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    Another great installment Our hero is turning 13 but has to struggle with very adult decisions would you be willing to kill someone? He's idealistic at the beginning of the story and we all love him for it But as reality takes hold both reader and character find our ideals challenged and discover that life isn't as black and white as we'd like it to be

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    Taken from my com reviewFull disclosure I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review The opinions below are entirely my ownThe Tower picks up where Wild born left off meaning that those reading through the series in succession will be relieved by the lack of rehashing but those trying to jump into the middle will feel uite left out Effort is made to catch them up but the finer points and subtleties are lost without reading the first book Therefore I highly recommend that you read that one first doubly because from this point on spoilers for the first book may appear There will be very vague plot references to the second but nothing that will be very spoiler y If you'd rather skip it or my ridiculously long reviewing style head on down to the last full paragraph my bottom lineAfter being rescued from the Psionic Research Center in Wild born protagonist Adrian Howell and his adoptive family seek new shelter They find themselves a safe haven certainly but with the exception of a few rough encounters this new home is almost too safe for my tastes in the sense that much of the story feels like a training montage the plot does not really pick up until the climax of the book creating a sudden and jarring shift from comparative peace and almost slow motion pace to the snappy engrossing page turning style of the first bookThat is not to say that the first three uarters are not worth reading the author is able to put the urban fantasy's style of world building to work clearly constructing an environment populated with interesting and diverse characters including a few additions to the main cast in whom I am genuinely interested Even the side characters have their charmsAdditionally the author's writing style remains solid he is able to operate through the eyes of a newly minted teenager in a way that is at once convincing and yet effectively descriptive Adrian will need to go through a lot of growth and self reflection and it is handled wellThe downfall of The Tower is that it suffers from a bit too much introspection and not enough plot movement I don't just refer to action in a traditional sense but rather advancement Watching Adrian train wore thin well before the training actually got anywhere for exampleAs to the editing and layout of the book I received apdf for review so I can't speak to layout of the Kindle Edition in practice but it certainly looked good in theory I noted no significant errors missed by editing so I applaud the editors mechanically again I just wish they'd made cutsThe bottom line is that The Tower is a fair continuation of the series but its lagging plot keep it from the high uality of Wild born The author's writing style remains solid however and the strong cast and interesting setting give me high hopes for the next book I absolutely recommend reading book one firstIf anything needs clarifying please feel free to contact me at SeanOngmailcom

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    Review originally posted on Rach Lawrence BooksI was provided a copy of The Tower by the author in exchange for an honest review I am not compensated for my honest opinionAt thirteen Adrian Howell has already lived a full life as a wild born telekinetic He’s happy to be settling down in the heart of the new psionic city of New Haven He freely joins the Guardians hoping they’ll be able to help him rescue his sister from the Angels But life as a Guardian means intense combat training of than his telekinetic powersTerry is Adrian’s combat trainer and she also becomes a friend—something Adrian doesn’t have many of But the rigorous training makes Adrian uncomfortable He has no interest in shooting a gun or being able to kill someone with his hands Even uncomfortable are his recurring nightmares indicating something hiding inside his mind Adrian will have to unlock his own secrets before someone he cares about gets hurtThe Tower is book two in the Psionic Pentalogy series and it starts right where book one left off It’s a thrilling addition to the series continuing on Adrian’s journey into the world of psionics as he learns how to use his powers and fights for what he believes in While the main characters are young the book deals with some death and killing as Adrian lives in a world where he doesn’t get to be a regular kidOnce again I enjoyed watching Adrian’s struggle to make grown up decisions when he was still just a kid The author did a wonderful job of presenting Adrian’s attempt to be a normal thirteen year old and handle mature situations at the same time He had to work through feelings for Terry in a normal young teen way while he was also struggling with his own identity Adrian didn’t know who he really was what he was capable of or what normal was for him He discovered all of this throughout the story The addition of dealing with his feelings for Alia his pseudo sister made for a wonderful emotional journeyThe plot was well thought out leaving little kernels throughout in a way that really made the reader think about the details Although I knew who the betrayer was and why they betrayed the Guardians before it was revealed the author did a good job keeping the suspense going The story still came to a gripping climax and it even had issues to resolve and character growth beyond thatThis book is part of a series and best enjoyed when read in order but enough background information was provided to be read as a standalone The story had a satisfying conclusion while still leaving doors open for the next book in the series I look forward to reading the rest of the series

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    Reader thoughts I wouldn't describe this book as fast There's not as much action as in the first one and most of the danger is distant and abstractAdrian does a lot of training and schooling for nearly a year with a few brushes with the outside world and armed angels Most of his real problems seem to be all character which in itself is rather neat For an action story with super powers to put so much effort into developing the characters and their personalities and motivations I'm impressed Adrian debates the morals of killing even in self defense and he wrestles with figuring out who is his family and notSo the training I liked it because it's training and learning and growing magic powers which I love But I disliked it because 1 Adrian was far too capable He's like I can barely run a mile I'm so out of shape This is day one of training and his trainer makes him run 5 miles Er what? I know people who can barely run 10 yards This is a stupid trainer Or she was just trying to kill him off earlyOh and I disliked it because Adrian got so much better at the metal balance control thing I kind of liked that he had such a strong weakness no that is not an oxymoron; it makes sense though I could say strong limitationMy least favorite uoteThe most important part of true faith isn’t about reading the Bible or attending church or even about believing in God for that matter It’s about finding what is morally right and making it a part of who you areWhat priest would say that? Faith is ALL about believing in God If this is a Christian priest and he sounds very Catholic what with the confessional wouldn't he know that Christianity is about a relationship with God not about a religion of morals and rights and wrongs?So yes that annoyed me greatly There were a few other uotes I highlighted that I dislikedOne they kept using over on the radio Why? Walkie talkies these days have automatic click sounds when someone releases the talk button Saying over is completely redundant Unless they have old fashioned radiosI didn't much care for the end It didn't uite all fit Part of that is Adrian's telekinesis he doesn't use it as often as he could part of it is Terry's motives and part of it is how easy it wasview spoilerWhy didn't Adrian leap out of the window after Cindy? He can fly He could have chased down the helicopter and pressed his wristband to let the Guardians know where he wasTerry wants them to catch and save Cindy Why doesn't she just tell the guard where Cindy is immediately? Why does she wait half an hour and then escape with Adrian? The good guys could have been on their way a half an hour agoNext three kids take down a ship full of bad guys? Really? And the good guys get there in time to rescue Adrian from drowning? Actually him waking up in a hospital twice was a bit dull to me I'd rather him get injured but keep fighting and have to power through withOUT losing consciousness Going unconscious makes it too easy although it is useful for the author since they don't have to write the boring scenesIf the puppeteer was stuck in his head shouldn't there have been long term effects? Can't we get a few scenes where Adrian is hurt but in danger and not wake up in the hospital perfectly fine? Maybe he could have woken and they be all worried the puppeteer is still in his mind or something That'd be interesting hide spoiler

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    After reading the first book Wild Born and thoroughly enjoying it I was impressed with this second book The Tower isn’t as fast paced as Wild born but it has a heck of a lot of mystery and injustice to keep you hooked I’m on the third book now and the injustice just keeps on growing If you haven’t read the first book I would strongly recommend that you go and pick it up now however you don’t necessarily have to read the first book in order to understand the second book The author covers the basics of the first book in the first few pages of the second book so as much as you might not understand all the details you will be able to pick some things up as you go along Seriously though do go and read Wild born first it’s epicSo on to the reviewFor those of you who don’t know Wild born and The Tower are part of Adrian Howell’s PSIONIC PentalogyThe characters in these books all have psionic powers ranging from; telepathy healing telekinesis mind control mind reading flame throwing dream weaving invisibility etc etc There are many and they have different names However it is uncommon for children to develop these psionic powers as it usually happens during your late teensadulthood Also some people can develop these powers even if no one else in their family have these powers these people are called Wild Born’sMeet the two main characters; Adrian Howell a young teenage telekinetic wild born and Alia Gifford an orphan child telepath and healer who prefers to communicate via telepathy rather than vocally They live with and under the protection of a middle aged woman named Cindy Gifford who can not only detect the presence of psionic’s but she can also hide herself and others from them In Wild Born Adrian’s parents are killed his biological sister kidnapped and he narrowly escapes capture himself before he meets Cindy and Alia by the end of the first book Adrian is pretty much part of their strange family and they join a group of psionic’s known as the GuardiansWild Born and The Tower are written from Adrian’s POV and you follow Adrian as he and his new family live at the heart of an area called New Haven A bunch of high rises owned by the Guardian faction to house and protect the psionic’s from their enemies including; the second psionic group The Angels a religious group known as the God Slayers and a military group known as The Wolves Adrian hopes that the Guardians will help him rescue his sister from the Angels if she is even alive In the meantime he is paired up with a combat instructor called Terry Henderson although she is only a year older than Adrian she is a formidable fighter and she is determined to get Adrian into shape Terry uickly becomes one of Adrian’s only friends and helps him to learn how to control his power balance something which Adrian is horrible at and also helps Alia learn to speak with her mouthThis second book has a lot of character development particularly with Alia who begins talking vocally for the first time Adrian too spends a lot of time ‘growing’ as a character There isn’t much in the way of traditional action however there are a few mysteries to solve For example the Guardian’s manage to capture an Angel spy who then escapes under strange circumstances Adrian feels like there is something wrong with himself or something that he has forgotten and is consistently woken up by nightmares that he is unable to recall Terry also behaves strangely at timesThe author absolutely nails the teenager’s view point with his writing style it is so well done that you would think the author is a teenager himself Wild Born and The Tower are uniue in this way in my opinion there are not that many books told from such a young person’s POV Adrian’s inner conflict with being a psionic and wishing to be a young teenager and have friends whilst trying to make incredibly difficult decisions shines through in every page He acts as maturely as he can but is prone to childish and irrational behavior which then leads to a great deal of thinking time and inner searching It’s tough trying to be a kid in a dangerous and adult world where even the adults struggleAgain I noticed no errors the story line was well thought out and even though it is slower paced than Wild Born The Tower is still paced well enough This second book really sets up the scene and adds impact for the third book ‘Lesser Gods’ So enjoy learning about and becoming emotionally attached to the characters in this second book the third book comes with a punch If you haven’t picked up this series yet I highly recommend that you do This isn’t a happy ending fairy tale though there are some pretty gruesome events so you have been warnedWell done to the author this is the first series that I have read with the intention of completing in a long time I’m totally hooked and I have a couple of theories as to the direction of this series so I can’t wait to see if I am right or not Great read even if it is a tad on the darker side and pulling at my heartstrings wouldn’t have it any other way thoughWild Born Review Tower Review

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    Book takes you farther into the story and continues his growth and learning I rounds out the characters he met in the first book He developed a close relationship with the woman Cindy who accepted responsibility for his care Cindy also had another charge under her care Alia who she rescued from those who had submitted her to abuse due to her powers In the first book we were informed as to how these powers were viewed by the military and religious groups

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    A story that continues to hold you in its gripSecond book down and heading into the third Great development of characters and storylines So glad I ran into this series

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    I had previously read book one so I knew what to expect Despite having read the first book I read a few books between the first and second my memory was foggy of the first one After reading the first few pages Adrian explains that he won’t recap But he does recap just enough for you to remember where you left off This amazing book is rated as FIVE stars and it earned every one of themIt starts off with the narrator which this being a first person is none other than Adrian Howell They have escaped the research center and are headed to their new home With the Guardians Yes that is right Adrian’s new family chose a psionic faction to side with and things are going to change for Adrian They arrive uickly at NH 1 or New Haven One their new home And while there are uite a bit of luxury here there is also a lot of work to be doneFor Adrian Adrian Howell is a destroyer his psionics make him the perfect soldier But Adrian doesn’t want that he wants to live in peace Nevertheless he is trained by Terry who “was raised by wolves” He is also taxed with homeschooling and teaching Alia his younger ‘sister’ to mouth speak I was slightly saddened at the burdens placed on Adrian He seems to be at 13 years of age a father to Alia than a brother Teaching her to swim ride a bike talk and basically tied to her side 99% of the time It is the only downside or problem that I had with this novel“Then perhaps it would surprise you to know that we got an anonymous call that gave us not only your exact location but also informed us that a team of Seraphim were hunting ou and would probably have arrived before sunrise”As alsways there was enough conflict and excitement to keep the pages turning I for one read the book within a week Picking it up every chance I could find to read and devouring it uickly I found that the ending tied in to the book so well with all of the smaller details within the novel and it left me wondering what book three will have in store for me “Luck will only get you so far before it gets you killed”Adrian is one lucky boy barely getting out of book two alive leaping for book three we shall see what is in store for us but I bet that it will be another amazing story with awesome conflicts and page turning excitement

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    excellent book This book was exciting and well written as I could not wait to get to the next chapter The characters were very personable and I especially enjoyed reading about how the relationship of Aliah and Addy had grownCant wait to read book three

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    I usually don't read much paranormal fiction but The Tower PSIONIC Book Two Psionic Pentalogy 2 by Adrian Howell is definitely worth the time to read and got me hooked I enjoyed every page of this book Adrian Howell the main character is a totally believable character who finds he has powerful telekinetic abilities Being a teenager he does things a teenager would do but after a tragedy he is forced to go on the run and grow up fast He goes to live in a community of people with psionic abilities I was as reluctant to put this book down as I was with the first volume Once I finished it I forced myself to wait a few days then bought the third one and had to force myself to not start until later when it wasn't taking away from other things I needed to do I can't wait to finish the series A very well told story clearly taking up where the first book left off A well written book I highly recommend to everyone Great book Adrian Howell

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The Tower Psionic Pentalogy #2 After a very shaky beginning as a wild born telekinetic Adrian is elated to discover that his new home is at the center of the world's largest psionic city It should have been a dream come true but something here is just not right It's not just that his sister is still missing or that he is being forced into a rigorous combat training program that is slowly turning him into a killer Something rotten is hiding inside him Adrian must discover the truth behind his recurring shadowy nightmares and face the possibility that the greatest evil threatening everything he holds dear might in fact be himselfThe Tower is the second book of Adrian Howell's PSIONIC Pentalogy

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  • The Tower Psionic Pentalogy #2
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About the Author: Adrian Howell

Adrian Howell pen name is the author of the Psionic Pentalogy five novels that follow the life of a telekinetic teenager through a dark world of warring paranormal factions deadly religious cults and secret government organizations Born of a Japanese mother and American father Adrian was raised for a time in California and currently lives a uiet life in Japan where he teaches English to sma