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Scary Stories Treasury Omnibus I had all three of Schwartz's Scary Stories books as a child and remember reading them over and over The tales are mostly re tellings of classic urban legends The stories are creepy but what really made this book great were the disturbing images by Stephen Gammell I remember staying up late reading these stories and staring at the images with a mixture of fascination and horrorSeriously pretend you're a ten year old girl for a second and just look at these Now an adult I went in search of a copy of this book to share with my nephew who loves scary stories Much to my dismay I learned that the original version with the images by Stephen Gammell is out of print and has been banned by several institutions The newer versions have a new illustrator and less creepy imagery Stephen Gammell's illustrations MADE this book If you're looking to buy try to find an old copy if you can Make sure the seller's description says the illustrations are by Gammell It's totally worth it It will probably freak your kids out but that's the whole point Reread I’ve loved these stories since elementary school and still somewhat do but not as near as much as I use too but their fun and scary stories for kids and teenagers but I’m gonna unhaul it because I’ve outgrown it now thought out the years Just in time for Halloween The Gammell illustrated version I believe has enough surreal nightmare fuel to permanently shape someone's actual nightmares into that style for at least the next few decades of their life Beautiful art but so uncanny and eldritchWhat's really neat about this series is how each book has sort of its own 'character' it even shows in the iconic illustrations as wellThe original book is a mix of uirky ghost stories and American folklore which like most folklore has an astonishing death count casual cannibalism galore and is generally very morbid Still it's a little lighthearted than its seuels having a lot silly songs and humorous stories and even some of the darker ones have funnier tones to themBest Stories Me Tie Doughty Walker The Haunted House The Wendigo The New HorseScore 455The second my personal favourite is a whole lot occultish many of the stories feature black magic the undead shapeshifters witches and devilish tricksters but also human villains murderers and of course some friendly neighborhood cannibals an oddly specific recurring theme here It gets inspiration from urban legends and creepy superstitions than folktalesBook 2 also has a lot darker of a tone than the first being preoccupied with death entrapment and curses that can't be undone to the point where it's difficult to believe it was supposed to be a children's bookBest Stories The Drum One Sunday Morning Delicious Meat The Window Oh Susannah Rings on Her FingersScore 55The third and as far as I know last Scary Stories is way unrestrained and the art is a whole lot Lovecraftian looking It is easily the most unsettling visually of the three For example the two illustrations on the title page before you even start reading the book are of some kind of demented embryo mutant and whatever this isYeah that's just the title pageThree deals with a lot of weird dreamy almost cosmic horrors horrible irreversible deeds and bizarre things happening for no reason other than the universe just hates the charactersBest Stories Harold all of the Five Nightmares The SwampScore 55Overall Art 65Overall Stories 455Content None of it is insanely graphic in the writing but there is a heavy lot of death and murder darkness and strange horror There is another edition with far less morbid but eually talented illustrations by Brett Heluist but the Gammell illustrated version is a classic Usually I would've re read this in October but since the movie was coming out I had to crack this scary motherfucker open for the hundredth time When I was a kid I had all three of these books and the illustrations used to scare the shit out of me Only two of the stories REALLY scared me and those were Harold and Red Spot and those two stories are heavily featured in the movie I can't wait to see the movie this Tuesday and film a Book VS Movie video on it I think it's going to be a lot of fun Cute collection of spooky short stories The narrator was awesome and actually made them sound scary A lot were rehashes of old urban legends Don't you ever laugh as a hearse goes byFor you may be the next to dieThis book still holds up I love it just as much now as I did when I first read it as a kid The Hearse Song is a classic as well as High Beams The Hook The Babysitter love a good vanishing hitchhiker story All of creepy folklores greatest hits combined into a great collection So pumped to see this movie Review to come Telling scary stories is something people have always done It is an old fashioned way of having a good time Nobody tells scary stories better than Alvin Schwartz and here for the very first time his three most spine tingling books are together in one volume Scary Stories to Tell in the DarkMore Scary Stories to Tell in the DarkScary Stories 3Complete with Stephen Gammell's splendidly creepy and bone chilling drawings this collection is perfect for reading late at night in the dark and gloom if you dare I found the folklore very interesting I learned things I never knew before The ghost stories were particularly chilly Considering how deep I was into horror as a teenager these are perfect for that age group even younger The illustrations are horrifying and perfect Beautiful really There should be an award If you were born in the 80's there's no way you escaped reading the Scary Stories books when you were young This edition collects all three books along with all those illustrations you remember I found the Treasury edition on sale while waiting for the DC to NY bus and I had to have it I've pulled it out at several black outs since then to scare my foreign national room mates who recognize some of the stories from versions in their home countries And yes they can still be scary to twenty somethings As always what really makes these books are the strange and oozing illustrations by Gammell These images were burned into my brain when I was seven and it's amazing how vivid they've stayed within my memory The stories are simply told and demand to be retold with your own personal flair As an adult I was able to appreciate the Notes and Sources at the end of each book listing the origin and analysis of the story After talking with my room mates I almost wish there was a 4th book going beyond the Western Ghost stories Buy it Read it to your children You know you want to

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