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    Neo enjoys this book about a little gnu and her dad playing together He said it reminded him of how we played together but did point out that I have NEVER built him a fort out of a box I suppose I better get on that

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    For those who don't know Nelly Gnu is Llama Llama's friend This picture book is done in the same style as the Llama Llama books but focuses on Nelly and her relationship with her fatherAfter the family gets a new high chair and other baby furniture for Nelly's younger sibling Daddy Gnu and Nelly turn the cardboard boxes into a little playhouse When it's completed Nelly thinks it needs something so off they go to Home Depot or some similar big box store to buy paint and brushes to decorate the playhouse While they're there Nelly ends up separated from Daddy Gnu which is pretty scary But it turns out that he's never far and he manages to swoop in to save the dayIt's a fairly idealized look at the father daughter relationship which is fine if that's the case in the reader's life I found this book a little difficult to read though; those readers with fractured relationships with their fathers probably aren't going to love this one Daddy Gnu just comes across as a little too perfect he knows how to do everything he's protective and he never makes a misstep That may be how some children see their fathers but it's by no means a universal experienceThe rhymes are cute and the pictures are nice but I kind of felt like something was missing Maybe it's just the fact that Llama Llama doesn't appear as a character in this one Llamas are a lot cuter than gnus for one thing I'm also not sure we really get a good idea of Nelly's character here We've had plenty of time to get to know Llama Llama Expecting the same level of knowledge about Nelly after just one book with her in a starring role is unrealistic sure but I still would've liked to see her personality developed a little bit If you like the bounce and rhythm of the Llama Llama books you might enjoy this one too I don't think it's one of my favourite Anna Dewdney titles though Llamas gnus Sorry gnus

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    Fine rhyming and sentiment but lacks the building of suspense of the original Like that is shows a Dad and daughter bonding

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    Definitely using this in storytime

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    Hip Hip Hooray It’s a super duper daddy daughter day The perfect read for little ones and their exceptional dadsWhat does the modern busy dad look like? You need not look further than this endearing book by Anna Dewdney Nelly Gnu’s dad not only builds things he can paint and cook and read stories Nelly’s dad can find lost things be patient and tuck little gnus in at night Dad Gnu and Nelly too love each other; yes it’s true This extraordinary rhyming book introduces gnus and Nelly Gnu in particular to young readers Gnus in real life are not all that cute but in the book they are just darling Nelly Gnu has bright eye catching illustrations with fun little uirky details There is even a cameo by Llama Llama and his momma I feel in love with the father and daughter interactions and I’m sure you will too

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    Nelly Gnu who appears in one or two Llama Llama books now has her very own series at least I assume it is a series Nelly loves doing things with her dad After receiving new baby furniture Nelly and daddy make a playhouse from the big boxes Nelly wears her toy toolbelt and helps daddy measure cut and past the house together When it is time to decorate the house they visit the home store where Nelly almost loses daddy Very sweet depiction of a father who plays with his daughter AND makes dinner The pictures have the same vivid uality as Dewdney's other books

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    I love how involved this dad is with his daughter It is a perfect book for a dad to read with his young children It also gives parents an excellent opportunity to talk about what to do if a child gets lostTalking points what are your favorite things that you and your dad do together? What should you do if you get lost in a store or at an event or in the neighborhood?

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    I love how this book models a young girl interested in building things and a stay at home father who cooks dinner It's a great book that gently pushes on established gender roles something that's all too often ignored in picture books without being hamfisted or devolving into a lecture Maybe one of my favorite of Dewdney's books the kids at storytime love it

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    I didn't like this as much as llama llama but maybe preschoolers and their parents will Rhymes did not seem as smooth to me

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    What a charming book we brought home from the library last week I thought these books were over hyped until I realized it was the board books that were lame I don't think babies reuire 2 word a page books; there's nothing wrong with it but as a parent I think it's tough to read those things often I read Peter Pan and other things in between the shortened version of Goodnight Moon because I just couldn't read the same stuff all of the time But the actual Llama Llama books are worthwhile the hardcover books like this one My son loves the Netflix show and the stories to match the show

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Nelly Gnu and Daddy Too DrawingReadingBuildingPaintingThese are things Nelly loves to dobut they're always better with Daddy GnuWith fun to read rhyme a little silliness and a lot of warmth Anna Dewdney the creator of the beloved llama llama books tells the story of a daughter and her daddy and their wonderful day together