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Remembering That Night Rating 35 starsI really enjoy Stephanie Doyle's writing her books generally don't take the usual route and since Greg was a character we met before I was curious to see who would hook himGreg used to be a psychologist but he isn't one any longer what he is a walking talking human lie detector and a cynic and as we later find out a recovering gambling addict Greg is called in for his skill with lies to the station where a woman was found covered in blood with no memory of what happenedThat woman is Eliza and we slowly find out who she is while time is running out for her with the murder charge hanging over her head Greg takes her in while she doesn't know who she is and despite his reservations tries to help her I liked seeing Greg turn from a cynic to start believing in Eliza and seeing him deal with his past problems The book was engaging especially the secondary storyline with Greg's friendAll in all give this book a try ARC received though Netgalley Originally HEREOkay first thing’s first I nearly DNF’d this book for the most stupid reason and here it isTen percent of the way in the heroine – who is acting all superior about her cooking skills and apparently is connected to an Italian family – reuests a spoon to eat her spaghetti with thus impressing the men with her superior cultural knowledgeUh Alleged food snob you realise that is practically a criminal offence in Italy the country spaghetti comes from? That’s like going to a sushi restaurant and asking for a knife and forkAnywayOnce I finished my tantrum I realised there’s a lot to like about this book Amnesia has become a big ol’ romance novel joke but there’re a handful of authors who can pull it off and I think Stephanie Doyle is one of them The research was a huge help – if you’re not going to research amnesia extensively then you shouldn’t write about it I’m looking at you certain NYT bestselling romantic suspense authorI’m loving that Harleuin’s Superromance line has so much variety and it’s becoming even interesting You never know uite what you’re going to get and that’s why I continue to track down so many of these booksStrangely this is one Super author I’ve never read before shame on me but I’ll be changing that Remembering That Night was an entertaining highly readable book with characters who seemed realistic even in crazy circumstances Review copy provided by NetGalley Interesting amnesia story One that's actually probable Lots of murder mystery to it but it doesn't overwhelm the story The hero was almost psychic in the way he could read lies and liars which was an interesting aspect of the story Liked it a lot Greg Chalmers is a human lie detector Confident in his theory about the physiology of lying he walked away from his psychology practice after he was proven fallible by one of his patients Afterward his life spiraled out of control causing him to lose his much the rest of his life to the darkness that consumed him A year after hitting rock bottom he knows what his weaknesses are and has surrounded himself by the people who have his back Then he is called in to consult on an hysterical amnesia case after a beautiful woman is picked up on the side of the road covered in blood Can he keep a professional mindset when all evidence point to her guilt but all of his instincts are tell him she is not lying?The first memory Eliza Dunning has is being picked up by a police officer on the side of a highway covered in blood She doesn't remember her name where she is from or how she came to be where she was in the state she was in Desperate to unravel her own story she turns to Greg the only person willing to believe that she truly doesn't remember anything As bits of her memory start to surface and her identity is revealed she becomes to focus of a murder investigation The problem is though the facts say guilty her gut says not Can she keep Greg on her side long enough for her to remember what really happened?What this story lacks in actual romance it makes up for in suspense and drama Typically I am not enad with or sucked into crime dramas but this one had a great set up Neither characters' story was divulged all at once so the readers feels like two mysteries are unraveling at the same time It does get a little frustrating that both characters have a hard time accepting help Whereas in the second book of the series the characters' independence helped build them up this time the trait actually tears them down It is very painful to watch yet you get drawn in and feel you have toAs far as the supporting characters go in a complete reversal to all of my previous reviews for this series Chuck and Elaine are not a strong point in this book Chuck is far from likable and Elaine comes off as immature and whiny Their romance is believable but lacks the yearning undertones that make a romance worthwhile Hopefully by the time their story is told in full we will learn something that makes the book worth readingOverall the story is well written; the characters are well fleshed; the scenarios are fantastical yet grounded in reality Normally this would be a formula for a 5 star book Yet the supporting characters drag this one down I did not expect a story centering on a woman with amnesia to grab my attention but it did In fact I couldn't put it down Greg Chalmers a psychologist unable to practice is asked to tell the cops if Eliza Dunning is lying when she is found covered in blood but unhurt herself and saying she remembers nothing about whatever she did or had observedThe plot thickens when she is revealed as an employee of an Atlantic City casino and her godfather has been murdered Did she do it? Who is now trying to kill her? And can her attraction to Greg and his to her be kept under wraps until they prove she is innocent?I had to find out I suspect you will want to too This is my second harleuin super romance I am truly enjoying the aspect of my romance mix with suspense and intrigue Eliza or Liza as she is called was found with blood all over her and no memory In walks ex psychologist ex gambler Greg who the cops has called in to ask if he thinks she is faking her amnesia It seems Eliza is an accounting for a casino in Atlanta and the owner who is her godfather is found dead and they suspect her This starts Greg putting her up at his home until they can find out who she is I enjoyed the challenge and suspense of they go about trying to find who she is I enjoy the other small backstories of Greg's friend Chuck and his lady friend the lawyer Elaine It obvious Greg was a character in a previous Stephanie book which is mentioned here but this is definitely a stand alone I enjoyed the book but didn't like how it ended The best thing this story has going for it is the amnesia angle I really liked how the author handled this aspect of the plot I also got sucked into the mystery enough to keep reading the book to the end despite the fact that I hated everything else here The heroine keeps trying to tell everyone she can take care of herself when she so obviously cannot The hero comes off like a know it all prick And then there are the love scenes that drove me up a wall No condoms no problem The connection the hero needs with the amnesiac heroine is way important than worrying about pesky details like pregnancy andor STDs He'll simply pull outheaddesk Amnesia I absolutely love what Steph did with that old familiar trope in this book But the winner for me is Greg the hero Recovering gambling addict smart aleck sort of a human lie detector all very cool things but when the human lie detector runs into a woman with amnesia what's he going to do I love this book and if you've been reading romance for as long as I have and think you've seen Amnesia handled in every possible way I totally urge you to pick this up Who's that girl Greg Chalmers knows when someone is lying That's how he ends up helping the police with an unusual case A woman is found covered in blood claiming she has no memory Is she lying He doesn't think so But for the first time his attraction to her could be clouding his judgment Despite his intentions to stay aloof he can't resist helping Eliza Dunningespecially when she becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation As they work together to uncover the details of her life Greg finds himself in deep And it's even important to prove her innocence A fast paced plot and good characterization make Remembering That Night an easy read Doyle's story progresses smoothly and her skill at keeping the bad guy underwraps until the end makes for a satisfying conclusion The attraction between Greg and Eliza is also uite well drawn RT Book Reviews rated 4 stars

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