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Un lieve profumo di limone È la vigilia di Natale e Binny è del tutto impreparata ha solo 5 ore per allestire la festa e fare i regali Mentre cerca di destreggiarsi nel traffico convulso degli ultimi acuisti per sfuggire a una conoscente molesta si infila in un negozio a caso All'interno un odore intenso di buccia di limone diffuso dagli scaffali colmi di prodotti per la pulizia della casa e una giovane donna curatissima che le chiede di che cosa ha bisogno Poche parole bastano alle due donne per raccontarsi ciò che le ha ferite ualche minuto per ritrovare il vero spirito del Natale Che c'è sempre e nonostante tutto

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    It’s Christmas Eve and Binny is not prepared In fact she wants to fast forward and skip Christmas this year all together ”Binny did not purchase a Christmas tree or get out the box of decorations from the loft or fill the kitchen with mince pies and jars of pickle It was all so futile So lacking in meaning”Binny’s heart has been broken Oliver her dreamy “out of work” actor boyfriend has fallen for another and moved out Binny is the type of person who doesn’t show her true feelings and doesn’t allow herself to cry She gets on with things But it’s all bottled up inside her waiting to eruptWhile doing the morning school run Binny escapes from the clutches of another Mum wearing a complete Xmas “ensemble” of a festive jogging suit with matching red fur ears and gloves who wants to know if Binny is “ready for Christmas” or maybe even the nativity play that is on that afternoon at the school Binny doesn’t hear her properly as she's too busy dashing to the local shops to avoid a conversation ”Outside people are travelling to be with ones they love while Binny stands along in the middle of a shop that stocks nothing but cleaning products”The store which Binny finds herself in is one she would not normally visit It contains cleaning products Only cleaning products Shelves of cleaning products Lots and lots of cleaning products Binny and domesticity aren’t the best of friends This is not her type of store ”Surfaces are felted with dust and piled high with old magazines and newspapers and tax returns and letters Binny has never bothered to answer The carpet is thick with dust balls the size of candy floss”On meeting the shop assistant Binny discovers that for some people cleaning can help them de stress and refocus ”Domestic chores can be therapeutic” “So can red wine” says Binny”Over a polishing bonding session which is where “the scent of lemon” comes into play Binny discovers that Christmas isn’t all joy and happiness for others either and that the shop assistant has also had her own heartbreak to deal with Also over Christmas time Something far worse than what Binny is going through ”It was Christmas Everyone was happy I felt like an alien I felt like I didn’t belong”To her surprise Binny let’s go and cries And it feels good ”There’s nothing like a good cry” says the young woman “This is not something I do I can take anything I am a rock I never cry” “You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t cry every now and then”This novella is a nice light read over a cuppa ☕

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    35 Stars

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    I don't often read short stories just because they are short and I like my books long However I do really like this author so gave this one a try And I am very glad I did Rachel Joyce manages to pack so much into so few pages Her writing is so neat and controlled no time is wasted on explanations and our understanding of the situation unfolds as the story progresses It is a sweet but sad little story with a comforting ending Very enjoyable

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    I just finished reading PERFECT a book which won't be available until January Smitten with British author Rachel Joyce I immediately downloaded her short e story A FARAWAY SMELL OF LEMON to my KindleIt's a Christmas story that let's those who are not living the shiny holiday of expectations mourn and move on I worried it might spoil my experience with PERFECT before I had a chance to review it but the writing was just as lovely and the story touchingImmediately I added an earlier novel THE UNLIKELY PILGRIMAGE OF HAROLD FRY to my to read listSometimes I like a book but don't necessarily read everything by the author In Rachel Joyce's case I will seek out anything she creates

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    Its almost Christmas but Binny is far from being in a celebratory mood Her life like her house is a mess Personal matters have not gone according to plan uite the opposite actually and now she is feeling rather lost Binny walks into small shop and engages in a conversation with the clerk It will be a conversation that will help her shift her perspectiveThis brief story packs a lot of heart and a lovely sentiment I came upon this work by chance 'The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry' is among my favorite books so I decided to give this work a go A uick read it is touching and beautiful Binny is a single mom to two kids her house is packed and messy She is not compelled to clean it She does not have a tree nor gifts for her kids Binny feels everything is ruined She walks into a shop and the clerk offers her help Her words will have a lasting effect on Binny Simple but to the point this book was a lovely read Will be seeking other titles by Rachel Royce in the near future

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    Sometimes you just need to stop and smell the lemonsas well as the rosesA thought provoking short story about love loss and gratitude4★s

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    “We had once what we can never have again So why then do we behave as if everything we have connected with everything we have blessed with our loving should be ours for keeps? It is enough to have tiptoed to that space beyond the skin beyond our nerve endings and to have glimpsed things that beforehand we only half knew”A Faraway Smell of Lemons is a Christmas Short Story by actress radio playwright and author Rachel Joyce It may be Christmas but Binny’s life has fallen apart the faulty shower the broken glass pane in the front door the smashed crockery on the kitchen floor the unbought Christmas cards food and gifts; it’s all Oliver’s fault What sort of Christmas Binny’s children Coco and Luke are going to get this year is anyone’s guess Binny has just a few hours to fix it and a staggering lack of enthusiasm for the task Trying to avoid another school mother in the High Street she slips into a shop that sells nothing Binny has ever wanted but she somehow finds exactly what she needs A sweet story that may well bring a tear to the eye 45 ★s

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    Marketed as a Christmas story I found Christmas to be incidental and that this tale could have been set at any time of year What I liked about that was that it meant this story didn't fall into the sentimentality that plagues seasonal reads It was an interesting idea a woman stops and recoups following a crisis finding herself again in every day tasks I think the idea could have been further developed even within the short story format to make this a satisfying read Still it wasn't bad and bonus points because it didnt make me roll my eyes as many Christmas related stories seem to

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    We had once what we can never have again So why then do we behave as if everything we have connected with everything we have blessed with our loving should be ours for keeps? It is enough to have tiptoed to that space beyond the skin beyond our nerve endings and to have glimpsed things that beforehand we only half knew A uirky short story about Christmas and grief Very enjoyable but I actually was thinking that it was a full lenght book when I picked it This author is new to me and I wanted to read this before undertaking her best seller The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry which mostly caught my attention because of the elegant coverPopsugar Reading Challenge 2018 45 A book with a fruit or vegetable in the title I'll see how I am doing with my multiple challenges in winter and I may add a full lenght book for this one I've been wanting to finish The Grapes of Wrath for than 3 decades but it was a book that I put on hold in my late teens and never came back to Nice excuse to do it this year for the challenge

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    This was a pretty good read though a bit to short and sweet It doesn't take long to read and can be read on the way to work

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