happens in #2 And to find out what has happened to Jack and importantly Jack's body and also to see explained what happened to the characters before Jacks hops ie what was the story with Jac and what happened to her consciousness? Actually what happens to the consciousness of all the bodies hopped into In uantum Leap they went into the white room ; What happens to them in the Time Guardians? I feel kind of awful not giving this a better rating but for me 3 stars is a good book and I would say that's where it sat for meThe problems I had were mainly with the writing itself Many events felt rushed and many times the emotions didn't resonate with me After everything Jack Jacueline had been through and devoting so much time trying to figure out the myriad of mysteries the end felt too rushed and sudden This is book 1 of 3 so I have to wonder if some things will be explained later I'm not the sort of sci fi fantasy fan who needs the Midi chlorians explanation but there are a few things I'd really love to find out All in all I think with some heavy editing and polish this book could have easily been a 4 or 5 stars for meAs for the positives this was a very interesting uniue story and I appreciated that the time travel involved was unlike anything I'd read before I went in thinking this was about a transgender character in a explicit way than they are written in the story and I think it definitely falls under that umbrella as the main character and the story explores gender identity Jack is born a cis gender male but when he time travels into the body of a cis gender woman named Jacueline without knowing how to leave he is forced to adjust At first he dislikes it but then when he returns to his body as Jack he feels some repulsion In the end it seems as though Jack Jacueline have accepted and become comfortable in both bodies as both genders And in fact toward the end of the book the character doesn't refer to themselves as Jack they think Jack's body instead of my body I liked reading about both lives as Jack Jacueline hopped back and forth and I enjoyed most of the side charactersI do have a few uestions I'd love to see answered in a future booksview spoilerJacueline refers to themselves as Jacueline by the end of the book and I'm curious if their soul? identity? was actually born as JackWhat happens when the Traveler isn't in one of the bodies?When they time jump is the original body always on a linear path? For instance every time Jack traveled to any point in the past every time they returned Jack was older and however much time was in the past seems to influence how much Jack ages in the future Will it keep happening and if so what happens when Jack is too old to return to? Or is this just because they didn't have the assistance of a Guardian?Why did Jacueline's friend's relative blanking on the name go after Jack in the future timeline when they visited the museum? hide spoiler The Unintentional Time Traveler is a fast paced piece of YA fiction with a few interesting twists on genre and character tropes that kept me interested and wanting to read The characters are well drawn and complex no easy trope role filling here There’s a tendency I think in time travel novels to give short shrift to one set of characters or the other either the present day characters are given weight than the pastfuture cast or vice versa Maroon very capably avoids that imbalance giving us two sets of interesting supporting characters to get to know each with character arcs and subplots that affect the main plot He also doesn’t skimp on Jack’s personal exploration how being in Jacueline’s body causes him to reassess what he’s always known about himself how it alters his relationships with his friends Jay and Jeannine in the present The book is a time travel novel genre wise but it is so a journey of discoveryThe time travel itself is of the “take over a past person’s body” type rather than the physical transportation of the main character to another time period Tying Jack’s time jumps into his life long epilepsy engages the reader not only in the mystery how is this happening? but also in the character’s fate will Jack’s epilepsy be cured or are the time jumps making it worse? adding a level of concern that many time travel novels lack I also liked the aspect that present day Jack unpredictably “loses time” when he jumps into Jacueline’s body; it adds another layer of tension to the travel and also adds another mystery to the mix how much time has passed and what will be different this time? I won’t pretend to be able to explicate the way Maroon’s cross body cross time travel works but I will say that in context in the midst of the book it made sense to me And really isn’t that what we want from our genre reading – internal consistency?Plot wise the set up introduced in the back cover copy would be propelling enough but Maroon keeps JackJaueline and us guessing as to what will happen next and how it all comes together Fifteen year old Jack Bishop has mad skills with cars and engines but knows he’ll never get a driver’s license because of his epilepsy Agreeing to participate in an experimental clinical trial to find new treatments for his disease he finds himself in a completely different body—that of a girl his age Jacueline who defies the expectations of her era Since his seizures usually give him spazzed out visions Jack presumes this is a hallucination Feeling fearless he steals a horse expecting that at any moment he’ll wake back up in the clinical trial lab When that doesn't happen Jacueline falls unexpectedly in love even as the town in the past becomes swallowed in a fight for its survival JackJacueline is caught between two lives and epochs and must find a way to save everyone around him as well as himself And all the while he is losing time even if he is getting out of algebra class I think the main problem I had with this book was that it fails to linger in the moment Perhaps it's just me but my favorite thing in a story is when the author lingers gives you a feel for the world The story itself wasn't bad but I think a serious problem this book has is that it rushes through almost every single moment In some ways that is a good thing it gives a feeling of being caught up in time but on the other hand I think it could just benefit from just slowing down once in awhile The ending of the book especially suffers from this horribly along with the reveal of Jack's Guardian who essentially answers almost none of the reader's uestions Likewise the villain himself is defeated but we never truly learn much of his motivations or really get to see the events leading up to his defeat I think I also would have liked to have seen of the psychological effects of time travel and body swapping has on our hero We see very clearly that this has not done well for Jack's doctor but we never really see a terribly huge impact on Jack He adapts uickly to being essentially shoved into a girl body and while I imagine there are people that would be okay with that I don't think even under the best circumstances it would necessarily go that easily That said I did enjoy the book I enjoyed a lot of the ideas that it put forth and tore through it uite uickly Again my main problem is almost that the book just did not take the time to linger in the moment

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