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The Howling Heart Paige Donovan is an ambitious college graduate who aspires to reach the top of the corporate ladder She’s climbing fast when given the promotion of a lifetime at a prestigious fashion magazine in New York City Her bright future comes to an unexpected halt after news of her father’s death She inherits his old cabin in the Colorado Rockies and just when she thinks her luck couldn’t get any worse she has a car accident in the mountains and awakens in the small remote community of Black RiverSoon she’s engulfed in the mystical world of Varulv wolves descended from 13th century Scandinavia and blessed by Norse gods with the ability to appear human Paige is desperate to return home but never expects to fall for her rescuer Riley Gray a charming young werewolf from England who offers her an alternate future with his packNow she must choose between the career she’s always wanted and the love she’s always dreamed

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    This is a different paranormal shifter story with Norse mythology added for good measure I really liked the explanation for the existence of wolf shifters and the enthralling plot into which it is woven It is a uniue take on this genre with many new to me aspects which make this such an enjoyable story to get lost in and my family can confirm that I really did get lost in it I really needed 'Do Not Disturb' signs around me whilst reading itThere are many well portrayed characters in the story from Paige and Riley to his family and step family and her Mum and boss I couldn't uite make my mind up about Riley he's a total mix of strong beta male threatening to be alpha but love makes him into of a howling weak wretch at times Most of the story is set in a small remote village in the Colorado Rockies with a tight knit community complete with its own set of rules and regulations Although Paige and Riley met when she was only ten years old he's been fixated on her being his mate ever since I liked the reveal about how he got her to return to visit and the role of the gods in their reunion There are plenty of anxious moments as the story develops including a fight to the death To find out between whom and why you'll just have to read it yourselfA great addition to shifter romance writing I suspect this author's work will just keep on improvingMany thanks to IndieSage PR for providing me with an ecopy of this novel to read in exchange for my honest review

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    I received this book to review through Beck Valley Books Book Tours all the opinions above are 100% my ownI struggled with my decision on how to rate this book After much reflection I finally decided to give it a four star rating You may be wondering what could have led to this struggle The story was good but there were aspects that had me rethinking my decision to read it There was a hint of the possibility of sexual deviation Thankfully it was just a hint because that would have been too much for me to handle With that being said my reasons for awarding a four star rating was due to the following1 A Uniue and interesting storyline The Howling Heart is not your typical werewolf romance It delved into a world where fantasy met reality and mythology I found the concept surrounding the origin of werewolves fascinating and refreshing They were not considered to be werewolves but wolves that appear human They are larger than your typical werewolf and this was due to centuries of inbreeding 2 Pacing The story is well paced It flowed smoothly from start to finish There were a few scenes that had me on the edge of my seat There was never a dull moment in this book3 Well portrayed characters Howling Heart tells the story of Paige Donovan and Riley Gray Paige works with a prestigious fashion magazine She is in a solid relationship or so she believed until she caught her boyfriend cheating When she thought things could not get any worse she received news of her father's death In a bid to handle her grief she returned to the cabin she had inherited from her father This cabin and the surrounding areas held a lot of memories for Paige One memory that stood out most in her mind was the day she made friends with a white wolf pup Little did she know that returning to the Black River area would change her life in ways she could never imaginePaige is a complex character She grew up under unhappy circumstances however she did not allow it to define her as an adultShe is strong and vulnerable at the same time The fact that she is willing to give up the life of comfort that she is accustomed to for love demonstrates her brave and unselfish nature However I must confess that there were times when I wanted to knock some sense into her It baffled me how someone who claims to be smart could behave foolishly at timesRiley's character was somewhat confusing He is sexy and strong willed It's his strong willed nature that led to him constantly butting heads with his father He is a charmer a take charge person and protective of those he cared about However he has a dark side Now what confused me was his actions when thought he was going to lose Page He cried begged and whined These are not traits one would expect to find in a male such a Riley4 The Ending The ending was not what I was expecting It took me by surprise but I believe it was a beautiful ending The author is new to me as such I had no idea what I was getting into Now that I am at the end I can honestly say that I enjoyed the way she made the story come alive There is not much I can say for fear of giving away the story Nevertheless I can say this much I am glad I read this book If you love shifter romance and want a refreshing take on the world of shifters then I recommend that you get a copy

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    The cabin in Black River Colorado was supposed to be something fun for young Paige but her parents’ constant fighting scared her so much she decided running away had to be better That’s when she found a cute little white puppy in the woods and a few minutes of happiness and joy until she was surrounded by a pack of snarling wolves protecting their little packmate Her family never went back to that cabin so when Paige’s father dies and leaves it to her years later she returns to Black River to re visit the memories and deal with what to do with the cabin taking a leave from her coveted high fashion magazine job in the New York Alone in the cabin Paige receives a “visit” from a large white wolf but the sheriff doesn’t seem to be as concerned as he should be Deciding that it’s better to keep the cabin in her past she leaves town and is in an accident and is rescued by an Adonis of a blonde guy who is determined to keep her around but again she finds that her space is invaded by something that sheds white hairs Again no one seems concerned What is going on in this remote little town? Why is this hot guy so determined to keep her around? And why is he completely naked so often? And finally what do Norse Gods have to do with wolves? What are Varulv?The Howling Heart by April Bostic is part mystery part romance all paranormal and shows a lot of naked bits by a lot of naked shifters I like a good paranormal romance love the tension the danger the confusion by the human until the light finally goes on and acceptance and are achieved I just couldn’t fully believe or connect with the two main characters as much as I wanted I did find supporting characters that I wanted to know about and completely enjoyed though Paige was an educated adult working in the high end fashion industry in New York yet her character seemed too timid and too embarrassingly fascinated by all of the casual nudity while her feminine feathers were completely ruffled by the thought of being subservient to a male for anything Riley our hotter than blazes shifter was the Alpha’s son and had decided as a pup that Paige was to be his mate He never forgot her and went way overboard when she returned to Black River As a character he was not consistent and seemed rather naïve to the human world and dare I say often suffered from “dumb blonde” syndrome a little too much for my liking To his credit he did show some hot moves on the battlefield and in the bedroom but I still couldn’t see him with Paige and there were times I uestioned his actionsThis is fantasy we can be taken from pure and innocent to melting hot erotica in a matter of a few pages and that is where April Bostic took us so I can’t say I wouldn’t let Riley shed on my bedI wish to thank April Bostic for providing me a review copy of The Howling Heart in exchange for my honest reviewPublication Date Author's New Revised edition August 1 2013Publisher Eternal PressISBN Paperback 978 1629290201Number of Pages 262Genre ADULT Paranormal RomanceMy Rating 3 StarsAvailable from Barnes Noble For reviews check out Tome Tender's Book Blog or find us on Facebook

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    The good A decent read Cute story line and characters okay pacing and refreshing tale of wolves descended from the Varulv clanThe bad Nothing constructive to embellish on BUT I was hoping for plot after Paige had made her decision whether to bond with Riley or not I mean there is but I wanted Also I was a tad interested and shocked at the mention of the possibility of bestiality I don’t know how such a thing would have even been possible to portray since physically a werewolf male and a human? How is that even possible? My thoughts While this book didn’t “wow” me I liked it very much It’s actually one of my favorite books from April Bostic aside from “A Rose to the Fallen” “The Howling Heart” tells the story of Paige and Riley Paige unbeknownst met Riley when they were children but moved away Years later she is climbing the ladder for a top magazine but it all comes to a halt when her father passes away Paige Description Wavy auburn hair blue eyesPaige then returns to a cabin where she inherited from her dad only to meet up with Riley once again Enter Riley Riley Description Sandy blonde hair suntanned and has a mole on the upper left corner of his mouthRiley had never forgotten Paige ever since their brief meeting as children As the years gone by he yearns for her to return to make and claim her as his mateHow will Paige take Riley’s secret? Will she embrace ithim or go back to her life in New York and leave everything behind? My verdict An interesting take on werewolves I recommend if you’re looking for a sweet romantic tale of first love within the paranormal world I like these kinds of reads so it naturally appealed to me Plus too werewolves are known to be possessive characters and I love those traits in male heroines so my interest was definitely satisfied with the characterization of RileyA lovely lovely read I hope to read from Ms Bostic

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    The story began from page one where Paige goes to her family’s cabin when she is 10 years While out lost in the forest she meets a little white wolf pup who she friends After that first meeting with the pup her family goes back to New York and they never return to the cabin After 13 years later Paige cannot get that white pup out of her mind Then something happens which forces Paige to return to the cabin only to run into a man named RileyDid I feel connected to the characters? I liked all the characters in this story even Riley’s dad He was stern about the pack laws because they were the laws to protect his pack which was his family Regarding Paige being hesitant to join the pack I could understand why Paige was finally in a place in her life that she thought she always wanted to be There were hard decisions for her to make between her life in New York and her life with the pack Riley was faithful and loving to Paige I was a little leery of Riley’s insta love for Paige in the beginning Pace of the story The pace was good However it took me a while to get used to the writing style The writing was a little too verbose I think the author could have cut out some of the information description in the story Positives I love these stories where the girl meets a little wolf pup when she is little only to never see him again until she is much older Negatives I do not condone the way the heroine handled one situation with Trevor Many times I felt like the story was told to me instead of experiencing it I wanted to experience the couple’s connection since I love these types of paranormal stories where the characters met when they were both young only to reunite when they are older The story was there I just felt like at time it was not executedBottom line I really enjoy reading these types of paranormal stories I wanted to keep reading whenever I got a chance to find out what was going to happen Book Format Read A copy was provided in change for an honest review

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    Book Review originally published here find werewolf stories usually to be less interesting as vampires witches mostly because they tend to have pretty basic core and little originality The Howling Heart proved me very very wrong The author has been inspired by Norse culture and ancient folklore to craft a rather impressive werewolf legend that definitely ranks high on the originality ladderPaige our main character had it all Climbing the corporate ladder three steps at a time so to speak she thought life couldn’t get any better It ended up getting a lot worse Her Dad passed away and in an attempt to deal with her grief she travels to the cabin he left for her in his will a remote cabin far away from civilization which her family visited sometimes when she was youngerThe setting is a small remote village I love those kind of villages old and traditional tucked away from the rest of the world where everyone knows everyone The setting was described well and I immediately felt like I could picture the scenesAdded in is of course an alpha male Riley Gray I usually tend to dislike the alpha male trope because for some reason these alphas always act like they’re superior to everyone Riley doesn’t really act that way though He’s protective he likes to take charge and he’s very good at charming people but he lacks most of the personality traits I tend to dislike about alphasThis book is a gritty read and you know wolves will be wolves so the action in the bedroom and other places is always a bit on the rough side I’d definitely recommend keeping this book away from minorsI enjoyed the plot characters setting and the writing as well A solid read

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    Im not really sure where to start on my review for The Howling Heart to be honest Im still not really sure what I think of it The book has lots of potential I love reading paranormal as its one of my favorite genres to read April Bostic is a great writer that can be seen with in the story I loved the story line and characters I wanted information at certain parts of the story about some of the characters and scenes that were presented to us I dont know if there will be a seuel to this book but if so maybe that would give us insight to some of the characters that were introduced My favorite character had to be uinn maybe it was because she was so mysterious and I wanted to know about her I think with a content editor this book could really go places and be phenomenal If you like shapeshifting wolves and insta love this is the book for you

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    The Howling Heart begins when Paige gets a call about something bad happening to her father Now she must go back tot he cabin she left so many years ago But strange things are happening to her and she can't seem to understand what's going on with everyone especially when the talk of wolves comes up This book was not for me I felt like the story didn't make a whole lot of sense and it was very hard to connect with the characters I was annoyed with the way the heroine acted for part of it I felt she should have been a lot understanding and I hated that she kept feeling like she had to leave It really rubbed me the wrong way Over all I did not like this one

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    I'm not sure what to say about this book It was rather unusual But in a way that kind of worked So part of me is slightly bewildered but the rest of me really enjoyed this book And that's how I feel about every part of it Strange yet oddly amazing The Howling Heart was a lovely paranormal romance I really liked this bookPaige was a nice heroine She's just been offered the promotion of a lifetime when her father's death takes her away and she ends up in Black River And once there she meets the love of her life and is forced to choose if she wants her career or her chance at true love Like this book as a whole I kind of don't know what to say about her On one hand I uestioned her decisions a lot On the other I still really liked her character She was thrown into a difficult situation and she handled it as best she could And when it came down to it she showed herself to be a selfless heroine In the end I really liked herRiley was so sweet He's utterly devoted to Paige and had been since they met as children Almost to the point of obsession But again he still made it work I thought he was a sweetheart and I really liked himThe romance was intense both emotionally and physically Emotionally because Riley had loved Paige so long and that kind of intense devotion draws out intense devotion Physically because even while Riley and Paige couldn't fully be together until they were mated due to pack law the chemistry was always burning and when they finally did get together it was downright explosive Yet it was almost insta love but in a way that still allowed me to like the romance I thought they were a lovely coupleI liked how the werewolf mythology was done with the Norse gods and all that In this variation the Varulv are wolves with the ability to shapeshift into humans Rather than being humans who turn into wolves these creatures are essentially wolves It was kind of odd but it was so interesting that I really liked itAre you noticing a pattern here?The plot was nice There wasn't much tension from conflict because as conflict arose it were dealt with swiftly So while I wasn't riveted I was still drawn to the story There were twists along the way that I never saw coming especially with how it ended Most of the book I thought it would turn out one way and it ended up turning out another And I really liked how the story concluded As I said before this book is odd but in a way that really works If you can tell with what I've said that applied to everything in the book It was different but I still really liked it The Howling Heart was a lovely paranormal romance that I really enjoyed Loves of the genre you definitely need to give this book a tryI received a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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    Even with the male lead crying and emotionally blackmailing the lead into staying with him I might have been OK Because as the book progresses Riley the male lead does prove himself The hopeless romantic in me really starts to believe his case of love at first sight Despite some of the minor sexism and the rushed pacing Where each event feels like And then And then And then And then And and thenPaige and Riley have chemistry It's hot The world of the Varuvl—also known as werewolves—and the Norse mythology is a real treat which I would have loved even further explored Even though the book and plot felt as standard as it comes to the Paranormal Romance genre I could have loved it Truly Despite all of my issues with crybaby Riley God he's pathetic Alpha material No Beta Heck yeah Even though I thought Paige and Riley could have been better as a role reversal Riley makes a great cry baby fragile girl but I kind of respect Bostic for making such a male lead This writing is underdevelopedThe writing tells instead of shows Even with barren writing like the Anita Blake series you can feel the world being painted in your mind Heck even PC and Kristin Cast House of Night books have a way with words And we all know how childish I find the dialogue and sometimes the characters' thoughts At times the sentences in Howling Heart are choppy Even scenes Other times I'm left going “Wait what? How did that make it past editing?” It felt like a ton of writing clichés and “what would an author paste in hear” mash up Bostic hasn't found her writing rhythm or flow yet Nor her own personal writing style When she does I'm pretty sure her books are going to rock There are a lot of good things present here Just not enough There are two things that kill books for me Lack of decent writing Check Lack of character depth and realism Bostic does a pretty good job of creating the characters here and the two love interests definitely have chemistry The writing just wasn't advanced enough to support it Sexual Content Steamy Standard PNR scenes 15 I couldn't finish it or wish I hadn't Originally reviewed at Book Whispers

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