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Merry's Christmas Truly a Merry ChristmasMerry Mattson has come a long way in her life—from poor and unwanted child to successful musicianOne of her few ties to childhood is her continuing friendship with Holden Drake He'd been not only her best friend but the first boy she fell in love with; now he's a wealthy and decidedly cynical divorce lawyer in California Out of long habit Merry visits Holden every Christmas—although they both insist that Christmas means nothing to themThis Christmas is different though Because Merry's engaged and she won't be joining Holden in California Holden's convinced that she's making a mistake—and he decides to join her in Minnesota instead

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    Merry the heroine of this book was a foster child for some years although she got to stay with one foster mom the entire time which would have annoyed me if the book didn't eventually recognize that this is unusual The hero of the book was also a foster child and there's a third foster child in the plot I do not like Issue Books where the author has no real understanding of said Issue nor how it really impacts people in real life I'm looking at you Tara Taylor uinn but I thought Bauer did a pretty good job at recognizing the weird ways being fostered and the situations that get kids into the system can impact people Some things were a bit prettified but not a paint by numbers approach at allI thought the book well written and loved the heroine but I also spent about three uarters of the book wishing she'd wap the hero upside the head He's a total dog in the manger and doesn't consciously recognize his own jealousy until way way too late for my taste Still when the heroine finally does slap him with some reality I was satisfied For most of the book I figured I'd be sending this book off to Goodwill once I was done with it; but by the end I thought the hero had redeemed himself sufficiently I'm hanging on to it

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