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Micah's Refuge One man in need of sanctuary another in need of emotional security together they will find the refuge they have both been seeking Lynn Tyler steams up the pages with passion and desire in the newest addition to her Pack Mates series Micah’s RefugeFaced with the choice of hunting down and killing his human lover or being banished from his pack werewolf Micah is forced to leave everything and everyone he loves He finds a new pack in Northern Ontario that is willing to give him refuge Determined to start over Micah hopes to find a mate he can settle down with in Smooth Rock FallsForensic chemist Shea rarely gets any down time and that’s fine with him As much as he loves his pack he’s a bit of a loner with no wish for a mate After all his slight obsessive compulsive tendencies and a fear of having anyone count on him do not make him mate material But when a new wolf joins the pack Shea experiences emotions he’s never dealt with before turning his whole tidy world upside downMicah is well aware Shea isn’t looking for a mate and doesn’t know if he should pursue the genius or if he should look for a mate elsewhere But when tragedy strikes and passion ignites can Shea just let Micah walk away Different from the first book this story is desperate to mate guy finds partner unwilling to consider a relationship I found it heartbreaking to watch Micah who was kicked out of his birth pack because he interacted with a human finally settle down and find a man he really liked only to find out that Shea wasn't even interested And even though Shea rejects him again and again he can't stop falling deeper in loveShea is an interesting guy At first glance he is cold to the point of being inhuman but he isn't evil He is just utterly socially incompetent and it takes his wolf waking up before Shea even GETS what Micah means to him And even once he realizes what is going on he struggles with his reaction and actually dealing with the situation A very interesting look at things from an unusual perspectiveIf you like werewolf stories of the civilized kind if you prefer a straightforward plot with lots of drama rejection and desperation and if you're looking for a hot geek figures out how to relate to his lover read then you will probably like this novella For whatever reason I've been on a shifter kick lately I've been laid up with a running injury and all the resting of my knee is driving me a bit stir crazy so I've been picking my kindle back up to read MM smutty goodness I've been doing loads non fiction reading in my field so I have some criteria for my current reading; namely it should have pretty hot sex it should be part of a series so I can mindlessly binge as needed and I don't want a ton of angst or drama I do like a little saving so damaged souls should applyThis series has all that and I'm enjoying the characters and the development of the pack Getting familiar with new shifters and meeting old one's again in each book has kept me interested I'm getting ready to start #4 next I think I enjoyed Shannon best of all I mean Tigerlike hells yeah This one had some external drama but not so much it overshadowed what was happening I thought the dominance part was done well neither wolf nor tiger came off doing a 180 or inauthentic and the balance was great These are the perfect summer reads nothing stressful but not boring an ok length and fun mm smut I'm Lovin' them Wayyy better than book one thank fuck Still meh tho Gonna go buy book three cause I'm ever optimistic that things will get better as the series goes on Fingers crossed baby 35 StarsI liked this better than the first It was a uick easy and entertaining read Angsty but not overly so Micah was loveable right off the bat; Shea took some getting used to Micah got right up to that line of being PATHETIC without happily stepping over So all's right in the worldBottom line an improvement on book 1; moving on another uncomplicated readI liked Micah from the beginning with his refusal to kill his human hookup but that's about itShea I didn't 'get' The blurb says he has obsessive compulsive tendencies but none are shown We are told repeatedly he is a genius but again no examples of that are given He does like to keep to himself and gets involved in a task to the exclusion of all else With my limited knowledge of the subject I'd say Aspergers This book had it all Cheesy pick up lines hot and cold feelings and then a syrupy sappy ending And somehow I still kind of liked it I really like the growly stubborn mates I was a bit pissed at how Micah was treated but I love that Shea’s wolf was having none of that nonsense Weirdly satisfying I mean I wasn't exactly expecting a good book The first novel of this series was pretty much a dud for me so while I was curious and attracted by the premise I wasn't really counting on it being any good I was wrong Not totally because this is definitely not a brilliant book or anything like that but it is much better than I expected Shea was a little off putting and if you ask me I have no idea when he had time to fall in love with Micah but like I said before it was weirdly solid A little time and a longer story would've been beneficial but as it is now it is still enjoyable and entertaining Not as enjoyable as the first bookMicah is new to the pack and is immediately drawn to the geeky Shea Shea likes Micah too but has decided long ago that a mate is too much hassleI was really surprised that Micah fell in love with Shea after seeing him twice These guys spend most of their time in this book apart so I had a hard time believing in their relationshipMicah and Shea only get together at the end because Shea kept saying he didn’t want a mate for the better part of the book He kept turning Micah down When Shea finally does get his act together I didn’t really care anyIt wasn’t too bad but I’m not a big fan of stories with this kind of relationship angst Better than the first I liked the emotional turmoil between Micah and Shea They really struggled for awhile and it made great reading But the author spends too much time describing mundane things For example describing 4 sandwiches and all the different toppings for each just because waste of timeAlso some unfinished plot points like Shea saying he has certain kinks that need to be taken care of yet we have one scene with a pair of nipple clamps That needed to be flushed out One pair of nipple clamps does not a kink make

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