The Business of Memory: How to Maximize Your Brain Power

The Business of Memory: How to Maximize Your Brain Power and Fast Track Your Career The first memory program specifically geared to business success from the expert whose corporate seminars have boosted the careers of tens of thousands of employees and executivesAt no point in history has the ability to synthesize and manage vast amounts of information been so crucial to business success Yet research shows that withinhours todays of learning something new, we ll forgetpercent of what we ve learned Now, offering the same memory system he has used in his sought after seminars and workshops, memory expert Frank Felberbaum shows you how to turn all that around Instead of forgettingpercent of the people, facts, and ideas you are exposed to, you ll rememberpercent and you ll keep on remembering them as long as they are useful to youThrough a fun, easy to follow, four step program that utilizes memory games, skills tests, and enjoyable interactive exercises, The Business of Memory will o Improve your ability to retain, process, and retrieve information quickly and accuratelyo Teach you to harness your powers of observation, concentration, visualization, and associationo Inspire you with new excitement and confidence about your own mental abilitiesWith this simple program that requires onlyminutes a day, you can vastly expand the amazing untapped powers of your mind and set your career on the fast track

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