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Front Stoops in the Fifties Front Stoops in the Fifties recounts the stories of some of Balti's most famous personalities as they grew up during the decade of conformity Such familiar names as Jerry Leiber Nancy Pelosi Thurgood Marshall and Barry Levinson figure prominently in Michael Olesker’s gripping account which draws on personal interviews and journalistic diggingOlesker marks the end of the fifties with the assassination of President John F Kennedy It’s as if millions will suddenly decide to act out their anxieties and their rage as if Kennedy’s murder exposed some hypocrisy at the heart of the American dream he writes Focusing on the period leading up to this turning point in US history Olesker looks to the individuals living through the changes that were just beginning to surface and would later come to prominence in the sixtiesThe fifties are often remembered with longing as a innocent time But it was also a suffocating time for many Alongside innocence was ignorance Olesker tells the story of Nancy D’Alesandro Pelosi daughter of the mayor who grew up in a political home and eventually became the first woman Speaker of the House Thurgood Marshall schooled in a racially segregated classroom went on to argue Brown v Board of Education of Topeka before the Supreme Court and rewrite US race relations law Even the music changed Olesker’s doo wop portrait of Balti is nostalgic but it has a hard edge

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    Michael Olesker wrote Front Stoops in the Fifties with a passion about the great melting pot of Balti during a special era when Baltians contributed so much to the community and beyond Front Stoops opens up with an historically significant date November 22 1963the assassination of President John F Kennedy a moment in time which completely pushed aside the 'innocent fifties' Among those Baltians who Olesker researched and interviewed several stand out Jerry Lieber with his new unforgettable RB music; the struggles of Clarence Mitchell for civil rights and euality; Balti Mayor Tommy D'Alessandro's leadership and his young daughter Nancy's political contributions; Barry Levinson's nostalgic recall of growing up in Northwest Balti which found its way onto the BIG screen; and then there is Richard Holley a young black educator who taught thousands of local students not just how to become bi lingual five days a week in junior high school but how to become involved and part of the recently desegregated community as well Front Stoopsis all about Balti's legacy It's really a 'good read'filled with diverse nostalgic and wonderful momentsespecially for those gift giving occasions

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    Because I grew up in Balti I was surprised to find that in the first two pages I knew some of the people mentioned in the book I am of a child of the sixties rather than the fifties but I remembered a lot of the families profiled in this book Good local reading

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    Written about Balti folks but it will seem familiar to anyone who remembers the '50s and '60s It is about real people and also about how we all lived back then the good the bad the touching A good read

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    wonderful evocation of the myth of the innocent 50's

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    Loved this book very interesting talked about growing up in the 50's and events that shaped the peoples lives growing up in that era

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    Interesting but written from a specific perspective Would be better without the bias but still interesting

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    This was an excellent review of the fifties specific to Balti told thoroughly and insightfully I enjoyed reading about musical and political personalities and

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