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The Bride and the Mercenary If bride to be Ainslie O'Connell hadn't seen the derelict pushing the shopping cart she might have married the wrong man Because that derelict who now suffered from amnesia was Seamus Malone the only man she'd ever truly loved The man she'd buried two years ago The man she thought she'd knownbut really hadn't Ainslie knew that unmasking a secret from Seamus's shadowy past as a soldier of fortune would guarantee his safety But her greatest challenge lay in convincing Seamus he'd never be truly alive without her by his side

  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • The Bride and the Mercenary
  • Harper Allen
  • English
  • 15 September 2016
  • 9780373226634

About the Author: Harper Allen

Harper Allen is a Canadian writer of romance novels She is a four time nominee for a Career Achievement Award by Romantic Times Book Reviews magazine and her novel Dressed To Slay was named the magazine's choice for Best Silhouette Bombshell of 2006Her Irish ancestry lends them a touch of Celtic mysticism while her work as a reporter in the criminal court system gives her books a darker edge f

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    The Bride and the MercenaryMay 31 2002Harper Allen offers another wonderful Avengers tale in The Bride and the Mercenary Right before her wedding Ainslie O'Connell is stunned to see a homeless man outside the church who bears a striking resemblance to Seamus Malone the man she'd loved and lost two years ago Throwing caution to the wind she goes after him Soon she finds herself on the run with a man with no memory running from assassins who will stop at nothing until he's dead Can Ainslie convince him he knows her when she's no longer sure she knew him at all?The Bride and the Mercenary is a solid tale by this author though it doesn't rank with her best It features most of the elements her fans have come to expect from her nonstop action creative storytelling a strong willed heroine and a highly romantic tone Allen fills her story with many inventive touches that make it uniue I loved Seamus's hideaway I loved that Ainslie was a boxer I loved that she had an adopted daughter but that the kid wasn't a big part of the story It was just part of the heroine's character I love the attention the author gives to minor characters we meet along the way Witness how fleshed out the hero's former partner is in a few pages compared to how some authors can fail to develop their characters in entire booksThat said I didn't enjoy The Bride and the Mercenary as much as the first two Avengers books If those books were fantastic this one was only very good It was somewhat disappointing to see the third book in this series be an amnesia story when the first Avengers tale Guarding Jane Doe was also an amnesia book Seeing amnesia strike twice in such a small group of people let alone the first and third books in a series is a little far fetched for me Just like in GJD the amnesiac here is convinced he must be a bad person and a murderer though this conflict is much frustrating and exhausting than it was in the earlier book It's also a little too easy to predict what's really going on and most readers will figure out who the villain is early on though the road there is filled with unexpected twists and turnsOne of the pleasures of Allen's books is that unlike many romance novels these days they are romantic They aren't just two people with a lot of sexual chemistry or a lot in common who get to know each other over 250 pages and decide to get married in the end Allen's books have such a strong sense of romantic atmosphere that the reader can truly feel these are two people who are meant to be together This is one author who manages to capture the magic of falling in love Her heroines are some of the best around and her heroes are strong honorable men any woman would fall forWhile The Bride and the Mercenary wasn't as surprising as the author's other books it was a pleasure to read being swept up in the action and emotion of good romantic suspense

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    Too dark for my liking Not enough positives to truly rate as romance

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    Murder mystery suspenseI'm always surprised when a Harleuin book is exceptionally good I've found that most are good rather than badAll the main characters in this book have strong personalities with much influence upon those they are connected withThe female lead Ainslee is either a total naive idiot or someone you want by your side because she'll be there no matter whatThis story catches you from the start and keeps you always guessing who the characters really are I wavered back and forth deciding who's the good guys and who's the bad

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    Above average Silhouette Seamus and Lee are both uirky and not the standard hero and heroine She's a former boxer and the boxing comparisons werea really nice addition to the story I liked how Seamus was at various times sweet or tormented or eccentric making him a fairly deep character for a basic romantic suspense story If you like to guess who the bad guy is the story is a little disappointing but that never really bothers me so I thoroughly enjoyed it

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    I enjoyed this romantic suspense but some of the talk seemed bland for the situations Both the hero and the heroine had a hard time making up their minds This went back and forth throughout the story Of course the hero had a head injury in his past I was guessing on the who done it throughout also Nice read

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    Really good book I though Harleuin was all about love story but this one's from the series ''Intrigue' and it's like a suspenseIt could make a really good action movie Love it from the beginning till the end Couldn't stop reading itI'll look for books from this series

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    was a good book with twist and turnsfrom a woman about to walk down the aisle who notices a guy pushing a shopping cart who reminds her of the love of her life she buried a couple of years agoi really enjoyed this book

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    decent book enjoy a decent romance This one came with a few interest twists and a good ending but that you have to read for yourself

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    I enjoyed the book and I think it's part of a series I think I may have read 1 of the books in the series

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    Excellent BookI absolutely love Harper Allen books They are interesting and well done with Harper all her books are great from cover to cover

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