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Feminized Stories Enjoy this complete collection of Victoria Foxxe s best cross dressing storiesSissy For Sale Nathan Harris is an ordinary guy, with an unusual desire For most of his life he s craved the soft feel of satin and lace, a need which has become harder to control No longer able to hold back he confesses his secret to his wife, LisaForced To Serve Her A closeted sissy gets than he bargains for when he confesses all to a trusted friendHousewife Sissy Jack and Linda s marriage seems so perfect, but there is a saucy secret The kinky couple soon learn to explore role reversal With Linda giving Jack an very big surprise in the end Passionate Blood Christopher Barnes believes he has it all until the young real estate agent encounters a supernatural force that awakens his deepest desires Sent to the small Eastern European country of Malvania he encounters the mysterious Count Radu Velescu Soon Christopher finds himself becoming slowly transformed into the blushing, virginal bride of the Vampire