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The Trees of Life The Trees of Life Volume TwoHave you wondered why President Kennedy was assassinated on Elm Street and why “Nightmare on Elm Street” has this peculiar title Ever wonder what the United Nations European Union emblems and American Seal truly mean Ever wonder why there is a fountain in Vatican Suare and obelisks in most corporate plazas and city centers Ever uestion why Jesus was given a crown of thorns or anointed by a beautiful scandalous redhead Why did he advise his disciples to be as wise as “serpents” Books five and six of the essential Michael Tsarion collection follow “Astro Theology and Sidereal Mythology” and “The Irish Origins of Civilization” Michael deepens his investigation into Symbol Literacy with an analysis of the most coveted and important symbols used through the centuries by the ministers of religion and Masonry Along the way we discover the true origins and significance of the New Testament’s Mary Magdalene and Blessed Virgin as well as other enigmatic characters such as Lazarus and John the Baptist Michael continues to decipher the origins of Jehovah and Elohim showing that the worship of these deities was originally based on Druidism and Aryan tree worship He reveals what Christian mythmongers hoped we would never know about the origins of their religious doctrines and iconographyAfter Christians had spent years destroying books and libraries St John Chrysostom the per eminent Greek Father of the Church proudly declared Every trace of the old philosophy and literature of the ancient world has vanished from the face of the earth Helen Ellerbe The Dark Side of Christian HistoryThe male Holy Spirit is a product of Latin grammar spiritus is masculine and of early Christian mistrust of female deitiesConception by a male principle is illogical and this is the only instance of its occurrence in all Latin literature Robert GravesMichael's chapters on the Serpent Cults Cult of Venus and Dionysus pharmacopeia and Amanita Muscaria give new insight into the dark secrets of the Church and elusive societies behind religion government and mediaThis is an essential set for those interested in developing Symbolic Literacy It reveals and explains the secret Astrological and Astro Theological archive of precious emblems and sigils that Freemasons and Judeo Christian mythmongers have long kept hidden from laymenContaining 700 color images the set presents the reader with information on the origins of religion and Masonry not found elsewhere in comprehensive form Visit Michael’s sites for information and for interviews and webstream on this subject treesoflifecouk and mtsarcom ConnectionsSumerizes connections easy to read and beautiful startling realizations I loved the artwork in the book that served as a backdrop