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The Executive's Vengeful Seduction Damien Trent's time for revenge was athand The Australian businessman hadbided his time waiting for Gabrielle Kaneto return She'd dared to leave his bedyears ago without a wordbut now sheneeded him if she was to save herfamily's company And Damien wouldlend his helpbut his price wasGabrielle's hand in marriageWith five years of waiting behind himDamien had no plans on making thisa marriage in name only

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    Maxine Sullivan brings her Australian Millionaires series to a close with a powerful passionate and poignant love story in The Executive's Vengeful Seduction While this is an extremely sexy romance read it is also a very deeply felt reunion of two lost lovers Gabrielle Kane walked out on her relationship with Damien Trent and told him not to follow her Five years later still smarting from her departure Damien seizes upon a business matter involving her father's company as a way to bring Gabrielle back into his life Damien's reaction to Gabrielle is immediate and intense and he soon manipulates her into marriage as a means of helping to save her ill father's business from her unscrupulous cousin Gabrielle is just as affected by Damien and she had a good reason for leaving him when they were young She had an even better reason for staying away a reason her cousin uses in a blackmail attempt Sizzling sensuality secrets and sentiments all come together in an unforgettable love story Highly recommended

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    After reading this book for a bit I had to check the date on it I was sure it had been written in the 1980's I was shocked to see it said 2007 Very antiuated ideas Damien was WAY controlling and Gabrielle LET him None of their motivations ever made sense SPOILER ISH Why did they think they needed to get married? Just give her the shares Why do they keep talking about making love if they supposedly are married only for convenience and animal attraction? Also her dangerous secret that could destroy all her relationships was not dangerous at all it was sad I don't know why she would think that her losing a baby should be some huge secret that would make everyone hate her She was so afraid for it to be revealed that she was willing to leave her parents and husband so they would never find out Silly The dialogue at the end of the book was cheesy enough to make me say ick out loud multiple times And I am a girl who expects a little cheese in her romance books

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    I loved reading this book Second chances are always wonderful and heartwarming not to mention sweeter

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