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After Hours Wife wanteduentin Ramsey was fed up with relationships and empty promises And then he had seen Marcia Barnes across a crowded room and realized she was the woman he'd been waiting for all his life But Marcia was Ms Workaholic than Miss Right Her biological clock was ticking It was the only reasonable explanation she could think of for her involvement with uentin The only thing they had in common was sex great sex admittedly but sex all the same Marcia had always lived to work but now she was living for five o'clockHow could uentin persuade Marcia to take him on for a lifetime and not just after business hours Re After Hours Sandra Field's final entry in her Significant Others series is all about the older Dr Researcher sister of the h in the first two booksThe 33 year old h is dragooned into meeting up with her sister her sister's husband and the male artist BFF of the couple from Second Honeymoon The male artist H is having a gallery showing of his recent paintings and the h isn't really feeling the artistic vibe enough to enjoy the showThe Artist H is not too keen on going to his own show either He is in his mid thirties and an orphan But he has this deep inner conviction that one day he is going to have a eyes meeting across a crowded room moment and that will be it He will meet the love of his life and live happily ever after just like his very in love and devoted parents did The H has been married before but it was a youthful mistake because he was too impatient to wait for his Real True Love He knew it was a mistake right after the wedding but it took a little while longer for his first wife to meet an older wealthier man and run off with himThe H was very relieved when that finally happened He resigned himself to waiting for his own One and Only to show up but he wasn't too resigned cause his dark good looks kept the lurvely lady buffet line continually circulating and the H wasn't hurting for samplesThat all changes when the rain soaked h makes it to his gallery showing and then bursts into tears at the sight of one of his paintings The H's instincts are telling him that this is the one even tho she dresses like Margaret Thatcher and appears to have no other interests outside her researchThe h doesn't know why she is crying over the gloriously multi colored canvas the H created she just knows that she is missing something in her life and also she is fretting about her research job Cutbacks are on the agenda and the h is still a junior researcher without tenure so there is a very good chance she will get the ax and she REALLY likes her jobSince her boss told her she had to take an unplanned vacation the h's sister maneuvers her into spending it with the H He was supposed to be away on a trip but that was never going to happen The h initially rebuffs the besotted H at first but he starts to grow on her and her attitude about herself her work and her life slowly starts to changeIn essence the h is having a 'midlife crisis' at 33 She has always been focused on being a researcher and in her family the only emotional one is her younger sister the h from the last two books So the h is learning new things about herself practically every day and exploring new idears that pop into her mind but it is all confusing for her and she has a hard time adjustingInto the middle of all this self introspection the H hurls in just like a cannonball on the rampage He is utterly and completely convinced that the h is his ONE and if this was anyplace other than HPlandia we would all be yelling at this h to change city's hairstyles and her name cause this H has obsessed stalkery guy written ALL over himselfBut fortunately for us this is HPlandia and we can just cheer the H on as he stalks his true love h into submission as she injures herself on his roof cries at just about everything and experiences the full force of the Lurve Force MojoOver the course of the three weeks the H pushes every boundary the h has and the h is definitely feeling the lurve club explosions when they eventually get that far The H is adamant that he is in love and the h is trying to figure out what exactly is happening to herThen the worst thing happens the h research job is cut and the H gives her an ultimatum cause her doubts about their three week relationship are causing him to doubt his instincts and he starts to panicWhen the h loses her job she really loses her sense of identity It is a very nice role reversal from SF the h is the one whose self image comes from her job and the H is the one whose sense of self comes from how he expresses himself The h feels ashamed because her job was cut and she runs off to the H's old hometown to try and figure things out She calls her brother in law to tell the H that she is off for a few days and the H figures his ultimatum deadline for the h to declare her true love forever to him has past so he is going to go build himself a houseThe H likes to build houses in addition to his very famous artistic career The H goes off to have a mopey moment and the h goes to learn things about the H's life before he became the famous guy he is today The h knows that the H's parents were regular people His dad was lumber jack and his mum cleaned houses The H always carries a clean white handkerchief because his mother thought that was the mark of a true gentlemanBut the h doesn't really know anything about the H or how he grew up and when she gets to the h's hometown she meets the people who took over raising the H after his parent's died and she gets the full family anecdotebaby album treatment The h also has to do a bit of real medical doctoring as the area is very remote and there is no regular physician The h then has her big epiphany over H baby photos that she really does love the H she should become a practicing physician instead of a research doctor and that the H probably has given up hope by now So the h chases off to find the H and the H ends up leaving but then returning to the h's apartment They have the big reunion scene where the h explains her metamorphosis from workaholic die hard research scientist to head over heels in love with the H woman longing for a practicing medical career a husband and a home complete with small rugratsThe H is overjoyed that his infallible instincts were right on target and we leave the two of them planning a lifetime of arguing about oatmeal vs tuna fish sandwiches as the best fuel for purple passion moments We even get a teeny tiny epilogue where the H and h are packing up and moving to the West of Canada The h will start her medical practice and the H will build a house and the h now has glorious vibrant color to look at everyday Because the H bought his own painting that the h originally cried over as a symbol of his lasting devotion and Their True Love Forever HEA This was a nice but rather slow kinda book and probably should be put in the just visiting HPlandia pile The H was very aggressive in his attempt to capture his girl so all those fans of stalkery stalkerific hero's take note He isn't really mean or abusive about it but he does assertively tell the h she wants him a lotThe h is a bit harder to comprehend she is very career focused and her continual bouts of weeping are a bit disconcerting at first SF does a decent job building the h's character by the end It helps that even the h has no clue about why she is crying so much until her relationship and conversations with the hero help to see where she needs to growOverall this a sweet little story and has none of the serious angst and pain of the first two books So if you want a placid romance with a seriously determined H who gets a lot of POV this one makes for a pretty good HP outing 4 Stars Marcia has dedicated her entire career as a physician to research She's always felt that her career defined her But the last few years she's become aware that there is an emptiness in her life and she's not sure what to do about that uentin is a talented artist who has the gift of portraying deep emotions on his canvasses and in his sculptures Since the age of 11 he's been certain that there is one woman who will be his soulmate and when he meets her he'll recognize her instantly it will be love at first sight In Ottawa for a gallery showing of his work uentin finds the beautiful woman entering the gallery takes his breath away It's a shock to discover that she's none other than his best friend Lucy's cold ambitious sister Marcia Instantly their attraction sizzles and each admits readily that the other gets under their skin Marcia's drawn to uentin but he scares the heck out of her He's so sure of their future that he threatens to scare her awayI adore these two And if uentin showed up at my door I'd haul him in in a hurry and never let him out I adore a hero who thoroughly believes in love and has the determination to woe the woman he wants uentin is a terrific romantic hero He's shaken up though when Marcia doesn't jump into his arms and he's forced to uestion his beliefs in love at first sight Marcia really gives him a run and a couple of times I found myself ready to shout at her to open her eyes and see what a dream uentin is In the end she comes to her senses but I hated that she made uentin doubt love This was a great read and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting up with Lucy and Troy again Now I wonder if Ms Fields has written a story for the other sister Cat This was an alright read I like the trope of the eager hero and prickly heroine And it was interesting to read a Harleuin set in Canada for a change But the heroine was kind of over the top in her prickliness and hard to like as a result

  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • After Hours
  • Sandra Field
  • English
  • 14 July 2014
  • 9780373118625

About the Author: Sandra Field

Jill MacLean was born on 1941 in England UK In 1950 her family moved to Nova Scotia CanadaAfter receiving her Bachelor of Science with honours from Dalhousie University she married She worked at the Fisheries Research Board until her daughter was born Following the birth of her son she was employed by the pathology laboratory of Sydney City Hospital and the biology department of Mount Allison University More recently she completed a Masters in Theological Studies at the Atlantic School of Theology; her thesis juxtaposed Hebrew concepts of chaos in the book of Job with modern chaos theoryWhen her husband joined the Armed Forces as a chaplain she had to stop working They moved three times in the first 18 months the last move was to Prince Edward Island By then her children were in school; she couldn't get a job; and at the local bridge club she kept forgetting not to trump her partner's aceHowever she had always loved to read fascinated by the lure of being drawn into the other world of the story So one day she bought a dozen Harleuin novels read and analyzed them then sat down and wrote one Her first book To Trust My Love typed with four fingers was published in 1974 as Sandra Field she believes she's curiously the first Canadian to write for Harleuin During the four years she lived in Prince Edward Island she researched an 18th century French settlement located near present day Brudenell resulting in a historical book Jean Pierre Roma published in 1977 under her real name She also started to write in collaboration with other Martimer writer under the pseudonym Jan MacLean She also used to singed her novels the pseudonym of Jocelyn Haley Her pseudonyms was an attempt to prevent the congregation from finding out what the chaplain's wife was up to in her spare timeBefore she turned 40 her life was changed she had lost three of the most important women in her life her mother and sister to illness and her seventeen year old daughter to a car accident and she separated from her husband in 1976 One of the lasting legacies of the grief caused by these losses has been the idea that it is impossible and undesirable to live every waking moment in the knowledge that loss can strike at any timeShe's been very fortunate for years to be able to combine a love of travel particularly to the north she doesn't do heat well with her writing by describing settings that most people will probably never visit And there's always the challenge of making the heroine's long underwear sound romantic Her novels has been translated into Spanish French Portuguese German Italian Greek Dutch Swedish Yugoslavian Japanese and sold in than 90 countries Her first collection of poetry The Brevity of Red was published in 2003 When her nine years old grandson Stuart asked him a book for him she wrote her first Children's book and decided continued writing this type of booksJill now lives in Bedford Nova Scotia and she's lived most of her life in the Maritimes of Canada within reach of the sea Kayaking and canoeing hiking and gardening listening to music and reading are all sources of great pleasure But best of all are good friends some going back to high school days and her family In Newfoundland she has a beautiful daughter in law and the two most delightful handsome and intelligent grandchildren in the world of course

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