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PARROTLETS Welcome to a very informative book that will guide you on how to breed parrotlets raise them and enjoy the company of this very special breed of parrots The parrotlet is the smallest member of the New World parrot family living sometimes in excess of twenty years In general parrotlets are small with a stocky build and a broad tail much like the lovebirds species of East Africa and some parrot species of Australasia At 4–5 inches 11–12 cms long they are the second smallest kind of parrots in the world These hand fed birds become devoted companions; they enjoy spending time with their owners Parrotlets are uite comical either playing with toys or hanging by their beaks and toes Unlike many large parrots they have no problem entertaining themselves all day with their toys while their owner is away from home But when the owner returns they will chirp welcome greetings and expect to come out to ride around in a pocket or hide for a while in their owner’s head If you are looking for a large parrot personality in a small parrot body then you must have a PARROTLET These delightful small parrots can provide hours of entertainment and many years of devoted companionship Tis book by VICTOR DELGADO will inform you everything you must know about these lovable birds

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