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Wanting What She Cant Have The newest Master Vintner installment is a moving love story Readers will feel the pain and guilt the hero carries as they go through the emotional wringer with him The dilemmas faced by the main characters feel legit and the heat is off the charts RT Book Reviews 4 12 stars Miniseries The Master Vintners Yvonne Lindsay continues The Master Vintners series with Wanting What She Can’t Have This has been a wonderful series so far and she definitely did not disappoint with her latest addition We are treated to Raoul who lost his wife during the birth of their daughter Ruby He can’t get over her death nor can he understand why she’d hidden a serious medical condition from him His wife’s best friend Alexis receives a letter from his wife asking that she watch over her family in the event that something happens to her What Alexis discovers upon her visit is a man who has totally lost himself In fact he isn’t even raising his own daughter Ruby is being cared for by Catherine her grandmother who needs surgery and can no longer continue watching her Alexis agrees to nanny Ruby and brings her home to Raoul Alexis shows Raoul how to care for his daughter while Ruby teaches him how to love again Ms Lindsay provides us with many emotionally charged scenes She has written a heartwarming novel that takes us down a path to true love I thoroughly enjoyed this story and read it in one sitting I highly recommend this book and hope that Ms Lindsay continues the Master Vintners series I would like to disclose that I received a copy of Wanting What She Can’t Have in exchange for a fair and honest review It’s not uite a secret baby he has the baby; she’s his late wife’s best friend but it’s pretty close That said the largest problem I had with the book is that the hero’s an asshole A grieving asshole absolutely but still an asshole His wife died a year and a half ago and he can’t stand to so much as look at their baby His mother in law who’s been raising the kid urgently needs surgery so the heroine shows up to be nanny The hero and heroine had a thing for each other while the hero was married to his wife which is why they’ve been avoiding each other ever since but the hero genuinely loved his wife so when he starts sleeping with the heroine it’s just kind of gross he feels guilty and angry and tells her repeatedly it’s just sex and she’s like “no it’s fine you need to come back to life” This is the point in a brunch date where I look at my friend across the table and say “Honey he’s telling you who he is He is literally saying it out loud Believe him” So the heroine is in love with the dude taking care of and loving his child not doing well with the birth control and he’s swearing up and down that they’re having no strings attached sex which she’s promised she’s on board with Bad idea BAD IDEA “ falling deeper in love with Raoul was starting to take a toll on her She just had to do what she did every day and every night and hope that the strength of her love could mend what was broken at Raoul’s core” IT CAN’T At its heart this is such a familiar toxic relationship pattern in Real Life that it doesn’t feel romantic to me at all and the tragedy level of the hero’s backstory makes it hard to believe that he’s really not just rebounding Then there’s the twist which contains something that drives me nuts view spoilerthe heroine gets knocked up from their first night together despite the fact that she took a morning after pill “She’d been counseled that they were not always 100 percent effective” the author carols This drives me crazy the author doesn’t want to commit to having Alexis kind of suck by promising to handle birth control but not handling it so she gives her heroine not one but two birth control failures birth control pill morning after pill and then has her not even think the a word abortion Come on The hero and heroine were already irresponsible by not using a condom but to pile on the list of things the heroine does to prevent pregnancy have them both fail and then have her not even contemplate abortion or adoption or telling the baby daddy while it’s early enough that he can have an opinion this is just obnoxious hide spoiler In Wanting What She Can’t Have by Yvonne Lindsay Alexis Fabrini is determined to fulfill her best friend’s last wish even if the letter with the reuest took a year to catch up with her Right before her death Bree wrote a letter asking Alexis to watch over her husband Raoul and her daughter Ruby But Alexis will have a tough road ahead with Raoul’s antagonism and his avoidance of Ruby Not to mention that the fact that she was attracted to Raoul after she met him once Bree and him were engaged Which led to her being jealous and envious of her best friend and she started to pull away until she broke ties with Bree So it’s a big surprise to find out what Bree reuested of her and the guilt she felt after she learned Bree died soon after writing that letter will not let her go Raoul Benoit has buried himself in work to forget about the death of his wife and what he considers he responsibility for it She may have died during childbirth of an aneurysm due to a health issues she already had are not something he can get over for he believes that she went through the pregnancy and didn’t tell him about her health since she knew how much he wanted a children Now Raoul avoids any and all relationships since he fears loosing another person Then knowing that Ruby was born very sick only reinforced his beliefs and even avoids his daughter Now Raoul has to deal with Alexis trying to change him and the way he is going about life Being attracted to her is not helping one bit and even though he will admit it he tells her it’s only going to be physical and that he will never again get involved emotionally You know that this is only going to get interesting for there can not be as much chemistry and attraction between Raoul and Alexis without it growing into something deeper But first Raoul will have to let go of his anger and fear before he learns what he could loose if he gives into his fear again Let me just say that this is a very emotional read the twists and turns will keep you turning the pages and the things that Raoul and Alexis go through will have you reaching for the tissues before they can get to their HEA I really liked this instalment of Yvonne Lindsay's The Master Vintners mini series I was fantastic being able to read Alexis Fabrini's HEAThe way this story unfolded made me feel like I was a part of the story The only two issues I had with this story were that for most of the first half of the story the hero's name felt like it didn't fit him and secondly while Raoul and Alexis got their HEA I felt like I was left hanging at the end of the story as if it would have benefited from an epilogue My Review 45 Star Review Wanting What She Can't Have The Master Vintners # 5I recommend this bookI enjoyed this book by Yvonne This book includes passion laughs and heartacheIf you have not read the below I would recommend reading those books first from “The Master Vintners” seriesThe Wayward SonA Forbidden Affair One Secret NightThe High Price of Secrets Get your tissues ready you will need themRaoul Beniot lost his wife Bree in childbirth Now he can't connect with the baby Alexis Fabrini was friends with Bree but when she discovered she has feelings for Raoul she broke away from her fiend A year after her friend passes she receives a letter that her friend Bree wanted her to watch over her daughter and RaoulAlexis offers her services as a nanny She is not expecting the non existent relationship between father and daughter Can she heal Raoul and help him connect with his daughter? Will she also be able to get him to open his heart and learn to love again?Very good read Look forward to the next book by Yvonne This was a very emotional story Raoul's wife Bree passed away giving birth to their daughter Ruby Alexis is Bree's best friend She comes home to be Ruby's nanny which fires up her attraction to Raoul Raoul is fighting his attraction to Alexis too I liked how this story unfolded and how both characters grew because of each other I liked the secondary characters too including Raoul's mother in law and his friends I read it for a challenge and plotwise I hated it So why two stars and not one? Because this is a Harleuin romance and it doesn't pretend to be a literatureRecommended to those who believe that it's excusable for a man treat a woman like rubbish and abuse his infant child yeah emotional neglect ualifies as abuse too as long as he's a tortured soul and has been through a lot and don't forget he is so sexy This was a very emotional story Alexis has come to Raoul to offer her services as his daughter's nanny His wife had been her best friend and she had received a letter from her written before Bree's death asking her to watch over Raoul and Ruby if anything happened to her It took a year for the letter to catch up with her but she's determined to fulfill her friend's reuest She doesn't expect Raoul's antagonism or the way he avoids any contact with his daughter There was so much emotional turmoil going on with both Alexis and Raoul Alexis and Bree had been best friends since kindergarten Alexis met Raoul after he and Bree were already engaged She was immediately attracted to him but refused to do anything to come between them It was hard to see them together and she became and envious so in order to protect her heart she started pulling away from her friendship with Bree Eventually she broke ties completely so the letter from Bree came as a surprise It was of a shock when she discovered that Bree had died shortly after sending that letter Alexis's guilty feelings for not being there for her friend were intense and added to the guilt she felt about her feelings for Raoul she was determined to fulfill her friend's wishes She was shocked to discover that Raoul had cut himself off from everyone including his baby girl I really loved seeing the way that she orchestrated taking over Ruby's care forcing Raoul to have them staying at his house She was heartsick over his withdrawal and determined to find a way to get past the walls he had built up She was also determined to do all this without giving him any idea of her own feelings Unfortunately she discovered that the attraction was mutual even if the feelings weren't Raoul has buried himself in his work using it to avoid dealing with his wife's death and his daughter's care He feels completely responsible for Bree's death as she died of an aneurysm during childbirth That he didn't know she had this health issue gives him no relief as he felt she went through the pregnancy because she knew how much he wanted children Now he's afraid to love anyone else including his daughter for fear that he would lose them too Ruby had been very sick when she was first born and that only reinforced his fears Now he has to deal with Alexis wanting him to change the way he feels It doesn't help that he's attracted to her and that is causing cracks in the walls around his heart Admitting his attraction to her he insists that anything between them will be physical only that there is no chance that he will ever get emotionally involved or married againYou just know with a statement like that that Raoul is setting himself up for a massive fall I loved seeing the way that Alexis managed to slowly get Raoul involved in Ruby's care Some of the methods were blatant others were very subtle but all worked on him a little bit at a time She also worked hard at getting Raoul out of his isolation and back into interacting with other people She felt she owed it to Bree to help him as best she could What she didn't count on was having her feelings of attraction grow into a deep love for him When that love had unintended conseuences that brought all his fears back to the surface his reaction devastated Alexis The scenes where he pushed her away and her reaction to everything he said and did had me going through multiple tissues With all that unhappiness seeing Raoul finally let go of his anger and fear and go after Alexis made for a wonderful HEAI loved seeing Tamsyn and Finn from The High Price of Secrets and their parts in helping Alexis I loved Alexis's father and his support and protectiveness and what he said to Raoul at the end The only thing that might have improved the book would have been an epilogue I would like to know about how he ended up handling everything that was happening to him Craving the Forbidden Billionaire Raoul Benoit lets Alexis Fabrini his late wife's best friend become his daughter's nanny for one reason only the baby deserves love and attention Raoul doesn't—he has to pay for his sins which means steering clear of Alexis no matter how much he wants her The least Alexis can do is help out with this child But she can't let herself fall into bed with Raoul She's lived with her unreuited feelings for a long time—what's a little while longer The problem is the feelings are than reuited and can no longer be denied

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