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Area 51 Nightstalkers The Rift Book 3 in the Nightstalkers seriesEver since the first Rift opened in Area 51 in 1947 exposing the world to deadly beings of pure energy only the Nightstalkers have stood between humanity and complete annihilation But as the decades have gone by whatever power controls the Rifts seems to be getting smarter as if refining an ultimate planAn old ally alerts the Nightstalkers to a resurgence of Rifts in Tennessee near one of the team’s first major skirmishes with the seemingly inexhaustible threat Though still licking their wounds from their latest mission the Nightstalkers know there’s no one else remotely prepared to battle these intrusions into our world And this time they’re intent on closing down the Rifts once and for all But to do so they’ll have to finally face the truth behind the Rifts’ originsThey say that those who forget the past are doomed to repeat itBut what if the past has already doomed us all The Rift is the explosive next episode that started with Nightstalkers and The Book of Truths from New York Times bestselling author Bob Mayer Not my favored book It's well written clear and easy to follow and understand but it's mostly about violence Which I try to avoid I prefer hard science fiction adventure aliens space imagination and conflict coming from the unknown I might try another of his books if he has one about space aliens HmmehIt felt like a betrayal somehow It was a slow building from the beginning Under the same assumption that I read the first book where they battled against fireflies That was cool but then this book neglected that fun part Then tried to surprise with climax but it kinda never came Cause it was so bad climax pickhence the long slow building just became pointlessI was really hoping for excitement with double over with fireflies I like the Nightstalker books This is the team stationed outside Area 51 that go on all the weird missions Anything supernatural is their forte and particularly Rifts The first Rift was caused by scientists testingplaying around on the Manhattan Project Since then they cause all kinds of trouble and the Nightstalker team is off to close the Rift and neutralize anything that might have come through from the other side Lots of action with the characters becoming much deeper with each book Fun Very interesting seriesLots of detail suspense drama It did leave me wondering why mainly the motivation behind the entitys behind the rift The rationale behind why things happened the way they did escapes me when it could have been done humanely in so many ways Maybe will clarify in future books Not as good as you’d have wished This book is just too neat and tidy and I think counter productive for the NightStalkers series The author did OK on the first book but otherwise seems to have then abandoned all effort at maintaining a story line I don’t know what the 4thfinal book of the series will bring but one can only hope it will mimic Book #1 A great light read Bob Mayer neatly integrates the events and characters from the first two books in the series A fast paced read it was a wonderful escape from reality for a short period of time and has left me longing for Great stuffcouldn't put it down Diving right into the next one Mayer makes you think what could have been real or imagined Does a great job of weaving fact and fiction into a compelling story The Rift Area 51 Nightstalker Series by Bob Mayer is the end of a series It is a terrific science fiction read Nightstalkers are an elite band of warriors necessary to rectify the occurrences from the rift The first rift occurred in 1947 All the scientist and soldiers involved with the Rift disappeared into the rift Since then other scientist have opened rifts with the same result plus it releasing lethal doses of radiation and fireflies a term applied to troublesome spouts of electrical impulses that are gold in color Mrs Jones is in charge with Moms directly beneath her in charge of the Nightstalkers The main Nightstalkers are Nada Doc Eagle Mack Kirk and Roland Mrs Jones answers to Hannah from The Cellar A minor scientist opens a new rift at the famous archway in St Louis She receives a deadly dose of radiation Through the rift s comes Burns a former scientist and nightstalker No one knows his motives He shoots the scientist and car jacks an electric car hybrid Meanwhile Scout a young teenager notices a strange thing Her family were victims od fireflies in an earlier book She calls a secret number and sets in motion a confrontation of all parties This is a very interesting story Third installment of the Nightstalkers see's them back doing what the do best trying to stop the rifts The problem is have they been right Assuming the rifts are bad but there are always two sides to every story and what affect do the rifts have on the other side

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