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Tapping Into Ultimate Success I have read about EFT emotional freedom techniue and have tried using it in the past but never with much success This book adds so much to the original techniue It walks you through which method of tapping to use for the emotional intensity you are feeling about any given obstacle you are experiencing in your life The DVD shows different examples of tapping sessions which adds to the words you just read The techniues are very easy to learn and apply in your life I highly recommend this book to anyone wishing to clear emotional baggage and improve their outlook on life Loy Machedo’s Book Review Tapping Into Ultimate Success by Jack Canfield Pamela Burner Placebo as per Wikipedia is defined as a simulated or otherwise medically ineffectual treatment for a disease or other medical condition intended to deceive the recipientAnd in today’s world you have enough and crack pot pseudo science claims to go around like Healing Crystals Energy Meditation Fragrances Auras Rekhi healing Homeopathy Praying and Spiritual healings And to add to all this comes another crackpot theory pseudoscience called – Emotional Freedom Techniue or Tapping During these sessions the client will focus on specific issues while tapping on so called “end points of the body’s energy meridians” Jack Canfield will all his success with Chicken Soup Series and then the Self Improvement Material has started to do anything and everything to ensure he achieves his vision of becoming the Author who has sold 1 billion books worldwide But at what price? In this metaphysical book Jack Canfield along with Pamela Burner have come up with this inordinate theory that tapping into different parts of the body will produce changes in your emotional states And then to add even value to this theory they have come up with this DVD where they give you a live video based example Now though I have an open mind into learning new things I experimented with this so called theory and found it to be absolutely futile I mean what a bloody waste of time money and effort into a claim that is as ridiculous and stupid as believing in Santa Clause the Tooth Fairy and Flying Unicorns Jack Canfield in his uest to become a 1 Billion Books Author is slowly yet surely joining the ranks of so many one time famous authors like Brian Tracy Zig Ziglar and Tom Hopkins who are today a dying breed There is no demand for their material and if there is it may only suit beginners who have never read a single book in their life In fact what worked for these authors is no longer going to prove effective because people have realized a simple truth Just because you have achieved success as a Businessman Speaker and Author does not mean everyone who purchases your stuff is going to achieve the same result A sad attempt by a once big brand And to add to the misery – other authors like Brain Tracy Marci Shimoff John Gray can you believe – even him and T Harv Eker have given their testimonials to help him sell the book – so that Jack Canfield can do them the favor in return To me this book was an absolute waste of time and money and among the many books I rate this one of the worst books of the decade Please – Do not accept this book even if it came in for freeOverall Rating Zero out of 10Loy Machedoloymachedocom This is my first time to know about the techniue used in the book that is considered as the center point of its content From my limited background and knowledge in this aspect I believe that there is no specific techniue that fits everyone to be applied in order to feel empowered or to get rid of fear In other words the written techniue might be valid for someone but not for the other Also there are repetitive parts in several sections in the book Finally you feel empowered somehow while going through some parts but I believe it could've been attractive I have clients that swear by tapping and dammit I have to concur Now here it’s a specific tapping method for specific goals and results I don’t know about all that but the method reminiscent of acupuncture seems a solid science In my business It got tossed under the bus for years until some prestigious universities came out with some significant findings I’m a huge Jack Canfield fan The Success Principles was a life changer and is my forever go to as a rec for my clients that want to get the job done but this isn’t his best work This book gives some interesting details for advanced users of EFT It includes using the 10 point scale to determine how you tap It is a great book for people who are already versed in the basics of EFT and can take you a lot further in the specific ways to eliminate unwanted fear anger and depression It is also an excellent guide to tapping on your specific situation This is not a book to read but to use So I skimmed through it did a few exercises which actually released some old memories despite the fact that I have a hard time believing that tapping worksSo for now I have put it somewhere where I see it often so that next time it grabs my attention I know I have something that I need to let go of Something where tapping can help me with Awesome a must read for everyone What if the struggles you were having simply melted away What if the fears and limiting beliefs that stop you from having the life career and relationships you dream of just weren’t there any What if it became easier to take inspired action make money and relate to people you love and to those who challenge you If you’re on a path of spiritual and personal growth you know that implementing the powerful ideas tools and techniues that are shared by the great teachers isn’t always as easy as you want it to be A few years ago Jack Canfield co author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series wrote The Success Principles one of the most powerful guidebooks for successful living ever written Living according to the success principles has brought happiness health and wealth to people the world over But many still struggle to implement these ideas along with other great teachings Now a new cutting edge techniue has emerged to make achieving success easier than ever before Meridian Tapping sometimes known as Emotional Freedom Techniues EFT is a revolutionary tool to remove the fears doubts and upsets that keep you from living according to your values and ideals This enhanced e book gives you a step by step guide to overcoming any obstacle that is keeping you from success If you’re familiar with tapping you’ll love the fresh transformative methods in this e book If you’re not yet familiar with these techniues that hundreds of thousands of individuals are using to transform their lives you’ll love the ease and simplicity of these methods With Tapping Into Ultimate Success the rewards you’ve been looking for are literally at your fingertips

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