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See Me Worthy Of Love #2 I love the way HC writes I can't help crying when reading these books Especially the first book Thank you for your booksKim Great continuation to the story Seeing the story continue and how the main characters deal with the history they have and finding ways to move forward is great 35 stars this series may be short but it has kept me interested Second instalment of Worthy of love a short story told in a mini series format depicting one girl's journey through love and redemptionAmanda's life has just gotten a whole lot complicated She endures the humiliation of getting arrested on campus Luckily for her an unexpected person comes to her rescue That's not the end of her problems though Her mother's sabotaging her own relationship Amanda can't just sit by and watch not when it concerns her new family Jack doesn't hate her any and now they're together even if Amanda still doesn't understand it It's just too good to be true and maybe it is

  • Kindle Edition
  • See Me Worthy Of Love #2
  • H.C. Shota
  • English
  • 02 October 2016

About the Author: H.C. Shota

I write under the pen name of HC Shota I chose a pen name because I think it gives an author less restrictions in the genre they write in At the moment I currently write romantic short stories but in the future I would like to explore other genres someday say fantasy for example I live a couple of hours away from London roughly two and and a half hoursI enjoy the rainy weather of Englan