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    This is a great book where Frans Johannson has taken on the challenge of explaining why we can’t get what we want out of life JUST by working harder than everyone else It’s almost a contrast to the idea that 10000 hours of practice will make you successful in any field Johannson explains that this 10000 hour rule works out remarkably well in paths where the rules never change ie instrument performance tennis chess etc but then contrasts that with the modern business world and popular literature and music Examples of success with out 10000 hours include Virgin’s Richard Branson starting an airline with no experience Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight and EL Jame’s 50 Shades In the business world as in most other career paths in our modern age the rules change too rapidly and the opportunity for chance and serendipity play an increasingly larger role than ever before There are too many “complex forces” as he describes it that create unintended and illogical outcomes To support this examples are used of companies such as Apple Microsoft and Sony which are shown to have incidents where a serendipitous moment played a huge factor in their success “click moments” This is by no means a depressing book just because he makes the point that to be successful in life we need to get lucky It’s a thorough analysis of how successful people and companies have used luck and randomness time and again and it’s an application of how we can do the same We need to embrace the random make bets and create click momentsFour ways to embrace the random 1 Take your eyes off the ball occasionally Get moving in life by plotting a logical course setting goals and working hard but then allow yourself time be aware of the world around you ie the gorilla experiment There are “Ah Ha” moments happening all the time that we miss because we are too focused too much of the time Take time to drop your focus and be humble enough to recognize a “click moment” that might take you in a different direction not if it comes but WHEN it comes As a side note I wonder if ADD is all that bad if directed 2 Use inter sectional thinking A case for spurring innovation by bringing people together across cultures disciplines personalities and for continually learning about ideas and areas of knowledge not necessarily related to your field or business Read lots of books 3 Follow your curiosity This is one of the things that makes you uniue and has often lead successful leaders towards serendipitous realizations 4 Reject the predictable path Remember the rules are always changing and the predictable path tends to encourage us that the rules never change The next section about placing bets encourages us to increase our chances of experiencing luck or serendipity 1 Place many bets The times you roll the dice the greater your chances Picasso has master pieces than most other successful artists but because he never knew what would be a masterpiece he also had created duds because of the shear volume he produced 2 Minimize bet size Rolling the dice often than not is hugely important but the only way to do that is to make sure you don’t expend too much time and energy on one thing until you’ve discovered if it’s a hit 3 Take the smallest executable step Once you think you’ve had a click moment expend the smallest amount of time money to test the waters and actually get moving on it 4 Calculate affordable loss rather than return on investment You're trying to increase opportunities and since randomness has such a huge factor in success who are you to think that you can predict the future using logic? Your chances of success drop dramatically when you try to analyze the market and predict what you need to do to succeed 5 Use passion as fuel Once you’ve discovered an “ah ha” moment this is where every other motivational advice comes into play and it’s those with passion that grasp on firmly to their initial investment and see it through The last part of the book has five strategies for individuals thinking about their next step in life as well as to business start ups and recent college grads 1 Create large hooks Do what you can to accept randomness into your life 2 Examine surprises carefully If something surprises you don’t let that thought go until you’ve had a chance to determine if it was a “click moment” for you 3 Look for an opening everywhere When we are too fixed on our course we might not see all the opportunities that exist for us ie “lucky” people have been found to be observant than those who consider themselves “unlucky” 4 Spot momentum and ride it Don’t jump off your great idea too early let it ride 5 Double down when you find any opening opportunities are fleeting don’t ignore any Also for me and my christian faith perspective I find the information in this book supportive of the spiritual reasonings I have come to in my own life I think our Heavenly Father wants us to do our homework plot a course and work hard towards our goal but to really be successful in life we also must be humble enough to recognize when he’s trying to lend us His hand and help guide us towards something even grander even though it’s not the path we set forth for ourselves

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    This was on my reading list because of the author's take on the 'mastery in 10000 hours' meme This itch was satisfyingly scratched and the rest of the book was just so soSeveral examples and anecdotes show that 10000 hours of practice is most effective in situations where the rules are mostly fixed or the outcome predictable Chance situations usually foil thisThe rest of the book focuses on these chance situations and suggestions for making yourself or your business available for them This section is filled with anecdotes and stories which confuse the issue somewhat A leaner book would be the accessible result While it wasn't my reason for seeking this out this book is of a business strategy book than anything with hard science The author's writing when not drawn down by anecdotes is decent enough I may track down his other book The Medici Effect What Elephants and Epidemics Can Teach Us About Innovation for future reading

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    I enjoyed The Medici Effect What Elephants and Epidemics Can Teach Us About Innovation enough to buy this one and it's nothing short of amazing Yes I've read a few of the stories before like those in Little Bets How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries Still the fundamental message of this book is right on You have to get out of your comfort zone to innovate As I've said for a few years now we have to be embrace randomness and uncertainty; we have get comfortable with being uncomfortable Every business leader ought to read this book Period An excellent text

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    I have always believed that inspiration from a good book can create a click moment Found myself clicking right through this one than once Powerful use of relevant stories reinforce the message Loved Johannson's closing remark which sums up the text perfectly The world never behaved in a predictable fashion and that has never been truer than it is today But this means that any one of us has the opportunity to change the world in the most unexpected of ways An opportunity can present itself in the blink of an eye It can happen when you least expect it It can happen in an instant when the various pathways of our lives come together in surprising ways and connect Another prescribed leadership text

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    fantastic book especially for authors we think we know how the world works but so much of it is chance but there are ways we can maximize our chances of being around when the click happens I'll be blogging about this book excellent

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    This is another Wow book I recommend it to anyone who believes in the suite of books by VitalSmartsThe Click Moment describes how unpredictable success in our world is He contrasts this with fields in which the rules change very little over time These are competitions in such things as tennis or chess The author claims that if a person invests in 10000 hours of practice in such a discipline that that person will become one of the best But most endeavors such as business artyou name the area does not have limited rules and factors effecting who will succeed and who will fail The author says that when the right combination of factors come together it may be a novice who benefits with phenomenal success not necessarily the person who has dedicated themselves to thousands of hours of practice of the disciplineThe author encourages the reader to put themselves in the intersection of new experiences in order to be in a position to notice what he calls a click momentThe author admits that no one knows how to generate a perfect storm of success If people did know how to do this then the ones who had done it once would repeat and repeat and repeat Usually they can't Yet the author does provide 5 things a person can do in order to be likely to succeed with click moments when they do occur

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    This book has one earth shaking conclusion success is random Knowing this is invaluableThat being said this book doesn't conclude much beyond that I wish this book was a pamphlet but even with it as it is I would suggest people pick up and skim this book

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    Fantastic and insightful

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    Extremely interesting idea of how to take advantage and increase the number of those rare moments in people's lives in which fortuitous events occur that lead to success The author brings out the facts related in a book by Malcolm Gladwell where he said that by putting in 10000 hours in an endeavor you put yourself in a position to achieve success That this author explains isn't a hard and fast rule and if you examine the times that it is a rule you realize that the success is on something that has a limited number of possible facets to perfect Examples are Venus and Sarina Williams who practiced tennis with it's limited number of possible moves repeatedly from childhood; YoYo Ma the violinist; boxers who have to master a limited number of moves This is in opposition to a successful businessman like Richard Bramson who had no experience in the businesses that he became successful in; a mixed martial art contestant who comes in from left field because there are so many different fighting styles so that possibilities are huge; etc Once complexity is introduced the 10000 hour rule no longer applies What is it that allows those people who are faced with a large number of possible actions to take to be successful? There are lucky moments in a person's life which the author calls Click Moments where there is an intersection of two people or one or persons and an idea These moments have a way of changing the trajectory of peoples' lives if they act on them He uses examples like the designer for Nike who was having breakfast and was looking at his waffles He then realized that the waffle pattern was what was needed for the soles of the sneakers to properly grip the floor You Tube started as a dating service but when two of the founders realized they couldn't find any videos on the internet of popular events they used their software to create a way to do that Even MicroSoft had its success on a number of lucky events They had given up on Windows and were putting their full force into OS 2 but someone had come from the outside and was ribbing a MS programmer by giving an easy solution to make Windows viable that turned out to be the trigger they needed to create a winning software platform It was acted on and it turned the company around by giving them the ability to modify Windows 30 which then surpassed OS 2 in capabilities These click moments are rare but the key is to be open to them and to increase the chances that click moments will occur There are certain basic things that can be done in order to put yourself outside of your comfort zone to do so He likens these things to a person going to various singles venues where you hope that by constantly exposing yourself to situations in which two people can meet that you'll find someone Click moments are similar It's a fascinating idea and the suggestions make sense and could be applied easily into anyone's life Well worth reading this book

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    Overall a good book Some examples were difficult to relate to the topic discussed and the author spent the first half of the book selling you on the premise of the topic

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The Click Moment In The Click Moment Frans Johansson author of The Medici Effect shows how to stay ahead when you can't predict the future Success is random And there are a number of things that we can do to capture this randomness and focus it in our favour According to bestselling author Frans Johansson strategy planning and careful analysis no longer guarantee strong performances But dig deep into the actions of successful people and organizations and you'll find one common theme A turning point occurs a major client signs on a new competitor redefines the market an unlikely idea surfaces and they take advantage of that 'click moment' to change their fate Diane von Furstenberg saw a matching skirt and top on TV and the wrap dress was born Microsoft Windows was on the brink of being shut down until two people met unexpectedly at a party Starbucks sold brewing euipment and coffee by the pound until Howard Schultz experienced his first latte Each of these individuals experienced a rare point of opportunity that was completely unexpected But they capitalized on their luck in ways that paid off and altered the course of their lives Johansson shows the actions we can take to create click moments open ourselves up to chance encounters and harness the forces of success that follow Frans Johansson is the bestselling author of The Medici Effect Raised in Sweden by his African AmericanCherokee mother and Swedish father he now speaks to audiences worldwide from the boardrooms of America's largest corporations to villages in developing countries He has founded a software start up a healthcare firm a hedge fund and the innovation firm the Medici Group He lives in New York