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The Experiment Saving Caeorleia #1 In the distant future humans wage war against the alien planet Caeorleia with no tactic off limits if it will help the humans get their hands on Caeorleia’s resources Ask Ryker He thought he volunteered for a simple experiment that would help his government in the war He didn't realize sadistic doctors would turn him into the experiment—by injecting him with blood from a captured Caeorleian Seral Iorflas Nor did Ryker realize he’d be sent to sabotage a planet full of the very beings his world is battling beings who kill humans on sight But then thanks to the experiment that irrevocably changed him he isn’t exactly human any longer—and with each passing day as his blood bond with Seral strengthens he’s less and less sure as to whose side he's on After being told a great news that we will get a new book in the same series I could not help myself to re read 1 book one time but now I chose audio format 14 022014 4 starsStory plot is not uniue and is full of holes and uestions but still end result is than satisfying Both main characters Ryker and Seral are very interesting individual and reading goes smoothly This book will have wildly different ratings depending on the reader Some people will love this one unfortunately I didn't From the blurb I anticipated a gritty alien torture sci fi with a slow burn romance That isn't what this book is like at all so be forewarned It is much similar to yaoi style books Insta love or close to it forced mating a top and bottom with defined roles you get the idea However I actually like some yaoi books so I could have adjusted to the change from my expectations to the reality of the book My main issue is that this book is very similar in concept and feel to The Last Pure Human by Twisted Hilarity which is unfortunately no longer listed on Goodreads because the librarians have been removing unfinished works However The Last Pure Human was much better in every way I'm afraid I'll try not to compare the stories too much and just analyze this on its own but it will be a struggle because I compared the two stories often while readingI'll go into some of my biggest problems with this story For one I didn't feel the chemistry between the two MCs Ryker was way too accepting of Seral especially considering his history of abuse while in captivity Ryker seemed to just glide into a healthy relationship and welcome his new role as alien husband with ease I wanted much emotion tension there I felt like it read really false I think that even though they had binding marks on their bodies the romance should have been slow burn I also had some issues with the world building It felt underdone and half hearted Except from a few strange fruit and animals Ryker didn't seem too surprised at the alien world He fell into step too easily and I think it was a missed opportunity to add some excitement into the story What I really struggled with though was the style It felt a soap opera ish and I didn't love the shifting first person POVs I sometimes love first person POV but here it felt like the easy way out I felt like I was being told rather than shown how the characters were feeling I also often found myself growing bored and it took some real effort to force myself to finish Like I said earlier I think many will really like this book It isn't bad just not my tastes and not what I was expecting I think fans of books like Slave Auction by Stormy Glenn will enjoy this story Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review The plotIn a future Earth is in war against Ceaorleia humans want that planet their resources what humans will sacrifice to win this warOh so simple what a greedy human would do to win what would be done Where would be the limit in the human need to conuer another world No limitnothing would be too much neither use humans as weaponMeet Ryker an unlucky human volunteer in what he thought was just a scientific experimentIt was but he could never guess HE would be the guinea pig the animal used in the experimentsThe story begin with Ryker no longer a human now an alien as Ceaorleia habitantsOriginal I said it's original how much Because let's face it it's hard to find good and original storiesWell I will not spoil but I must say everything from Ceaprleian's humming vibrations language from the alien planet itself I love everything Each detail everything was perfect and VERY originalIt's an abuse non consensual sex story There is kidnapping noNoThere is no rape scene and yes Ryker is traumatized but it's just some facts he will remember but never tell you even when he is the narratorWhat Even WHEN he is the narrator There will be than one point of viewYESoh GOD yes And guess what there will be an alien POV SeralSeral is a native from the alien planet and will know Ryker in a very unpleasant situation it's a romantic story you must read to know I WILL NOT spoil saying There is something that made me sueeeeee in delightoh damn YEAHIt was Seral wildness He is view from Ryker as something close to a vampire Long claws drinking blood long fangs black eyes pale skin BUT don't think it's one of those vampires you read somewhere No complete original story also this vampire aspect of the race is very interesting and I LOVE IT Romantic but not sappy sci fi but the perfect balance between action and description of alien world and behaves Once a online freebie now published it was a delight surprise then and again now rereding the published version and made me want to read much All about this couple and their unusual loveA broken man a wild alien vampire can it be possible Can they love each other in times of war A tziu and his isit soul mates despite all their efforts war is war and the seek for power can be a danger for both of themI wish I could give than 5 stars This story is amazing and I certainly recommend it to all readers searching a sci fi but also a very sweet love story Overall I thought The Experiment was a pretty fun sci fi romance The story follows human Ryker whose body is altered by human scientists as part of their war against another alien race The experiments are very much against his will and to his horror he and one of the aliens they’re fighting against are ejected into a shuttle and sent to the alien’s planetThere Ryker expects a uick death by the aliens’ hands but instead is faced with a much gentler treatment than what he experienced by his own kind He is forced to confront who are his real enemies and also who he is now in this new altered bodyI am a fan of the “forced marriage” trope when it’s not rape y and thankfully that’s where this story falls as Ryker and his fellow alien captive Seral have to “join” to survive because of what the scientists had injected into them before they were released Seral who feels a deep connection to his new mate Ryker understands that Ryker is not at the same place as him nor does he understand any of Seral’s culture including what it means to join so he patiently and carefully enfolds Ryker into his world without pressuring him Ryker is suffering from severe PTSD from his trauma during his years of being experimented on Even with his trauma the story isn’t too dark because those painful experiences are not detailed and graphic which I appreciated If you dislike non con and torture like me know that The Experiment is not too graphic and much of the focus is on his recovery and adjustment to his new world and to his new alien husbandIn this way the book reminded me of the movie Avatar since it shared some similar traits of entering into and falling in love with an alien world and how the world you are from may actually be the enemy to watch out forAs a heads up the dynamic between smaller Ryker and larger Seral has kind of a yaoi esue semeuke tone and reading this reminded me of Rob Colton and Rowan McBride and other mm writers that often focus on the protective larger mate and the protected smaller mate tropes although the characters here are not as burly hairy as in Colton’s seminal novel Timber Pack Chronicles nor did it have muscles bursting out of clothes like in McBride’s works Although there were clothes being torn off with claws literally before some sexy times If you are adverse to that school of characters you may have a harder time with this story Even as Ryker grows stronger and faces his fears after his trauma the dynamic follows that yaoi esue path I’ve read and enjoyed a lot of yaoi so it worked fine with me but I know some don’t like those tropes so heads upEven with the semeuke dynamics I did really like Seral and Ryker’s chemistry and I’m a fan of a good healing relationship story It didn’t fall too hurtcomfort where it was overwhelming on comfort and I did feel like it was a good level of understanding and space for a character who was very traumatized It was easy to sympathize with Ryker’s fears of intimacy and trust which made his slow bloom back to life even nicer to readNear the end of the book some characters were introduced that to a learned romance reader’s eye reveals the seeds for future couples so it looks like this is the first book of a series For readers who hate cliffhangers like me please know that the ending here is satisfying so even if books come out you will not be left hanging hereThis novel was born as a free serial on GayAuthorsorg and there you can read the second book in the series Adverse Effects for free and it just was completedNordwell under penname Cia has a bunch of free stories novellas and novels on GayAuthorsorg so if you like her style there’s a lot to check out there along with her published worksDo I recommend this book I do if you’re a big sci fi romance fan and if you’re fine with the bigsmall traditional yaoi dynamic Nordwell did introduce some cool word building including the culture of joining and how it’s different on Seral’s world and I thought that was pretty neatWill I read the next book Yes I would read the next book I’m intrigued enough about Seral’s world and with following the future of the other characters who were introduced in the bookOverall a fun intriguing imaginative sci fi read with a good mix of romance and action and sexy timesReview first posted to Boys in our Books

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