PretotypingWork MOBI µ Kindle Edition

PretotypingWork Breakthrough innovation management vexes all companies Finding and commercializing breakthroughs is vitally necessary for growth and profit yet it's notoriously hard to pick winners Two sides suffer Inventors whose creativity is so often stifled by inflexible innovation processes and Investors whose desire not to waste precious time and money leads them to reject all but the most incremental 'sure thing' ideasPretotypingWork offers a new method for exploring breakthroughs that strips away wasteful opinion and speculation and replaces it with a disciplined approach to testing actual market demand while investing a fraction of the full development costs Marketplace failure is almost never the result of poor execution but of a well executed but false premise Pretotyping is about making sure you're building the right it before you build it rightWith this resource frugal toolkit Inventors get to try many ideas even especially the crazy sounding ones that occasionally disrupt industries With a clear path to data Investors get rapidly to a level of confidence as to whether this is the right it or notPretotypingWork develops a theory and method of pretotyping illustrated with varied examples and graphics and provides practical tools for readers to apply immediately to breakthrough innovations of all types product service and internal change

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