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Life with Billy Life with Billy This book was absolutely heart wrenching and took me a lot longer than my usual read time of a book its sizeThe absolute brutality of Jane's life is chilling and leaves you reeling when you take a moment to remember that every moment of terror and pain written in these pages actually happenedSeveral times while reading I had to put the book down and walk away for a while Even so this book is a must read because Jane's life and legacy need to be heard Her memory and the strength it must've taken to carry on as long as she did live in this book I firmly believe that any human with a heart owes her the time it would take for them to read it A sad story that leaves you with a lot to think about and some unanswered uestions This story it happened close to where I live Every detailed place I can vividly picture in my head It's an unsettling story and what happened to this woman and her children should never happen to anyone There are pieces of the story still unknown but that's for the family to know and us to never uite find out Disturbing tale of one woman's life with an extremely abusive husband and what brought her to kill him Not for the faint of heart SpoilerTrigger Alert This book is based on a true story of a woman and her children who were severely abused physically sexually mentally emotionally etc by her husband The dreadful events took place in Eastern Canadayears of abuseled to the unthinkableThe abuse is graphic and bone chillingAs a survivor of both rape and domestic violence I applaud this woman's bravery I know what happened to her afterwards and I'll leave that up to the reader to research for themselves In any event this book gives you an extremely heart wrenching front seat view of what abuse of all kinds looks like It takes you into the mind of the victim to look through a mother's horrified eyes at her young son sitting across the dining room tableRaw fury immense cruelty unspeakable abuse and desperationit will haunt you Look at your mothers look at your sisters look at your daughters look at your nieces look at your aunts and grandmothers 1 in 4 women are abused That's a fact This book will make you take a closer look at the women in your life and for every 4 women you know1 of them is going through abuse of some of kind This book raises awareness of that fact It's real it's intenseit could happen to anyone you love and know Three starsI read the special commemorative edition that was a combination of Life with Billy with Life After Billy I wish I had I only read the first half of this book This is a hard book to review as it was a hard book to read However I think it is an important read especially as a Nova Scotian Jane Hurshman’s struggle and incredible story of survival and fight changed the way a lot of people viewed domestic abuse not only locally but nationally It was difficult to read the horrible degrading and heinous things she was subjected to not only in her time with Billy but in her childhood and previous marriage In fact there was not a time while reading this book where I was not physically uncomfortable and in a state of unrest I won’t touch on my disappointment in the authorities and the judicial system I’ll only leave the below excerpt and express how unsurprised I was to read it “Exactly two months after Jane Stafford used a shotgun to put an end to her years of humiliation and abuse many male Liberal and Conservative members of Parliament laughed and guffawed loudly in the House of Commons when they were told that one out of ten women in Canada are battered by their husbands”I give Jane 5 stars She walked away from a horrifying situation with physical and emotional scars and dedicated her life to helping others in similar situations I can’t even imagine what life in the 80s and 90s was like for a domestic abuse survivor Her story is inspirational The book itself I give it 2 stars My issue lies mostly in the second half of the book The book continues to follow Jane as she tries to heal while she builds a new life for herself However it is broken down in such a way that the timeline jumped all over the place At one point she would be back at the home she shared with Billy and in the next chapter she would be returning there for the first time There was a chapter on ghosts I love a good ghost story but it felt very unnatural there It is important to remember that domestic abuse does not just stop when the abuser dies The abuse will follow a victim around their entire life and because of this I think the second half of this book was important I just found it almost unreadable RIP Jane I hope you found peace Life with Billy was really hard to read I was expecting something literary; I'm not sure why After I recalibrated my reader expectations I came to understand that the book was of a journalistic report of events surrounding the events of Jane's life from childhood to her death The style works well to emphasize in a formal and detailed fashion the brutality of abuse thousands of women endure under the hands of their partnershudderread it it's important But be sure to give yourself a break between chapters if you can I needed breathers to get away from it from time to time A luxury compared to the unending exposure to horrors Jane and other women experienced More harrowing brutal than The Burning Bed Life with Billy will appeal to all true crime fans This is the story of Jane Stafford and her six year ordeal of unimaginable abuse at the hands of her common law husband Billy Stafford and of the night Jane killed Billy with a shotgun Depressing and incredibly frightening I can't believe that this thing happened in my home province This book is intriguing disturbing and insightful and if you want to know about true cases involving battered women the Canadian law enforcement system and domestic abuse this is definitely a book I'd recommend A very real graphic important read about one woman’s life of terror This book is still relevant in 2019 and asks the uestions surrounding the protection of women and violence against women It brings to light family violence battered wife syndrome and the ignorance towards abuse that society still holds

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