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God and the Evolving Universe From James Redfield the author of the phenomenal international bestseller The Celestine Prophecy and Michael Murphy the author of the bestselling Golf in the Kingdom with documentary filmmaker Sylvia Timbers comes the story of the past present and future of human potential and a journey that can take contemporary seekers to the next level of spiritual evolutionWritten with the insight of the The Celestine Prophecy and representing a uniue pairing of global visionaries God and the Evolving Universe is a book that deepens our knowledge of personal growth and shows how each of us can begin to integrate our extraordinary experiences into a heightened synchronistic flow allowing us to participate consciously in an unfolding evolutionary adventureWith exercises that readers can use to develop the abilities they are reading about God and the Evolving Universe heightens readers' awareness of their place in personalplanetary evolution and sets the stage for actualizing the next level of human potential

  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • God and the Evolving Universe
  • Michael Murphy
  • English
  • 16 May 2016
  • 9780553814811

About the Author: Michael Murphy

Bestselling author Michael Murphy has been called the father of the human potential movement one of the most influential movements in twentieth century American culture His bestselling book Golf in the Kingdom 1972 inspired the creation of the Shivas Irons Society a nonprofit group dedicated to finding beauty and discovery through the game of golf and has recently been adapted into a movie s

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    Swami Vivekananda my and many others' ideal and the great Hindu monk said in his great and historic address at the Chicago Parliament of religions that paths might be different but the destination is one like rivers drains reservoirs and any water source if flooded ultimately meet with the ocean In this book the author gives us the background and foreground of our union with the divine the divine we believe exists somewhere above below or among us The scientific theory of evolution has been going along the spiritual beliefs of formation of the universe and at some points they have been juxtaposed and at other points they have been progressing simultaneously Hindu Christian Islamic Jewish Buddhist and all other faiths have been discussed in elementary details so that the readers comprehend the basic ideas To all the readers of this book I would also suggest reading Ananda Karunesh's A Thousand Seeds of Joy in which the author claims that he has written what the Goddesses have told him during the conversation do read that and you will see the theories in this book being practically practised in the another all the best

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    This book read like a college course book at first but for once I understood everything This book describes how different religions and beliefs can prepare us for a higher level of spirituality In LDS terms it mentions our pre mortal existence our purpose on earth and how to prepare for the world to come The authors describe different ways to tune into our evironment on a spiritual level and how to expand our mental and physical abilities I found this book so fascinating As I keep reading and learn through books the my testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is strengthened I KNOW the plan of Salvation and I know why I am here on this earth Reading this book has definitely been a source of enlightenment for me PS NOTHING takes the place of the Holy Bible or the Book of Mormon for me in terms of truth

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    I made it through the first bunch of chapters by a thread I found only a couple of the chapters interesting and capable of holding my interest I thought this might be a great read like the Celestine Prophecies but it wasn't I'm sure some will like it but I didn't

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    It seemed very wordy to meto much spiritual mumbo jumbo Don't get me wrong I LOVE James Redfields series This just wasn't for me

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    Not my cup of tea

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    The book certainly does not do justice to the momentum that it builds in the beginning It merely lists and details what we already know It had to be a little explanatory or elongated

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    Well I don't find this book what it promises to be I was expecting a guide but what I got is a mixture of various guides

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    You have to be sure of what you are writing However in this book the authors have merely compiled what is already published Good collection though but not authoritative

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    I took this book because I was once taken by the Celestine Prophecy by the same author Not the best writing work it depends heavily on the message it tries to convey At that time I was so curious about alternative views of the world However this book was not impressive for me The easiest indicator is that I don't remember a uniue thing about it He just wants to repeat his ideas from CP Spread the word and increase awareness Hmm

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    Don't know what mye xpectations were but this book did not fulfill themIt was an interesting read and I enjoyed it but there was not much depth in the book as far as spiritually and religion are concernedIt appears to just flit along on the surface of things especially sketchy toward the end of the bookJ Robert Ewbank author John Wesley Natural Man and the 'Isms'

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