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Songbird COMPLETED SERIES AVAILABLE ON KINDLE UNLIMITEDI need them both But I can only choose oneRiley HammondDespite his chiseled jaw and military uniform he was caring and thoughtful He supported me and made me feel beautiful again I fell instantlyRiley was everything I needed to heal He made me feel safe and loved and yet I couldn’t deny the pull I felt toward anotherCole Michaels An alpha rock god he was sex on legs and took pride in having women swoon over him as he strutted around the stage I knew he was no good—just ask every girl he’s been with We could never be than friendsAt least that’s what I told myselfHis cocky attitude pushed my buttons and challenged everything I thought I knew But beneath the bravado I saw glimpses of a man who was as broken as mePolar opposites both men have gotten under my skinWhich one do I choose

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    5 starsOMIGAH Before I started reading Songbird I should have remembered to expect a love triangle Normally in these situations I get to a point where I’m cheering for one team but in this book I was actually cheering for both How strangeIn Songbird we meet Tara a woman who’s confidence and self worth has been shattered due to an abusive relationship that she was in She begins this journey of rediscovering herself and her passion for music and meets two very special yet different men along the way Riley and ColeSo Riley Riley’s one of those guys you dream about and who girls rage wars over Tara meets Riley from her bestie Kelli’s boyfriend Cooper and the two begin a serious and long distance relationship Riley's the definition of sweet charming and also makes Tara feel cherished for once in her life The only downside to him is that he like Cooperis in the military special forces AND here's the kicker he's about to be deployed dramtic music Dun dun dun And then there’s Cole Cole is like the bad boy that girls go for but get their hearts broken because he’s unattainable However of course since this is a story the moment he meets Tara he relentlessly pursues her much to Tara’s dilemma Ever loyal to Riley Tara does not give into temptation even though she feels this undeniable attraction to Cole and a mutual love she's a pianist for musicSo which man should Tara choose? Gah I don’t even know myself Why can’t there be a threeway relationship?? What’s so wrong in that? Sharing is caringThe the merrier I say Lol But as much as I want that I don’t see this type of book being like those published under Siren Publishing or Ellora’s Cave where ménage and whatnot is accepted Bummer poutsI’ve never been so conflicted in a book before where my emotions were literally felt as if they were on a never ending roller coaster of ups and downs I did have those moments where I wanted to clock Tara upside her head and to tell her to cut off feelings for one guy and make a decision; BUT AT THE SAME TIME I also couldn’t help but feel for her in this confusing and tumultuous dilemma Perhaps while Riley is gone absence will make the heart grow fonder? OR will temptation win out and will Tara break her loyalty to Cole? Holy Jesus I NEED BOOK TWO SONGBIRD was gifted to me by Lisa Edward in excahnge for an honest review THANK YOU VERY MUCH I SO HEART YOU RIGHT NOW

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    25 Not For Me StarsDNF at 60%Very annoying heroine a love triangle and a very inconsistent and confusing plot I tried really hard but I just couldn't finish this book at 60% I still didn't feel any connection to the story and my annoyance was growing by the minute I just couldn't read any

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    Songbird held on tight and didn’t let go 5What can I say? Songbird is a book that will stay with me for a long long time For a debut Lisa Edward blew my mind Her writing is real and it is raw I felt connected to the characters because her enchanting storytelling sucks you in and doesn’t let goI cried I laughed I screamed I sighed and I swooned Yes fair to say I was an emotional mess because this story is one we all can relate to I sympathized and understood each character especially the heroine who I loved from the minute she was introduced with her sassy nature Watch out for this up and rising talent because Lisa Edward is here to stay Songbird is easily in my top 5 reads of 2013

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    Songbird by Lisa Edwards4 starsI love reading books from new authors and this book was recommended to me by a friend and she said “you have to read this” so I didand I couldn’t put it downand now I am tornI love two menI should only love one of themI don’t like triangles or suaresbut I love Riley and I love Coleif I find it a hard choiceimagine how Tara feelsTara starts this book in an abusive relationshipnot physically as suchbut mentally Stephen is very OCD everything has its place including Tara His life is like a series of pockets and if you put something in the wrong pocket all hell breaks loose He undermines her constantly demeans her constantly over the 2 years they are together he totally changes her as a person and turns her into some Stepford Wife that is a good asset in the board room Eventually Tara does see sense and gets out whilst Stephen is away on business and Tara moves in with her best friend Kelli“You were trying to share an opinion when you don’t have one You looked like an ignorant idiotyou embarrassed me in front of my associates”“At least Genevieve knows how to sit there uietly and just look pretty There’s no hope of you looking pretty though is there”“You’re lucky I put up with you no one else would give you a second glance”Her confidence and self worth were decimated It was up to Kelli to bring Tara back Kelli takes Tara to her hairdresser for a makeover and Jason firmly becomes Tara’s new gay BF Kelli and Tara then decide to join a gym and it is here they meet “Mr Hotbod” Kelli is not interested but does window shopshe has her long term boyfriend Cooper he is in the forces and is based in Sydney but Tara has no partner and drools when she does her window shoppinghe is hot and sexy and he knows itthere is an instant connection and attraction but Tara does not act on itin fact she runs away and tries to stay away from him as much as possible she is actually terrified he is a player and she knows that she will only get hurt“Not for me for Tara She needs to get laid and she thought Mr Hotbod was a prime candidate”On a visit home Cooper brings his best friend with himmeet the Irish charmer that is Riley he too is in the forces he is gorgeous sexy fit and also uite uiet He has just recovered from coming out of a long term relationship and finally feels that he is able to date again They are instantly attracted to each otherwhat will happen? Riley is totally and utterly adorableI love him to bits“Whether you’re lying here in my arms or we’re a thousand miles apart I will always love you You will always be with me”As Riley is in the forces Tara embarks on a long distance relationship the same as Kelli has with Cooper It is a struggle she misses him so she tries to fill her time up with other stuff to keep her mind occupied She ends up going to Jason’s friends bar called “Songbirds” Tara is an accomplished musician and pianist and it does not take long before Tara has her own regular guest spot as a performer Tara also gets one of her friends bands a regular gig at Songbirds the lead singer turns out to be none other than “Mr Hotbod” aka Cole “Cole ticked every box in what I would ever want from a boyfriend except for one thing He was caring thoughtful and attentive He was funny and intelligent; he just couldn’t keep it in his pants”So that is the background a lot happens there are a lot of men vying for Tara’s affections she must have some potent pheromones But as I said in the intro I love two of these guys It is not your typical love triangle or suare as the case maybeTara makes her choice but I did want to bash her sometimes she does have feelings for two of them but if you love someone you shouldn’t feel that way about somebody else and it was this that was uite conflicting I could understand though I am just as conflictedI loved Riley and then I fell in love with “the real” Cole It is rare that you fall for two contenders that is the beauty of Lisa Edwards’ story telling because you cannot help but love them bothWhilst I absolutely adore Riley and I really want them to get their HEA I do feel that there is something between Tara and Cole and I cannot believe I am saying this but I really want to see these waters tested OMG Not only do Cole and Tara seem to connect on a physical and emotional level but their mutual love of music only heightens this passion I do however not want Riley to be hurt in any way shape or form if there is some toe dipping I do not want much do I? lol I just can’t see how it could be donemaybe ménage but I don’t see that being Lisa’s style lol That is the trouble with this book it leaves you torn and conflicted your emotions all over the place I have never been in this position before and that is kudos to Lisa Edwards I am really firmly on the fence and I cannot wait to see where this is going to go I need book 2 NOW“Smile for me When I turn around to wave goodbye for the final time I want your beautiful smile to be the last thing I see”wwwtheromancecovercom

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    ARC provided by the author for an honest review Songbird takes us through Tara's story At the beginning of this book Tara is in an abusive relationship Stephen has stripped her of her confidence and she has become a shell of who she used to be She finally decides to leave him and her world is suddenly full of possibilities Her friend Kelli helps her get back on her feet and find her confidence again And then it just seems like guys are popping out of the woodwork We have Jason her gay hairstylist new best friend Marcus owner of Songbirds a karaoke bar Jason's long time crush Riley Kelli's boyfriend's best friend member of the special forces hot yummy military man And Cooper singer of a local band Arrogant gorgeous man whore Things that I liked about the story Great supporting characters Loved Jason I want a gay best friend Cole Riley and Marcus Um where are the gorgeous guys all jumping up and down to be my friend??? Where can I find some of these guys? Nice chemistry Things I did not like about the story I was not feeling Tara I really couldn't connect with her I don't want to spoil which one of these guys is her prince But I must say the decision was not clear cut for me How can you get butterflies and want to be close to one man when you're sleeping with another? As we learn about Tara it turns out she comes from a wealthy family and her parents were concerned about appearances than anything else While I thought at the beginning of the story that money was tight it seems Tara just doesn't want to touch the money that represents an unhappy childhood Ooookay I get that not coming from money myself but why did she struggle with getting an apartment and getting back on her feet in the beginning of the story if she had a trust fund? Surely this ualifies as a really good reason to tap into your stock pile of cash Insta love I can't relate to insta love Did not feel it in this story This story felt very looooong to me In a good story there is a build up a climax and a resolution In this book the build up was lengthy and there were descriptions of things that could have been left out And a lot of sentences started with I I did this I felt that I want this I like that I I I Then I kept trying to guess what the climax was going to be First I thought there would be a blowout with shithead Stephen Then I thought it was going to be a love triangle with bachelor number one and number two But it just kept going on to developing this relationship We get a mini climax and the resolution felt very rushed Then of course the book ends by setting the stage for a seuel I ended up feeling like she kind of settled for second best and I wished her feelings for bachelor number two were explored I look forward to seeing how this author improves in the next book

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    First I would like to give a HUGE Thank You to Lisa Edwards for allowing me to read her book Life was a little hectic and I read it but never did the review as you can see on my currently reading list it is HUGE because I have read so many books and have not posted the reviews yet So I want to personally say I am so sorry for not posting this review soonerTo say that this book is EXCELLENT and a must read is an understatement Anyone who has had a loved one go into the army or any branch of the army or navy will love this book because the main character Tara is so effing faithful to her special forces man I love it Tara our main character is 24 years old and she loves music The girl can sing like no ones business but she gives it all up to be with a guy Stephen she thinks she loves Stephens nothing than a big old meany being rude and abusing Tara all the time Soon Tara has had enough and she gets the courage to leave him That is where the story gets so good and I mean I laughed I cried my eyes out and I screamed at my kindle because the emotional roller coaster I went through was one hell of a rideTara meets two gorgeous guys that sweep her off her feet but she meets Riley Hammond first and he is a Corporal in the Australian Special forces Riley is a great guy and he loves Tara so much Riley builds Tara up and helps her with everything as much as he can because he is away a lot because of the military But that is okay because Tara has her best friends and her singing and another HOT guy to help her get herself back on track and stay thereSee Tara also has a hot singer in a popular indie band named Cole He is gorgeous smart and witty and they share the same love of music Cole is patient and kind to Tara and they share so much that at first I was like hell she should start dating him but her heart is with Riley and I loved both guys that my heart was literally split in two because I could not choose which guy I loved and I love when a story does that to me because I am left wondering what is going to happen and in this case I need books two like yesterdayBook two is coming out soon and the name of it is Songbird Caged What do you guys think about the name???????? I love it

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    it is not often you pick up a book and instantly fall in loveSometimes they start off slow and you grow to love them other times they start off with a bang and fizzle shortly afterSongbird by Lisa Edwards was instant perfectionThis book was just WOW CAPTIVATING ROMANTIC PROFOUNDa truly magnificent story about finding oneself after being lost This book touched me and left me breathless and wanting The book starts off with Tara leaving an abusive relationship and trying to pick up the pieces of her shattered life It was passionate and awe inspiring to watch Tara break out of the cage she was placed in The journey to find her way back brought tears to my eyes I felt an instant connection to Tara I loved her I found her endearing she was cute and funny and she is everything I want a main character to be She was easy to relate to her problems were REALEnter SWOON worthy Riley oh and don't forget drop dead gorgeous Coleaka HOT BODAs a romantic relationship begins with Riley a beautiful friendship grows with Cole both men helping Tara rebuild her life find her confidence and once again become the women she was meant to beI loved EVERY minute I loved watching Tara find herself I loved watching her fall in love I loved the banter I loved the romance I LOVED EVERYTHING RATING 5 sweet romantic and inspiring stars

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    I'll be honest I'm a cover whore The beautiful cover of Songbird drew me in and gave me a perfect visual of Tara My heart hurt for Tara she had lost herself in an abusive relationship and I was never happy than when she plucked up the courage to leave It's always hard to start over uncertain of what's to come but when you have awesome friends and men falling at your feet then life suddenly becomes a whole lots easierI swear on a stack of supernatural and soppy romance novels that I will get my life back together follow my passion again and never look back Tara rediscovers her love of music Playing the piano and singing at the local club in the evenings and generally getting herself back on her feet She is clearly naturally beautiful but hasn't got a clue since the rat bastard of an ex boyfriend was a total douche and put her down at every opportunity For the main part the story focuses on Tara and Riley Riley is a total dream boat perfect in every way and build up Tara's self esteem turning her into a little vixen The only problem is he's not around much due to being in the military special forces It proved how hard on the heart long distance love affairs can be I was so frustrated for these guysNow I Know I am his Not just my body All of me I have always been his I will always be his Then there's Cole arrogant cocky and sexy as hell He's a straightforward talking kinda guy If he thinks it he says it What got to me most is when we saw the soft man beneath the hard exterior Tara bats off his continual advances she's a loyal girl But while I do not advocate cheating in any way I wanted something to happen they had the chemistry the 'feels' Every which way that girl turned there was a guy waiting in the wings Trying to protect her To keep her safe She's a lucky lucky girl I loved the rest of the gang too Her best friend Kelli her boyfriend Cooper who was one of the funniest guys in the book I loved his Nicknames for everyone and his uick witted comments The last half of the book really kicked things up a notch for me The excitement and drama kept me turning the pages and I can't wait to find out where their relationship takes them in the next book Yes there is another book but you are not left with a huge cliffhanger a lead in to the next chapter of their lives 35 4 Stars

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    All readers are forever in search of those illusive books that stay with them long after the last words are read So you will understand me when I shout out AMEN HALLELUJAH SISTER I HAVE FOUND ONE Was it the fact Lisa Edward gave usA Corporal Riley Hammond who says sweet swoonworthy things like Do you think I could add to your happiness Tara?B Tattooed Rockstar Cole Michaels who gave us the follow scene that may or may not have induced a need for 'personal time out by this reader He ran his thumb over my swollen lips then touched his thumb to his ownI can taste you he said his voice so hoarse it was barely audible He leaned down so close I could feel his breath on my cheekAnd I can smell youCTara the protagonist that we saw evolve from the broken girl we first met to the woman that literally found her voice again If these are the reasons that make Songbird into one of my favourite books containing some of my new all time favourite characters then I am going to have to say its due to all of the above choices that are brought together in an exceptionally well written bookI didn't just read this book I LIVED it and FELT it The raw emotion the angst the love and the times that we could see as readers that were yet to be identified by the charactersThis is the first book in the Songbird trilogy a debut novel by Lisa Edward not that you would know it as it was a polished and well thought out bookWas it a cliffhanger??? No but I NEED to know what happens nextWas it a love triangle?? No but I SOOOOO want it to be ok So I may have a boy that I have a tiny little crush on ; well tiny as in a LAY DOWN I THINK I LOVE YOU kind of way Would I recommend it ?? ABSO FREAKING LUTELY BUY IT READ IT LIVE IT So I will leave you and Tara with this thought for Book 2 Songbird CagedA lot can happen in 6 months Tara People can change circumstances can change and you've committed to standing still

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    I don't even know how to start my review of this book I felt so many emotions while reading it As someone who has dealt with a relationship that was toxic I felt that I could relate to Tara I'm not going to lie and say there were moments where my past didn't creep up on me but I was able to look at my past in a different light Everyone deals differently with the way they handle things I loved Tara even though at moments she grated on my nerves I think that happened though because I felt like in some instances I was reading about myself and the way I felt I was an emotional roller coaster reading this bookOn that note though I absolutely loved this book It was so raw but so real at the same time Many people think it's so easy to just walk away and start over and for some it is and for some it isn't I felt like the whole story was easy to relate to and just so real I didn't feel like anything was sugar coated I loved all the characters and am so excited for the next book in this trilogy Tara is finding her happy and I can't wait to see what happens next

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