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To Honor You Call Us The Terran Union is engaged in a vast interstellar war against the Krag ruthless aliens intent on exterminating humankind In 2315 the wily Max Robichaux is given command of the USS Cumberland a destroyer with state of the art capabilities but a combat record so bad she’s known as the “Cumberland Gap”Capt Robichaux’s first mission to take his warship to the Free Corridor where the Krag have secretly been buying strategic materials and to seize or destroy any ships carrying enemy cargo Far from the fleet and under enforced radio silence Max relies only on his determination and guileand the support and friendship of his chief medical officer the brilliant Dr SahinBecause even as he deals with the ship’s onboard problems and the stress of carrying out her risky assignment Max and the doctor discover that the Cumberland and her misfit crew are all that stands in the way of a deadly Krag attack that threatens to end the war—and humanity—once and for allA far future story in the tradition of “ships of wood men of iron” novels To Honor You Call Us and the Man of War series combines the adventure of exploration the excitement of war and the dangers of the unknown through the eyes of a ship and her crew

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    This could be a slightly lengthy review so let me give a thumbnail for those who simply want to know if I like and recommend the book Then I'll give a few details and impressionsYesI greatly like and recommend the book Good military science fiction military fiction action and simply a good novel It get's my highest recommendationNOW if you know my taste and my reviews then you know that means the emphasis is not on romance or a love story Bottom linethere isn't one Okay let me say a little about the book the story and why I think I like it I wonder if some of this may not be related to the number of books I have read even age related I find and lately my reading is leaning farther away from nonfiction and message fiction I have on my currently reading list right now 2 books that have failed to catch my interest I keep laying them aside and just not picking them back up I started another space opera and was so unimpressed that I put it back on my to be read list thinking I'd get to it later it's the second in a series I've also had a string of mediocre reads lately that I can only go about 3 stars for I didn't dislike them I even liked parts of them But as a whole they just didn't draw me inThis book will I suspect appeal to those of us with military backgrounds especially Navy or Marine here I suspect Curmudgeon though I'm Army I got into it I don't know why it is that often when in the military we bellyache complain and carry on yet then the positive side stays with us throughout our livesbut there it isThe characters in this book while not being laid out in long laborious detail are complete and you'll get to know them by their actions The story as I've said about other books I've liked breaks out of the staring gate at breakneck speed and barely slows down to catch it's breathNow I'm going to say something else but please read it to the end in case you don't particularly care for the books I'm about to compare this to I've often read where reviewers compare military navy science fiction to the Hornblower novels This one does bring much of the Hornblower mythos if you will into a futuristic setting Now if you didn't like those books don't let that put you off What I mean is that you see a junior officer having to perform in a very tough situation This is a space navy war where ships are boarded with swords and cutlasses being used AND there is a rational reason for it The crews and officers share in prize money for captured ships They have to deal with neutral worlds that won't take sides I know you're probably asking about why they would use swords and why not just have a self destruct for boarded ships The book answers those uestionsbut if I told you you would miss out on finding it out in the book I wouldn't do that to youNono spoilers here I truly enjoyed this book Am I shallow???? Maybe but it's a good book and I burned straight through it I give it my highest adventureaction recommendationEnjoy

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    In the somewhat distant future the Terran Union is engaged in a desperate war against an alien foe the Krag The Union's goal is survival The Krag's goal is exterminating every last human A rising star the newly promoted Capt Robichaux is assigned to the the USS Cumberland and tasked to harass interdict destroy and disrupt the shipping of the Krag in the sleepy interstellar regions of the war Robichaux and his crew find themselves engaged in a pivotal engagement where they all that stands between a dangerous new incursion by the Krag and the core human systemsThere is much to like in this book The space battles are great The author did a good job of converting the age of sail to the ago of star ships and faster than light travel The cat and mouse of the Cumberland stalking and being stalked made for some pretty tense moments Additionally the hand to hand combat in the occasional boarding engagement was pretty exciting as well And the Krag make a great enemy that we can all enjoy blowing to hell and backUnfortunately there were some things in the book that also detracted from the experience When I read I like to lose myself in the story There is nothing better than looking up from your book and realizing an hour and a half has just past or staying up til three in the morning because you simply can't put the book down That never happened with this book There were some real zingers that broke my immersion in the author's storyThe books need to hold together with a certain amount of logic And this book failed that test for me OK the Krag are engaged in an acknowledged war of human extermination As part of that war they unleashed a terrible plague the Gynophage This disease left men largely unaffected but had a 99% mortality among women It spread like crazy and it was only through a Herculean effort that a vaccine was developed Let's say that it killed 70% of all women and girls This is part of the author's story and it fits What doesn't fit is all the unaligned human worlds I have a hard time understanding how these numerous unaligned worlds would remain unaligned when a the Krag have announced their determination to exterminate humanity and b the Krag virus has just killed most of the women on human planets Now maybe I could accept an oddball unaligned human state but lots of them No freaking way I think that given points a and b above ALL the human planets would come together to fight the KragThis is minor but related to the Gynophage I was surprised that there were no hints of homosexual relationships Again remember that conservatively speaking 70% of all women are dead The remaining women are closely guarded and kept out of front line navy deployments These men are at space for years at a time and even when they go planet side there are simply no women Surely homosexuality would be accepted in this type of world In this story there weren't even hints I think the author missed a chance to make his story authenticThe other main problem with the book was its predictability Yes of course Robichaux is assigned to a problem ship Of course he has to whip the crew and officers into shape Of course he does it Of course he stumbles upon a secret blitzkrieg plan that the Krag have hatched Of course he thwarts it The whole thing just very linear I was expecting or hoping for some unexpected twist It never materializedFinally there was just an awful lot of explaining going on in the book The characters spend a great deal of time explaining things to one another so that I as a reader will know what is going on I may be the exception but as a reader I kind of like not knowing exactly what is going on It is fun to figure it on my own without a character telling me A certain amount of exposition is necessary but I felt there was too muchTwo and a half stars rounded down to two This book was fun for space battles and kind of annoying for the rest of it I wound up with something less than I had expected

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    I've read and love many books with the premise of Horatio Hornblower in space but this one leans on the template of AubreyMaturin which I loved There's the same sense of character but the friendship between Captain Max Robichaux and Dr Ibrahim Sahin is both familiar and a thing of its own There's a warmth here the sense of a navy that relies heavily on the tradition of the Napoleonic British with a dash of Cold War submarine warfare but done in such a way that it takes into account what it's trying to do and shows why things are the way they are The fact that it holds to a future timeline too anchors it and one of my favorite things about the book was the gleeful references to history and pop culture that made their way into this future navy My favorite if a man's threatened to be put out the airlock they call it to go dancing with the starsThe book is also very well written with info parsed out in the same running fashion as Patrick O'Brian good and technical but not too info dumpy The pacing is brisk but always anchored in character and the characters are all wonderfully human with plenty of demons to fight and overcome The situation with the war with the Krag was dire and painted in such a way that I wholeheartedly stood on the side of Max and his trouble ship the USS Cumberland And of course the space combat is realistic and superbI listened to the audiobook and the narrator Ray Chase was absolutely excellent If you can get the audio version do Overall a solid surprising and warmly human addition to my favorites of military SF

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    H Paul Honsinger's To Honor You Call Us is on the softer side of Military SF Rat faced aliens religiously motivated and determined to exterminate humans play the role of villain The stage is the stars and the stars teem with alien life Some species resemble catfish; others appear to mirror carnivorous teddy bearsThe year is 2315 Rough and tumble Max Robichaux is promoted to Captain and the story follows his journey into deep space to fight the dreaded rat faced Krag In this era of FTL Faster Than Light space jumps pulse cannons and universal interspecies translators we also encounter boarding parties cutlasses traditional firearms beer and liuor rations and battle axesI struggled with this book None of the characters are engaging the dialogue is clunky unoiled exposition and pretty much the entire book is written in the passive voice Honsinger overloads his prose with anachronistic stumbling blocks jarring the reader from the 2315 present day I didn't want to at first but I was willing to accept sword wielding boarding parties in space I drew the line at the ships commissary selling t shirts all sizes ball caps pins coffee mugs pillowcases pendants charm bracelets polo shirts shotglasses workout shorts throw pillows Christmas tree ornaments etc When I encounter a character saying Maybe Santa Claus will come by in his sleigh and act as a missile decoy I stop and scratch my noggin The year is 2315 what character drops this antiuated holiday reference? And why does a character observe The sounds reminded Max of a child playing with his oatmeal by using a drinking straw to make bubbles Is there really still straws and oatmeal in 2315? Don't get me wrong I like oatmeal but I've never used a straw with it beforeThe struggle lies in Honsinger's earnest desire for his story to be taken seriously If this had been presented as a farce a jape upon the genre of Military SF like the film Galaxy uest poked good naturedly at its contemporary counterparts I could have better rolled with the punches Unfortunately that is not the case Honsinger's incessant desire to drop knowledge in the form of military history on the reader is tiring and does nothing to advance the story When it's all said and done this reads like fanfic poorly written fanficI listened to the audiobook Ray Chase is the narrator and damned if he didn't make this book better Since To Honor You Call Us is the first in the Man of War series I fully expect Honsinger's writing to improve as the story continues And while I do feel burned by this book I might be willing to pick up the next volume in time if Honsinger figures out what he is writing drops the passive voice and commits to intensive revision

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    I read the first half of this book uickly and then paused whilst I read a book club read I can't deny that I read the second half just as uickly but not so much because I wanted to find out what happenedThe was lots of suspense and it was written in a very military way but nothing seemed to go wrong It was just too convenient that everything seemed to work out and the end of the back just seemed to be the final nail in the coffin for me when congratulated on how well they had done It was kind of like one of the Hollywood movies that has to explain what happened just in case you didn't get it Well I read the whole book so I got it and didn't need it re iteratingProbably somewhere between 25 3 stars

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    Patrick O'Brien in SpaceThe first book in the series the reader is thrust into an intergalactic war with a rat like species There are battles mutiny and interspecies politics If you like Honor Harrington or the Lost Fleet series you'll enjoy this series

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    In some ways i consider these series of books to be a guilty pleasure of mine they are in essence formulaic a great homage to one of the best series of books about naval warfare ever written The Master Commander series and yet the latter didn't uite captivate as such This is the same broad concept of adventure in a sci fi setting It shouldn't be that special yet for me it is Every couple of years I reread the series and hopefully now that the author has recovered from illness we will have many adventures from Robicheaux and Sahin and I just cannot stop reading them until I finish every single book available And that is exactly what my father does every couple of years with Patric O'BrianI love the world the characters the non sensical chatter about imaginary systems and subsystems on space ships that make everithing believable and most of all love the characters that are fighting for the survival of the human race A masterfully crafted sci fi space opera adventure Give it a try if it sounds like your cup of tea I think you will not be disappointed

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    Wow I must say I am impressed After reading a lot of mediocre Space Opera over the past few years I have finally found another series I actually like Excellent series so far The smaller scale of the books felt a lot like early Honor Harrington with only a few ships and small scale diplomacy against a larger backdrop but without the single ship charging into the unknown and getting into and out of all sorts of trouble that I have come to hate The series is told from the perspective of the commander of a smallish space faring military vessel including interactions with his senior staff and crew The cast of recurring characters is relatively small and easy to remember and the characters are actually adults not testosterone addled kids getting in over their head doing stupid shit like Odyssey One Into the Black or Aurora CV 01 The future is dark there is a war on but it is not dystopian or post apocolyptic like Marines or The Empire's Corps It lacks the large scale plots and PoV shifts of David Weber's Honor Harrington series On Basilisk Station which makes it a much easier read like Dauntless or On Silver Wings both of which are series I enjoyed It is no where near as dry as Lost Fleet however There is a distinct lack of women in these books as it is based on the archetype Ships of Wood Men of Steel model but the lack is explained early on and in a way that bemoans the lack of women in the fleet and emphasizes the genocidal nature of the alien threat In some ways this feels little different that many military books written by men where the women often come across as very masculine like Honor Harrington or Sorilla or Tanya Desjani I look forward to book 3 Definitely recommend this if you like military sci fi told from a naval perspective

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    I must admit I liked the book It's a uniue book in several ways Those ways might be good or bad depending on your preference First of allthe book has no true downs Usually you have some ups and some downs The hero or heroes are tested and you learn that they are awesome but have yet a long way to go In this book we are basically told everything is bad except for this guy who will fix everythingand that's exactly what happens It's a nice change and surprising in it's own right that all his plans worked and nothing went arbitrarily bad just for the sake of making things interestingit sort of made you expectant always waiting for the fall from which he could rise again stronger and awesome than beforeit's not often that you come across a plot written this way and I enjoyed the novelty The second uniue thing about this book is it's outlook on space battles We got used to the Star trek and Star wars way of looking at things The omni sensors that told you everything that was going on the red and blue marked ships to separate friend from foethis book portrays the space battle very similiarly to what a battle of the submarines looks like Yes you could use sensors but that would give away your positionand just because you know something is out there doesn't mean you can identify it correctly at a glance So this deals a lot with uestions like what is that ship? what size is it? did they see us? how can we hide from them but keep them in our sights?this is just so much realistic than the usual wayand so it's uite refresingTo summarize the characters are strong and smart The narrative is good and often humorous All in allI enjoyed this book a lot

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    I received a copy of this novel through Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis review can also be found on my blog wwwcourtneysreadsblogspotcomWhile it took me uite a while to finish this novel it was by no means due to a lack of interest I was hooked from the first page The prologue was brilliant This novel is set in the year 2315 where Earth along with its allies is fighting a war against the Krag an alien race set on the destruction of humankind The main events of the story take place aboard the USS Cumberland a destroyer in the Union Space Navy The Cumberland is up against tough odds particularly considering the majority of its crew has little battle experience and are used to abuse from the commanding officers One of the best things about this novel is the characters and the relationships that we see beginning to develop Max the young and impulsive captain has a tormented past that leaves him haunted but he's very good at hiding his demons Abrahim Sahin the chief medical officer is articulate brilliant clueless and observant all in good measure The combination is uite endearing The friendship that begins to develop between these two characters was beautifully depicted and I hope that it continues to be explored and developed throughout the rest of the series Some of the other characters that I particularly enjoyed were Brown the chief engineer who was hilarious I was always laughing during his portions of the novel He always had something funny to say that lightened the novel perfectly Garcia Max's second in command was also a favorite There were others I really enjoyed The entire crew of the Cumberland really made this novel for me even those I didn't particularly enjoy The naval information was fascinating At times there was too much information dumped on the reader that could have been broken up and spread out but it was all relevant and informative Even when the explanations became lengthy it was still nice to have the information presented rather than the author assuming that you understand all of the naval jargon and such The glossary of terms at the end was also a nice addition I used it to refresh myself on some of the terms and sayings It was very informative The main downfall of this novel for me was the action scenes These scenes could be cleaned up and polished a bit to improve the overall flow At times it almost became too descriptive and was telling rather than showing what was happening This caused me to lose the story in the details a few timesI'm really glad that I decided to read this novel I've had little experience with science fiction in the past but that I have read has impressed me and this novel will join that list I am very excited to start the second installment and see where Max takes his crew next

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