Russendisko Kindle µ Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • Russendisko
  • Wladimir Kaminer
  • English
  • 02 March 2016
  • 9780091886691

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RussendiskoI had high hopes for this but was sadly disappointed The stories were neither as funny nor as interesting as some of his other books Maybe if I'd read it first before reading some of his other books it might have made this a entertaining readIt wasn't bad just didn't uite hit the mark for me Born in Moscow Wladimir Kaminer emigrated to Berlin in the early '90s when he was 22 Russian Disco is a series of short and comic autobiographical vignettes about life among the émigrés in the explosive and extraordinary multi cultural atmosphere of '90s Berlin It's an exotic vodka fuelled millennial Goodbye to Berlin The stories show a wonderful innocent deadpan economy of style reminiscent of the great humorists Several of his European editors make a comparison with current bestseller David Sedaris Kaminer manages to say a great deal without seeming to say much at all He speaks about the offbeat personal events of his own life but captures something universal about our disjointed times The book is difficult to evaluate because it's about Russians or post Soviets if you want than about Berlin To the ones who is familiar to both of them the book has better chances to be likedI liked a lot although there's no a big plot line within the book Highly recommended to all Russians who want to explore Berlin and to all Germans who want to understand Russians Nice and easy read if you like the mash of Russians in Berlin and how cultures clash in a relaxed way Having lived in Poland ie Warsaw I consider it being in the middle knowing that Poles don't necessarily like that viewforgive me my Polish friends You do learn about your place if you have a look to the left AND the right and recognize how much you are influenced or an influence So as this is a book about a Russian and his story in Germany this is uite a Warsaw book for me This is a bad bookReading this book feels like asking that person in the office a uestion about work and then having them tell you all of the random stories that pop into their head They repeat themselves and stop halfway through a story because they get to the punchline that they wanted to sayDo not read this You will learn nothing other than a single man’s ill natured opinions on his “friends” and neighbours Kaminer takes his inspiration from the grand tradition of Russian short stories by the likes of Chekhov and Babel Not to be confused with the heart rending prose of his literary predecessors Kaminer's Berlin stories are light and amusing These read like an anecdote someone tells around the kitchen table over a glass of vodka Brilliant insights into the uirky culture of the German capital A Russian that immigrates to Berlin tells some great stories of the what he experienced in Berlin for the first few years no insights repetitive not funnyI do not know why it was ever published My first book in German so I liked it for the language itself than for the style or the content Not the best thing I`ve read but it`s funny

About the Author: Wladimir Kaminer

Russian born German short story writer columnist and disc jockey of Jewish origin Kaminer emigrated to Germany in 1990