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  • Paperback
  • 464 pages
  • Little Girl Lost
  • Barbie Probert-Wright
  • English
  • 08 April 2014
  • 9780099498490

10 thoughts on “Little Girl Lost

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    This book tells the story of a young German girl who with her older sister tries to reunite with their mother after they were separated during the Second World War They set out initially on a 140 mile trek which turns into over 300 miles This story was okay but I found it difficult to see the point of the journey in the first place which made the suffering they experiences seem less purposeful I understand that they wanted to find their family but they were safe and comfortable in two separate locations during the journey yet chose to continue at their peril The chapters at the end all about the various members of the family and what happened to them were boring and didn't add anything to the story

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    The story brought me to tears several times The things people go though just to survive sometimes and still come out with a smilewell scarred but smiling My only criticism is that the book should have stopped after the war instead of continuing until her old age I was interested in Bärbel and Eva's experiences during the war and not so much in how wonderful Bärbel is doing after the war I wish a book was written by Eva tooEva was 17 and took most of damage and it would be interesting to hear her how she overcame her cruel rape and the agony of wanting to protect 7 year old Bärbel from the harsh reality of the war and being unable to

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    I liked the book and I did like to hear what happened to the family after the war Being German living in England myself the sentence that made me cry most was I still cook traditional German food So I suppose I make my home life a little bit German

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    Simple language makes the reader a companion of Barbie and Eva in their journey across the hundreds of milesgeographically physically and mentallyBarbies innocence and Eva's steadfastness make the book for a soft reading A little too descriptive sometimes Barbie has well been able to bring out the basic goodness of human nature and the utter futility of unfounded hatred and political warfareand a humble realization of all of us who were spared the holocaust of the world wars how and why to cherish every momentevery relationshipevery tiniest thing

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    Really beautiful true and poingent book about something so tragic which happened you don't realise just what some families had to go through wonderful read

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    uite simple this is a story that needed to be told It really educated me with a perspective of the second world war that I had no idea of It had me crying on the train to work One of the best books I've ever read

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    This is a beautiful moving story and one that has stayed with me in the years since I first read it For a long time it was my favourite book The raw emotions in the book are both uplifting and heartbreaking and to know this story is absolutely true is just incredible There are so many parts of the book that still haunt me today almost 7 years since I read it I will definitely read it again and give a detailed review then

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    I understand that this women is not your regular writer this is a one off novel she has written for her own pleasure comfort but I can't help but become bored of her waffling on there is no rhythm to the book there is one thing that happens and then another and then another and then this happened in there as well but I forgot to say so so I'll slot it in here it's a lovely story and I feel if recreated by an experienced novelist it could be a great story with twists and turns

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    A very moving read well written with a few goose bump moments Enjoyed it and definitely would recommend

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    one of my best novels made me develop interest in reading novels

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Little Girl Lost Two sisters A broken childhood A heartbreaking journeyThe extraordinary true story of surviving the unimaginable In 1945 seven year old Barbie and her sister Eva were trapped terrified in wartorn Germany With their father missing and hundreds of miles from their mother news of the approaching army left them confronted with an impossible choice to face invasion or to flee on footEva aged nineteen was determined to find her mother For Barbie twelve years younger the journey was to be perilous but spurred on by her sister's courage and her desperate desire to be reunited with her mother she joined Eva on a journey no child should ever have to endureOver three hundred miles across a country ravaged by a terrible war they encountered unimaginable hardship extraordinary courage and overwhelming generosity Against all the odds they survived But neither sister came out of the journey unscathed

About the Author: Barbie Probert-Wright

Barbie was born in Germany in 1939 She moved to the UK in her early twenties as a student married an Englishman and has lived here ever since