Ever for You For You #15 MOBI À You For MOBI ☆

Ever for You For You #15 Ever wonder what Hunter really thought of Everleigh during their first few encountersNow you can crawl inside Hunter's head with a short story from Hunter's point of view available free

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    Five stars and nothing less But

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    I want But I loved his initial reaction to her Yay for free POVs

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    Yay Hunter you hot piece of man meat thank you for letting us have a glimpse inside that head of yours

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    Where can you get this? I typed it in search and nothing came up?

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    I love Male POV of your favorite story when done correctly This is one of them You get to go inside Hunter's mind as you see what his feelings for Ev were during their first encounter Let me tell you just like Ev he was smitten since day one Hunter still possesses his coolness and sexiness that he oozed during 'Only for You' in this short story Ms Rulon did you truly think this was enough to feed my Love for Hunter? Sorry but I need I want every detail from his psyche pieces by piece Maybe a novella? ;

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    This seems to be a common theme among those who have read and commented on this book but I Want More It was great to get a taste of what Hunter was thinking and experiencing when he first met Everleigh So great in fact that I may have let out a disgruntled pirate like arrrrghhh sound when I realized that there wasn't any to read If anyone in a decision making capacity is taking votes on whether this should be made full length I'd like to go ahead and vote YES right now

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    Hopefully she will end up continuing this and turn it into a companion novella I could use from Hunter ;

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    I want of Hunter's POV I love being inside his head

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    I was so excited to read thisIt did not disappoint and brought me right back to the thrills and excitement I felt when reading Only For You The banter the bubbling sexual tension and all the exciting because you get to know exactly what Hunter is thinkingFreaking Gold I want now though Genna this is liuid heaven i want a Hot Ian to read this to me over and overa whole Novel's worthplease make that happen I would consider getting a Petition together and making banners and posters I will glitter them and everything ' We want Ever For You' ' We want Ever For You' ' We Want Ever For You'I also loved the whole other side we get to see his 'day job' That would be fascinating in the novel toohint hint ; For those who have not read Only For Youdo not read this first as it contains massive spoilers that will ruin the bookCan not wait for Pieces For You

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    That little devil She called me an asshole in the most covert and creative way possible; I could only respect her ingenuity I knew she was witty by her sharp comments in class and I knew she could be mischievous based on her little performance after class but thisthis was the work of a true competitor I hadn’t had anyone to verbally spar with in years and I missed the lighthearted warfare I wanted to kiss her for gifting me with this bit of fun—okay I just wanted to kiss her and hold her and rip her clothes off to mark her as mine game or no game I needed the reprieve her gauntlet provided to maintain my sanity in the face of evil The beautiful blonde haired devil was my angel Hunter CharlesAnyone wish that Ms Rulon did a full novel on Hunter's POV? I know I DID

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