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From Your Head to Your Hands If you want to write self publish and sell stacks of your book this book is for you From Your Head to Your Hands is your guide and ally through the self publishing process Let’s get that book out of your head and into your hands “From Your Head to Your Hands will help any first time author get published” Kent Julian “We all have a book in us but so few know how to take even that first step Derek holds up the torch and leads the way for those like myself who would have otherwise remained in the dark” John Lee Dumas Founder and Host of EntrepreneurOnFire “It’s easy to see that Derek Olsen spent a fair amount of time researching how to properly launch a new book into the marketplace Spending time researching and planning you launch will pay off in the long run Start your self publishing research here start with From Your Head to Your Hands” Lauren Forest The Word Perfectionist “Derek’s inside look at self publishing is what you need to effectively and efficiently get your book out there in the market place With From Your Head to Your Hands Derek gives you the inside look you need to get your book published Be ready as Derek shares all that you need to know as a first time author” Tony Alisa DiLorenzo Authors of 7 Days of Sex Challenge “As both an author and an online marketer I know promoting a book is as important if not so then the actual content An author invests a significant amount of time and effort self publishing a book So how can that book fight and win in the marketplace A good start is having a blueprint from someone who’s been there The marketing guide included with “From Your Head to Your Hands” is the ideal starting place I can’t think of a better way to help successfully launch your book into the market” Sharon Vaz “I recently finished my first book ‘What’s Your Chapteran interactive journey to overcoming difficult chapters’ and I have been anxiously awaiting the launch of From Your Head to Your Hands so I can begin marketing my own project Thanks for taking the time to share your wisdom and success with us Derek” Stephaine Tillman Storyteller “Derek Olsen knows what it takes to not only write but successfully promote a book His “Head to Hands” approach is a refreshing techniue on how to successfully engage a village of fans to help an author promote a book I’ve watched his techniues with his Four Week Financial Turnaround book and I’m taking copious notes If you are an author you should be taking notes too” Andy Makar Author of Project Management Interview uestions Made Easy “I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Derek as part of a private self publishing mastermind group Derek absolutely knows how to successfully create launch and market books that deliver From Your Head to Your Hands will guide you the smart way to publishing your first book – and you’ll have a blast along the way Dustin Riechmann Author of 15 Minute Marriage Makeover When it comes to publishing a book the distance between your head and your hands can seem like miles Derek has traveled that road and knows all the right turns to take Holding your book in your hands is closer than you might think ‘From Your Head to Your Hands’ is your road map for self publishing success” Joyce Layman Blackburn Keynote Speaker Helping you to create a business and life you love by design

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