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    45★sMackenna Birch had enjoyed her holiday in New Zealand and meeting up with Adam Walker had topped it off But when he disappeared without a word one morning Mack cut her stay short by a few days and returned home to South Australia She was in disbelief but her shock at learning her father was in hospital in Adelaide after a heart attack was much worse After Lyle returned home and with her younger brother Patrick on the farm plus a worker who seemed rather cocky and sure of himself Mack could feel undercurrents of discontent rippling through everyone especially her mother Louise She wasn’t sure why – other than her father’s health – but she continued on with her work on the sheep farm and tried her best to work alongside Patrick and Cam As the days turned into weeks tensions mounted Mack’s old friend Hugh was supportive; Patrick was irritating and Cam – well Mack had serious doubts about him But then out of the blue Adam turned up What was happening to Woolly Swamp Farm; the farm Mack loved; her life long home? Would everything be “right as rain” just as her father always predicted? Right as Rain by Aussie author Tricia Stringer was a thoroughly enjoyable read I love this author’s work and this one was no exception There was romance tension mystery and intrigue – a great mixture which kept me turning the pages Highly recommended

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    While on holiday in New Zealand Mackenna Birch teamed up and fell in love with Adam Walker But then he left one morning without a word Heartbroken Mackenna returns unexpectedly to Woolly Swamp her family’s farm in Australia where she finds her father has had a heart attack Her mother is scheming and has her own views of what Mack’s future should look like As if that is not enough Mack’s younger brother Patrick is home plus a new worker Cam has been hired and Mack is not convinced about him at all He is too cock sure for her liking Mack and her father had always been allies and Mack had great plans for Woolly Swamp Farm that she wants to put into action But certain family members seem to have other ideas Her father always insists everything will be ’right as rain‘ But will it? Mack also reconnects with her old friend Hugh who is carrying a heap of guilt for events that happened in the past The characters of Mackenna and her father Lyle are well drawn and likable I disliked Mack’s mother Louise with her attitudes It really bugs me when parents try and map out their adult children’s lives instead of trusting them to know and do what is right for themselves Hugh’s mother Mary was similar for part of the book though she was never as blinkered and annoying as Louise I liked the interactions between characters and the sub plot that occurs with Cam later in the book While I enjoyed this story some things did seem a little contrived at times as people refused to enter into discussions about issues And when it came to the Gatehouse everyone seemed to conveniently have the necessary skills to pitch in and help But those uibbles aside this was another strongly readable and entertaining slice of rural Aussie fiction although there were times I learnt about sheep than I ever cared to know I also thought it was a shame Alfie the alpaca didn’t feature

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    45 starsI’ve been wanting to read a Tricia Stringer book for a long time I have uite a few of her other novels on my TBR shelf but an opportunity never presented itself for me to grab one from my collection until now owing to a reading challenge I’m participating inMackenna Birch adores working on her families farm ‘Woolly Swamp’ and believes she’ll inherit the farm one day but after her return home from a trip to New Zealand everything has changed and has left her discombobulated she learns of her dad’s heart attack her brother is running the farm and there’s also a new hired farmhand Adam Walker the guy she met on her travels in New Zealand and thought he is ‘ the one’ walked out on her a few chapters in he turns up on their doorstep and Mackenna is confused than everI was a tad annoyed as the storyline progressed Mackenna kept avoiding having conversations with Adam whenever he wanted a word with her then Adam left without either of them having any kind of discussion concerning their relationship and it was at this point I decided this will only be a 3 star rating because I seriously thought the author was leaving it there to concentrate on the other characters and ditching Adam Oh how wrong I was This magnificent story came together just beautifully I enjoyed reading about most of the characters but Louise Mackenna’s mother I disliked right from the start she was just awful and unkind to her daughter for no apparent reason Her attitude and very old fashioned views regarding the passing down of ‘Woolly Swamp’ insisting it goes to the eldest son left a bad taste in my mouthLyle Mackenna’s father was such a great character he treated Mackenna as as eual and I thought it was super that after his heart attack it didn’t keep him confined to bed too long and just got on with things and using his catch phrase I’ll be ‘right as rain’ throughout the book was endearingMy mouth watered each time Mackenna prepared and served her ‘paddock to table’ cuisine at the Gatehouse sampling woolly swamp lamb and locally grown produce A fantastic concept I enjoyed reading about as I’m sure the readers mouths will salivate too when perusing these scenes A gorgeous tale with an interesting plot

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    Right As Rain is Tricia Stringers fourth novel for adults the second to be published with Harleuin after the success of ueen Of The RoadThis engaging rural fiction is a story of love family and farming set in South Australia Licking her wounds after a holiday fling goes wrong Mackenna Birch returns home a few days early to her beloved 'Woolly Swamp' her family's sheep farm Looking forward to discussing the ideas she has developed during her trip for the farm with her father she is shocked to discover her brother a city marketing executive is managing the farm in the wake of her father's heart attack and her mother seems determined to thwart Mackenna's attempts to keep the farm on its feet While Mackenna struggles with the changes at home her life is further complicated when Adam her holiday lover follows her home and Hugh a lifelong friend returnsOf major importance to the story is the tradition of succession In this day and age it seems so archaic to insist the eldest son is the only one with the right to inherit especially when there is another sibling far passionate about taking on the farm Mackenna's mother obviously never warmed to farm life resenting the constraints it places on time and money and she doesn't want her daughter to be tied to the land Though I can respect her feelings about it her disregard for what her children want and her underhand manipulations didn't sit well with me at all Despite Mackenna's forays away from home all she has ever wanted has been to work the farm and doesn't feel as if there is any sacrifice to make At times the romance element seemed to be of a distraction than anything with Adam and Hugh often absent from the storyline or even close proximity to Mackenna I would have liked Adam in particular to have a larger and active role in the story I felt in some ways that he was an awkward addition to the tableau rather than an integral part of the storyThere are also several secondary subplots to follow in the novel one has to do with Hugh's reluctance to be back in his hometown the second involves Patrick who is keeping a secret from his family and the third relates to the suspicious behaviour of new station hand Cam introducing a frission of mystery and danger Additional interest stems from Mackenna's passion for breeding genetics and her concept of a farm to table tastingrestaurant venture Right As Rain is an engaging read and Tricia Stringer another talented author bringing rural Australia to life on the page I enjoyed it and look forward to the opportunity to read ueen of the Road and the next book

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    A cute feel good story

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    This is the first time I have read a Tricia Stringer book Thoroughly enjoyed it A great light read and it held and kept my interest

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    Thirty year old Mackenna Birch is on her first holiday in years a trip to New Zealand to research sheep breeding programs A chef who grew up at Woolly Swamp a sheep farm in South Australia Mackenna has been working with her dad Lyle to remake the farm into a real boutiue meat business She even has plans to turn the old uninhabited homestead into a gatehouse restaurant and tasting room to showcase the Woolly Swamp lamb But the trip has brought an extra unexpected pleasure for Mackenna when she meets Adam Another chef though an itinerant one Adam is the first man Mackenna has really truly clicked with in a long time melding friendship with passionSo when she wakes up after their first night together to find him gone with no explanation she feels angry upset duped foolish She cuts her trip short and heads home intending to put the whole thing behind her and concentrate on her plans for the family farmYet nothing's uite right when she gets home The place is deserted or almost so She meets Cam the man her parents have hired to help with all the farm work treating the house like his own and with a smug cocky grin to go with it Her brother Patrick is there too eight years younger and with a successful job in Adelaide and no interest in farming she's surprised to see him there until he explains that their dad had a heart attackLyle's sudden health change has had an impact on his wife Louise too She takes them to get new wills made and overrides Lyle's objections to how she wants the property left Because even though Mackenna is the one who is passionate about the farm and knows how to work it Louise has decided that it must be left to Patrick that it is his right as the son to inherit the land that he can learn to be a farmer if he's given the chance Louise's conviction about what is best for her children extends to meddling in Mackenna's love lifeMackenna's old childhood friend and neighbour Hugh is back in the area staying with his parents while he takes a temporary job in town He doesn't intend to stay though he's already accepted a job in Canada to work on a special research project and is just filling in time But both his mother and Mackenna's are hoping the two will be than friends So much so that when Adam arrives out of the blue having tracked Mackenna down Louise does what she can to discourage the relationship between themAs Mackenna works hard to get the Woolly Swamp Gatehouse up and running with Adam often helping her in the kitchen to make the group dinners a success certain things about her family and what's going on at the farm begin to sink in Her suspicions about Cam grow but her understanding of her parents' plans for the farm that she loves so much come as a complete shock and threaten to destroy everything she's worked forI am learning not to expect romance from these novels set in rural Australia published by the big romance publisher Harleuin This is an imprint Mira and Mira doesn't do bodice rippers; they publish everything from historical fiction to fantasy If you're expecting a romance from Right as Rain you will be disappointed There is a romantic relationship woven into the plot but it's not central to the story as it would be in a Romance novel; in fact it's almost almost superfluous to the plot This is very much a story of one woman's love for the land and her struggle against gender stereotypes and out of date traditions that only make people unhappier than before As such it was a highly successful story and a real pleasure to readMackenna is close to her father and knows how to run a sheep farm just as much as she knows how to run a kitchen and prepare a four course meal She's a skilled chef with a vision a strong hard worker with close ties to the family property and she has no idea her mother wants to set her free as it were of the burden of living on a farm Louise like most people who meddle thinks she's doing what's best for her children but is blind to the obvious fact that Patrick doesn't want the farm and Mack does This rather callous machination on Louise's part definitely adds tension to the story far so than any other plot development from almost the beginning you read this book waiting waiting for the blow up for the day when Mack finds out The tension exists not because of the anticipated family blow up but from the scarier possibility that Lyle and Louise might die before Mack finds out before the wills can be changed While the novel might lack a traditional plot structure and focus it's not about Mackenna finding love it's not about a mystery or a crime or anything so concrete it was a nice change to read a story that felt true to life than one that was tightly plotted and possibly predictable I was never uite sure where the story was going or if one thread among several would resolve into the main plot It was instead a slice of life on a farm rich with realistic detail and vibrating with life in all its complications Having grown up on a sheep farm myself albeit a much smaller one the setting was familiar and comforting I do love reading stories that involve sheep I don't know half of what Mackenna knows of course; like Patrick I love the land and I enjoy helping but I couldn't take on a whole farm and be a farmerMack's perspective isn't the only one we get in this story though We also get Louise's perspective and Hugh's This has an interesting effect on the overall story and how we read it Louise's perspective gives us great insight into her thought processes and motivations her convictions and her reasons which really helps to round out the story and flesh out the family dynamics The inclusion of Hugh's is perhaps a bit odd but actually it works uite well If we didn't get Hugh's chapters the character wouldn't have been superficial and obscure As it is having Hugh's perspective not only helps to flesh out his character but helps to flesh out the town and the overall setting too It adds an extra dimension to the whole neighbourhood and Mack's history I grew very fond of Hugh Incidentally it was amusing to find the two love interests in this book were called Adam and Hugh my husband is Adam and my son is HughPerhaps because he doesn't get to share his perspective Adam is a bit of an unknown entity in comparison Giving Hugh his own voice makes him seem a stronger contender for romantic interest while leaving Adam less well fleshed out makes him harder to get to know Yet I didn't mind it all I liked the sense of mystery that clung to Adam a bit longer and I found his character fleshing out enough to make his chemistry with Mack believable Too much delving into Adam's character and backstory would have made the whole book over crowded and really lack focus Instead the novel concentrates on Mack she is the pivotal centre around which everything else rotatesThere are some lovely digs at traditional stereotypes in this book I loved what Stringer did with the character of Yasmine Patrick's girlfriend When she turns up Mack sees a thin woman wearing layers of black who doesn't eat meat and seems too fragile and soft to handle the realities of farm life And for uite a while this mostly baseless pre judgement seems to hold true until Mack learns the truth and her assumptions about Yasmine are turned completely on their headAnd of course the tradition of leaving land and property in general to the eldest son is put under the microscope in satisfying ways The family dynamics and the sense of building mistrust encouraged by Cam covering up his mistakes by pointing the figure at Patrick which in turn encourages Mack to see him as almost incompetent on the farm add to the building tension and the sense that something is terribly wrong Out of balance Just not right I've always thought that blindly following traditions for the simple reason that they are tradition is rather stupid and sometimes even harmful Ah the benefits of an education that teaches you to uestion and critiue things Makes it hard for me to understand the comfort I suppose it is comfort others find in doing things a certain way simply because that's how it's done Stringer successfully makes Louise both believable and understandable even though I couldn't condone her actions at all I could understand even empathise with her reasoning She is using her own experiences and an unspoken resentment to justify her motivesAnd then there is Cam Another character whom we never learn all that much about which makes us much suspicious about him than Mack is In fact I was surprised at Mack's naiveté in general She doesn't pick up on her mother's plans that I can understand since she's not privy to Louise's thoughts like we are But interestingly she doesn't make assumptions about Cam like she does about Yasmine for instance She's mildly puzzled about him and where he fits in but even when he keeps borrowing the farm truck to do jobs on the weekend with ready excuses as to why he can't use his own ute she doesn't think much of it Maybe it's just me but alarm bells rang in my gut as soon as he appeared on the scene He creeped me out Which was perfect really the story wouldn't have been as solid or entertaining if the Cam angle hadn't been included It tied in neatly with the Patrick story line and the way the action played out at the end helped wake Mack up to her feelings for Adam As my husband would say Well played Well playedThis was the first time I'd read a book by Tricia Stringer but I don't think it will be the last The story may not be as tightly plot driven or as fast paced as it could have been and the romance angle may come across as a bit last minute but I still really enjoyed it especially once I stopped expecting it to be a romance Or a romance in the traditional sense Right as Rain provides fascinating insight into the running of a family farm and explores the constraints of honouring traditions and gender stereotypes and their affect on people It has all that rich detail and fleshing out that I love in stories and a strong sense of place But it is the characters and their complex dynamics that really makes this story both interesting and emotionally engaging My thanks to the publisher for a copy of this book

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    An excellent read of young woman trying to run the family after her dad's heart attack She returns back home from after a holiday to New Zealand meeting a man she thought felt the same way about her but he left her without a word She is also trained chef as well Her brother works away from the farm and has a girlfriend her also returns her mother believes that her brother should inherit the farm Where is he not interested this causes conflict between them The man she met in New Zealand returns explains why he left her and he has feelings for her There is also farmhand who is upto no good and is interested in her I not giving you the names of the characters so you build your own thoughts on the story and i think everyone who likes a rural romances will like this one

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    Predictable but good to read Mackenna Birch thinks she's met the man of her dreams while on holiday in New Zealand Adam Walker is funny kind and loving but he walks out on her or so she thinksHiding from a broken heart Mackenna returns to the family farm in Australia Then out of the blue Adam returns He’s made the trip Down Under to visit his sick grandfather and to track down MackennaWhen he turns up on her doorstep to profess his love and find out why she ran out on him Mackenna finds herself uestioning his love for her

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    A very Australian setting but the main character and her mother made it tough going to the finish The main character seemed oblivious to everything to the point it became annoying as was the mother’s constant meddling Not my favourite Stringer novel but light reading which got better towards the end

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Right As Rain Mackenna Birch thinks she's met the man of her dreams while on holiday in New Zealand Adam Walker is funny kind and loving but he walks out on her or so she thinksHiding from a broken heart Mackenna returns to the family farm in Australia Then out of the blue Adam returns He’s made the trip Down Under to visit his sick grandfather and to track down MackennaWhen he turns up on her doorstep to profess his love and find out why she ran out on him Mackenna finds herself uestioning his love for her

  • Paperback
  • 387 pages
  • Right As Rain
  • Tricia Stringer
  • 10 October 2016
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Tricia Stringer is a bestselling and award winning author Among others her books include commercial fiction titles Table For Eight and The Model Wife the rural romances A Chance of Stormy Weather and Come Rain or Shine and historical sagas Heart of the Country Dust on the Horizon and Jewel in the North set in the 19th Century Flinders Ranges Tricia grew up on a farm in country South Australi