The First Time My First Time #1 Kindle ç First Time

The First Time My First Time #1 Emily Masterson needs a place to live Ryan Walker has a spare room She’s recently single because her boyfriend cheated her so when meets Ryan as he’s half naked and surrounded by women she thinks someone is playing a joke on her He loves women he’s never short of beautiful women to take to his bedroom or living room or bathroom or kitchen so when he ends up living with the one woman that seems disgusted by him he doesn’t know whether to laugh or curse fate They don’t get along They argue about anything and everything they insult each other at every opportunity and they love nothing better than to mess with each other When they finally realise how attracted they are to each other the friction at home only gets worse at one point no one will even risk knocking on their apartment door So they’re stuck with each other With late nights early mornings holidays and no one else to spend their free time with they get to know each other They find out that they might just have a thing or two in common and sometimes the best person for you might be the one who stole the last piece of cake

About the Author: R.S. Burnett

I’m Rachel I love reading and writing In fact it’s seventy percent probable that I’m doing one or the other right now I spend the rest of my time baking and annoying my Mum via the phone or internet If you want to know about what I’m working on or what I’m up to you can find me at one of the following;Twitter RachelSBurnettFacebook RSBurnettWebsite RSBurnettcom

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