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Wanna Bet Brooke Daniels has a secretTucker Lloyd has noneThe university doesn't know what to make of the relationship between the shy uiet girl that no one had noticed until their very own version of Hugh Hefner started bickering with herTheir relationship is friendship with a lot of insults flirting and sexual tensionBrooke doesn't know what to make it of it either especially when Tucker seems to be her very own dream catcherTucker understands the relationship he respects Brooke he likes her and when he finds out what she's been hiding from he feels protective of herThat doesn't mean he won't hurt her thoughEven though she's been hurt by everyone in her life Brooke still finds herself giving in and surrendering especially when those bright baby blue eyes stare up at her and those soft full lips that surround a crocked grin whisper the two words that take her breath away she knows that she say should no she knows that the answer has to be no she knows that she can't afford to say yes but she always does who knew that the most seductive words in the world could be the two that shatter it all in the end After all all he said was Trust me

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    Terrible It was like a train wreckyou just cant look away even though its a horrible book The story line would have been ok but the hero was a real ahe had no redeeming ualities whatsoever as far as I could tell The heroine was an idiot to take him back over and overhow she could love him was beyond me The story flow sucked as wellit skipped over whole daysweeksyears with barely a pause The writing was choppy in places and the story was hard to follow at times The spelling grammar etc was horrible as well I wonder if these writers even bother to re read what they have written This one sure didn't The errors were obvious to anyone who can read a sentence I did finish the booklike I saidit was kind of like a train wreckI just couldn't look away from the horror of it

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    Just gah sorry I tried so hard to like it and yeah as everyone else said first couple of chapters freakin wicked then it just went weird odd and made like NO SENSE I hate walking away from a book feeling this frustrated

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    geez I was liking the story then it just went down hill The heroine is shy and hides behind baggy clothes to cover her figure then all of a sudden she wanted a make over Sheds it and became a tease I was like wtf there were a lot of wtf moments here it just doesn't make sense I'm so disappointed grr

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    A totally unexpected delight I downloaded this as a freebie and normally it would have sat on my kindle for months so I'm really glad for whatever reason I started this I really loved the characters they all had their ups and downs I especially liked the dynamic between Sophie and Brooke it wasn't the normal good girl trying to protect the damaged friend it seemed real they loved hurt and yet supported one anotherSome of the dialogue was absolute genius Brooke could do stand up with some of the one liners she came out with The dialogue came over as original and witty and unlike a lot of books in this genre I did not feel that I had already read it countless timesThe other characters were also great I loved the way they all seamlessly interlinked with each other without confusing the reader there are definitely characters we met that have their own story to tell they are all interesting and appear to have their own stories to tell I'm not going to go into specifics about elements of the story you know the he said she said inserting large chunks of text etc that is not my thing I hate it when reviews tell you the entire storyline I'm sure you'd prefer to read it yourself but I will say it ends very unexpectedly a real cliff hanger Trust Me is not a marathon read you can easily finish it in a few hours once you start you will want to finish it so make sure you start it in the daylight hours as you will lose sleep in order to finish it if you start it a night

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    WTH The book started out very good Very promising But then it just turns weird Didn't make sense Feel like some of it are force And the way it was written is just jumping The transition from one scene to another is not smooth it's very abrupt And to top it off it's not a standalone book Towards the end I very much HATE Tucker And wants to strangle Brooke She thinks so low of herselfThis books needs to be re written and a good editor For now you can skip this book and find a different one that won't your time

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    Its a little bit fucked up but these are the kind of stories im attracted to reading at the moment Bloody cliffhanger Well not really but i REALLY need to know what happens nextAnd as for Tucker i was cheering for him all the way until he pulled that crap and now i hope she makes him walk thru the fires of hell Stupid prickSupporting characters are all good needs some editing but nothing that effects the flow of the book

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    Well Can we say confused frustrated and hurt to describe this books emotions it has left on me? Seriously what kind of cliffhanger messed up scenario was this?? I need book two now I can't help but hate Tucker and the best friend Sophie for not acting like a best friend Gaaaaaah This book did not end as expected that's why I am giving it 4 stars and because I want book two Lol

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    I read the first version of this book When it was called WhispersBD series and I like this new version a lot better There are still uite a few things that need work though spelling grammar the flow of the story etc Overall I like the story and Brooke has some really funny lines but there are so many things that don't make sense at all and there's a lot of inconsistencies in the story

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    Ms Burnett's debut book had a good premise and showed promise with its synopsis As others commented I had a difficult time with grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes I did feel that there were some discordant moments and that this was essentially two books two different time periods smashed into one I did receive this book in exchange for an honest review

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    trust me has the makings to be a great novel I liked the plot and the characters were properly positioned however it just fell short for me the writing was a bit choppy and the characters were just all over the place I couldn't connect with them and really had difficulty understanding their actions DNF at 58%

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