Stolen by Raze Grabbed #4 PDF/EPUB ì by Raze Grabbed

Stolen by Raze Grabbed #4 I'm rather looking foreword to Raze Ella's book There may be triggers Some editing errors but not enough to take you away from the story line I really missed this series and glad to have it back OMG I just checked out her webpage and she HAS RELEASED THE FIRST CHAPTER IN THIS BOOK YOU GOTTA GO READ IT ITS COMING OUR WAY hopefully soon FinallyThis book finally came out after years of waiting I really enjoyed the story of Raze and Ella Both had gone through some really traumatic events in their lives I think with Ella getting her issue fixed that there may be hope for the couple yet even with Raze still having his issue I also like that there is hope for finding Terror It’s here I can hardly believe it after so long Is it perfect no it is not But I really liked it Both Raze and Ella are characters that are very sympathetic and their chemistry was well written The story was pretty good too Let’s hope the wait for the next book is uicker this time Wasn't this supposed to be out in January le sigh Thrilled the author has been able to restart this series Looking forward to many many to come Captured in a government raid Ella is thrown into a prison transport bound for the mountain labor camps She never expects her rescue to come at the hands of Raze the handsome sky warrior who all but stole her heart after Dizzy’s wedding Considered a high value asset by the Shadow Force Ella is given to an arrogant brute of a pilot for safekeeping—and collaringAfter his disastrous first marriage Raze swore off women but Ella tempts him to break that vow When he sees her being treated roughly by an unworthy man his control shatters One sucker punch later he tosses Ella over his shoulder and steals her away He wants to keep her to collar and love her—but there’s a shameful secret in his past that shatters any chance of a happy futureBut Raze isn’t the only one with a complicated past Ella has secrets of her own—and they’re about to threaten the safety of everyone she loves She’ll have to go back to where it all started risking her life and her future with Raze—to end it once and for all 3 and half starsContent warning Domestic abuse not by the hero and stillbirthI love this series You have to love a series which literally has space SEALS and a military airforce who are on the hunt for brides with a taste for kinkIn this 4th installment Ella and Raze are the couple which were hinted at the end of Menace's book Ella has angered powerful figures with the oppressive government that runs troubled planet Calyx Which is being fractured with different factions with the Harco military forces that Raze belongs to the rebel splinters group who loathe them and the backwards and autocratic government of Calyx which is facing defiance with their own rebels who want to overthrow them Ella who has become a figure of hope and support for the disinfranchised has become a threat for the ruling authorities and ends up being rescued from disappearing and tortured by the Harco military But she finds herself literally grabbed by Raze when things get chaotic and messy when the mission to save her goes wrongWith the backdrop of growing tension and violent rebellion growing with these different factions Raze and Ella both have painful secrets and experiences from their past that come to light yet their feelings for each other becomes a beacon of hope and healing I really loved the backstory of the characters which broaches dark issues like domestic violence and a loss of a child and infertility The ongoing story arcs of the problems which Calyx faces were a highlight I especially loved the plots with tensions of colonisation and the rebels However I did find the development with the romance was a bit glossed over in the middle of the book I wished there was a bit time expanding on their relationship because they were both great characters but overall this was a very solid entry in this series that is seriously shaping up to a fantastic SF romance universe I loved that Lopez raises serious issues about colonisation and doesn't shy away with glossing over or making the Harco military as the good guys and likewise with the other factions that play into this world I can't wait for the next book which I hope it's Terror's book Great bookI always enjoy Lolita's books and this was no differentWhat I'm not enjoying is goodreadsGoodreads rates this book as a 389 at this point in time It was published 2 days ago According to goodreads it has 45 ratings and 13 reviews If you look at the ratings and reviews you will find that most of them are from 4 6 years ago You will also find that none of them are from after the publication date So how can they possibly have anything to do with book Sounds like goodreads has a problem and their ratings can't be trusted

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