In the Balance I Bring the Fire #35 PDF ☆ Balance I

In the Balance I Bring the Fire #35 Amy Lewis is sure she’ll never see Loki again but when chaos is involved nothing is certainCalled into ADUO’s offices to identify a magical artifact Amy is taken on a journey beyond the universe itself She comes face to face with the good and the bad of the forces of order and chaos and has to chose for herself which of many imperfect paths to takeThe fate of the Nine Realms is in the balance This time it’s in Amy’s handsAn I Bring the Fire novella that takes place after Chaos This was a nice short read If you enjoy the other books you'll enjoy this one I don't recommend starting with it though But you should never start with a book from the middle of a series in the first place So so soooooooo good Ms Gockel started out as a fan fiction author and I think the highest compliment I could pay her would be that she makes me want to write fan fiction about this series The action always moves along at a great pace in this story I'd recommend this series to those that like fantasysoft sci fi or a good anti hero story but grab the first one in the series I Bring the Fire Part I Wolves Multiple dimensions is just what Amy doesn't need and is smack dab in the midst of just how many versions of Loki are out there? These go down easy Perhaps the most accurate representation of the Norse gods out there today Short story warning

  • ebook
  • 75 pages
  • In the Balance I Bring the Fire #35
  • C. Gockel
  • English
  • 15 April 2016

About the Author: C. Gockel

C Gockel got her start writing fanfiction and she is not ashamed Much She received emails messages and reviews from her fans telling her she should 'do this professionally' She didn't; because she is a coward and life as a digital designer copywriter and coder is dependable But in the end her husband's nagging wore her down You could be the next '50 Shades of Gray' and I could reti

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