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Body to Barter Half breed Shifters #4 Brynn Griffin has always known the Muhlikari pack of absolute pure blooded wolves has no tolerance for her kind They kill half breed shifters without mercy So when she’s captured by one of them she's willing to do anything to stay alive even grant her captor sexual favors But she never counted on being enthralled so completelyGannon recognized Brynn as his mate the moment he smelled her After she's injured he secretes her back to his den to heal her But to keep her safe within his pack he must pretend she's his pet and lock her in a cage If anyone found out she was his life partner they'd kill him and her both without a moment's pause Love and passion collide with danger and savagery the moment these two meet But to stay together they're willing to risk bringing down the wrath of both of their worlds and fight for a new way of life

  • ebook
  • Body to Barter Half breed Shifters #4
  • Miranda Stowe
  • English
  • 28 February 2016

About the Author: Miranda Stowe

Miranda writes hot steamy erotic romance the menage contemporary paranormal suspense kind She lives with her wonderful Brad Pitt lookalike husband hey they're both blond haired and blue eyed and adorable still needs to learn the meaning of NO toddler daughter on their spacious corn field and cow pasture front property in Kansas Librarian by day and author by night she is also published

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    I’ve read some of the other books in Ms Stowe’s series Half Breed Shifter but not all of them I can assure you you don’t have to read them in any sort of order as the ones I have read seem to be stand alone However I plan to rectify the “not reading all of them” part pretty uickly This book is greatBrynn is one of a group of triplets I’ve also read Roland’s story which is also a good read; who finds herself in the arms of the enemy after a raid on her town The Muhlikari wolves are purebreds hating any half shifters Their main goal seems to be annihilation of any shifter that is less than 100% pure and in their minds ought to be thanked for doing so So imagine Gannon’s surprise when he discovers his mate a half breedWhile some might criticize Gannon’s uick departure from all the s and prejudice he’s had pounded into him his entire life remember the power of mate hood One of the most amazing things in paranormal books something I think we all secretly crave is the strong instantaneous bond that appears between fated mates Sure it is sometimes fought against but here’s a man who’s willing to acknowledge what his soul knows SighWhy are you still reading this review? Go buy the book right now I’d recommend this novella obviously to fans of Ms Stowe but also to fans of the paranormal hot shifters and romance genres It’s a uick read and well worth the price55 flaming hearts for hotnessPlease visit sslyblogwordpresscom

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    I really enjoyed this book I always love reading about the different aspects of shifters The story takes on a Romeo and Juliet kind of vibe without the double suicides of course that I enjoyed I was glad that Gannon was not so tainted by his father’s hate that he was able to recognize and protect his mate regardless of her half breed status You got to love a stand up guyThis book is a fast action packed read that will have you wanting There is lots of hot mating sex a sexy naked alpha wolf a strong she cat and a good storyline laced with humor The only thing I didn’t like was that it was too short The plot has the makings for a full novel I would have loved to see back story and development of the secondary characters I would recommend the book to anyone looking for a uick paranormal readReviewed by Elizabeth for Cocktails and Books

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    4 out of 5 stars mates find each other in the middle of a battle then discover that there is to learn about one another then what they've been told and what meets their eyes I loved reading about the instant chemistry and passion that Brynn Gannon shareRead of this review and two teasers here

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    25 starsWhile I thought this one had a lot of promise the short length of the book had things speeding along at a pace that was too uick to fully develop either the plot or the relationships and I was left disenchanted This is definitely a new look at shapeshifters it was a fascinating concept The one thing was that with how short it was I just couldn't uite get a complete feel for it The same went for the relationship between the two main characters it was moving a suck a uick pace that it didn't seem to uite work It moved from acceptance to love to beyond very uickly

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    There is something very off about a Hero who is animal than man and who has spent his whole life gleefully murdering innocent people view spoiler mere moments before meeting the h he is murdering her friends hide spoiler

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    This was one great read I have to say that I was disappointed when I reached the end I wanted it to just go on and onI had to laugh at Gannon when he ate his first human food and experienced life as a human The bound that Gannon had for Brynn was instant and it was hot I can't wait for the next book

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    Review can be found here

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    This book is much better than Dane and Ari's book Still almost too fast paced but enjoyable in its own way Book 5 is still my favorite

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