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Sawyer I've enjoyed this series so far since I started reading it I'm sorry I stopped reading this story at chapter 3 because the beginning of this story was unbelievable to me I am utterly shocked I normally adore Fossen's work This one seemed to just drag out and be a repeat of the same stuff we had previously read from her How many times can we have a shoot out on the same street in front of the same sheriff's office or on the same road where cows have been let loose I was really disappointed in this one I still love her work though and will continue to read it Hopefully the next one will be much better The book had the same action packed scenes we love her for I just felt as if we had seen them all before in past works of hers Action packed from the first page this conclusion to the series was fantastic When Cassidy shows up at his brother's wedding with a baby in her arms Sawyer isn't sure what she's up to They'd had one hot night together when he suspected she'd used him to get information on his investigation of her brother Now she claims to be under orders from kidnappers who are threatening her brother's life When someone starts shooting at them he takes both of them under his protection while they try to find out just what is going onCassidy has spent most of her life bailing her brother out of trouble Now she's not sure if he's in trouble or behind it She does know that Sawyer is doing everything he can to keep her and the baby safe Even in the midst of the danger the old attraction is still there just as strong and getting stronger She shouldn't give in to it but it's taking willpower than she hasSawyer is fighting the same battle He knows the baby isn't his and Cassidy's but the kidnappers seem to think she might be his with someone else He can't rule it out uite yet He does know that he will do everything in his power to keep her and the baby safe The action and suspense in the book is nonstop The initial uestions are who kidnapped Cassidy Bennie and the baby and why Once they are all free who keeps trying to take them back and again why? Who are really the baby's parents? As freuently happens in a Fossen Intrigue there are uite a few suspects and it's always interesting to see how they interact My suspicions bounced around a lot as people got involved and information came out There were uite a few twists and turns to the story before it was doneIt was interesting to see how those twists affected Cassidy and her relationships with Sawyer and her brother Even though the book takes place over just a few days the intensity of the action accelerates the development of the feelings between them I loved seeing how the uestions about the baby's paternity affected Sawyer It was really sweet seeing him get all melty around her especially since he had never seen himself as a father As Cassidy learns about her brother's activities she becomes less willing to make excuses for him and starts to see just how deep his problems are I loved seeing her actions at the endIt was great to see the involvement of all the Rylands in the story and catch up on what's happening with them Naturally they all work well together and that teamwork brings a pretty uick end to the problems It's not without a lot of danger and flying bullets and really kept my heart pounding through most of the book I also got uite a few chuckles out of the time at the main ranch house Cassidy seemed pretty overwhelmed by all the kids and how all these tough guys are so good with them Even Sawyer which just added to her feelings for him The ending was fantastic I love this series I have read all the books in The Lawmen of Silver Creek Ranch series and would recommend them all Each book is a stand alone I love series that you don't have to read in order I loved the big Ryland family All the brothers and cousins are lawmen They love their family and are always there for each other This book starts out with Cassidy attempting to hand a baby girl to Sawyer so she can take a picture of the two She was kidnapped and was following the kidnappers orders Sawyer was not going to let Cassidy face the danger alone The suspense of the story line was really good The action was intense The saga about who the baby was went on for a little while but the delay was worth it Great book Love the romance between Cassidy and Sawyer It was fine It seems that Harleuin novels involving cops and stuff always leave a chapter ending with 'and a shot was fired directly at ' But it never hits them I wish it would sometime because it would be different and enjoyable for a twist I did like that Bennie realized he wasn't apt to be a father and gave custody to Cassidy It was very mature of him Keeps you on your toes and guessing This was definitely a page turner kinda mysterysuspense There are plenty of emotions suspense action tons of twists good characters a multitude of personalities and a good note to end on I'd really like to read in this series and get to know the rest of the family and their stories A good book to read pretty much any time but it pulls you in Enjoy Waitwut? I just did NOT understand why the kidnappers wanted a picture of sawyer with the baby Even the ‘reason’ at the conclusion of the book was so convoluted I read it 3x and still couldn’t wrap my head around it Probably my least favorite of the series besides Grayson’s book Don’t get me wrong I adore Grayson but hated his book I love books about lawmen and Delores Fossen writes some of the best USA Today Bestselling Author Delores Fossen Returns to Silver Creek with a Tale of Love and DeceptionSawyer Ryland would know her anywhere the beautiful blonde who briefly shared his bed only to deceive him in the end He vowed never to trust her again but Cassidy O'Neal's on the run from kidnapperswith a newborn in her armsCassidy will do anything to save her family even lee to her ex lover with an infant who isn't hers but who could belong to Sawyer The lawman's fierce code of honor forces him to take Cassidy and the baby girl into protective custody Now neither can fight the passion heating up between them A passion that'll take every ounce of willpower to ignore and every effort to survive This book caught my attention from the first sentence and never let it go Action packed with a little bit of love thrown in Glad I read this one

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